Sandra Fleming Chronicles - Crystal SkullsSandra Fleming Chronicles - Crystal Skulls
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 | Added on: July 29, 2011
I would have given the game five stars but it keeps kicking me out and I have to exit and reopen it. At least it takes me back where I was. Have tried three times to do one of the puzzles. The graphics are really great and the puzzles are just challenging enough for my "relaxing" mode that I like to play. The storyline plays on an Indiana Jones-type quest for the Crystal Skulls. I found it very interesting.
 | Added on: August 4, 2011
This hidden object game was fun to play, the story line was great and it captivated me.
 | Added on: July 29, 2011
This game could have been so much better if they would just eliminate some frustrating elements -- the hints, for example, were completely useless -- they basically tell you what you already know that you need to do and not anything about HOW to actually do it. The items that you need to randomly find (outside of the H/O scenes) are hard to find at some points, and it can also be difficult to locate areas that can be interacted with. And the hints are limited, so even when they let you know "nothing else can be done here", it still takes up a hint. If it wasn't for those annoyances, I think I would have enjoyed this game a lot more -- maybe even finished it.
 | Added on: August 5, 2011
Maybe I've played too many Hidden object games, but this one, while beautiful to look at was way too short. I managed to finish it in about 2 hours. If I hadn't used my FunPass I would have felt cheated.
 | Added on: August 11, 2011
As HO games go, this one wasn't the worst I've seen. I'd rate it as average. The HO scenes themselves weren't bad and I did manage to make it all the way to the end before I had to use a hint although I did skip 2 of the puzzles. Again, the puzzles are fairly average and typical of what mose gamers have seen in other games. I thought the loading to be slow when you went from one scene to another but nothing that would have prevented me from continuing the gameplay. I'd recommend trying the hour demo or using a Funpass account to play it but I'm not sure I'd spend any money to purchase this one.
 | Added on: August 29, 2011
I found the game to be challenging as well as a mind teaser. yoou realy had to pay close attention to the hints it gave to you are you would miss an inportant clue.
 | Added on: April 17, 2012
This game was a little challenging for me. Thank goodness for the Forums that helped when I needed it. Story line is fun!
 | Added on: August 1, 2011
The game could have easily been a 5 star but it had a few problems. First, the hints were mostly useless. Navigation was often difficult. When trying to click on certain elements you have to be dead on the object. I also think the links between quests were strange. The storey line was very good. It is worth the money to buy but be prepared for some frustration.
 | Added on: August 1, 2011
Ok - the game is just that. Nothing spectacular, nothing new and definitly nothing to write home about. Although the graphics are good, some of the objects are so small they are impossible to see without using a hint. You will also waste hints to be told things you already know so be sure to pick up the hint coins along the way (also limited to 5 at a time and new ones do not appear when you've used them all). Pretty frustrating for me.
 | Added on: August 4, 2011
I have started and stopped playing this game 3 times. As discussed by many others, the "walking about" is very frustrating, as is the the problem you have clicking in the correct place for many of the items.I also had issues with trying to use some tools, such a a shovel, If you do not put the tool in the exact spot intended, you get no response from the game. I had to click around a spot a number of time to find the exact spot. I also got frustrated with walking between the same few spots over and over to complete the tasks.
 | Added on: August 1, 2011
Well, it has good graphics, not so bad music, interesting story, good HOG, quite challenging puzzles. The drawbacks are that the hints are limited and you have to collect about 5 (or so I forgot) coins across the scenes for 1 hint; many interacting items are very hard to find; and puzzles don't have instructions. This game is pretty good, but need some improvements.
 | Added on: August 1, 2011
Compared to other recent HO games this one is just......ok. Nothing real exciting, and actually some elements are irritating, too much clickiness. Nothing grabbed at me from the get go. Worth a try though.
 | Added on: August 1, 2011
Good game, great graphics, storyline (who cares), but the "walking..." from one scene to another was enough to make me bonkers. When you play you'll know what I'm talking about. Anyway, the game was nice and long, at least it seemed that way to me. Maybe because of all the "walking...". Did I tell you about all the "walking..."? I definitely recommend this game. Enjoy (all the walking).
 | Added on: August 2, 2011
Found Tom, got a hint, had lots of inventory, but how do I start the generator? Graphics good and music ok, but the generator????????????????? I am sorry but this game is too much for me.

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