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 | Added on: March 17, 2014
I quite liked this game. It was quite easy, but not too easy. You need to work out a bit of a strategy to finish each chapter with 3 stars. Something I really like in this kind of games is when there is a score for each chapter so that you can replay it and improve the score. It's even better when there is a bit of luck factor, so that to get best score you need to get a good combination of various factors that determine your result (i.e. Magic Farm or Plantasia). This game doesn't have any of that. Once you have all the stars, there is nothing else you can do. That's the biggest minus in my view. However, it's a nice simple and enjoyable time management game and I would recommend it to fans of TM games.
 | Added on: October 6, 2013
It needs to have a more advance way to score level to have a real challenge
 | Added on: August 8, 2013
You pick whether to play against the clock or not! so, choose relaxed or time mode. Rush for Gold Alaska is both Time management and problem solving---along with a pleasant atmosphere. Music is not too distracting. It is interesting in that it is similar to other building games, but it has its own distractions.
 | Added on: September 3, 2013
I love the graphics. It's so neat watching the town grow with all of its additions and improvements and newer buildings.The graphics are also great in each of the levels that you play. I picked the timed mode, but the time isn't that important as it lets you finish playing even if the official time runs out. And, of course, each level becomes harder as you go along. The stars that you get on the levels are used to buy improvements to the town such as trees, lights, etc. I don't know if those are available if you use the untimed mode. I'm nearly done with the levels, but I intend to replay them to get more stars. The gameplay is pretty much standard TM - get resources, improve buildings, hire workers, rescue people (sometimes). Some thinking is required on some levels to make sure you don't run out of food, for example, to accomplish the tasks. What really sets this game apart is the fantastic graphics of the town.
 | Added on: August 16, 2013
I really do not enjoy this type of game with a timer, so I was pleasantly pleased that you could do this game either way. I had a lot of fun playing it in Zen mode.
 | Added on: August 16, 2013
Whether or not this game is challenging or fast paced depends entirely on whether you play the game in a relaxed mode (no timer) or as a timed game. Compared to other TM games such as Viking Saga, I found this game to be a bit clunky. You have to move the cursor down to the bottom of the page to start certain processes, which means you have to take your eyes off the action and read what's written. You can't mouse over a building to see what it would take for an upgrade: You have to click on the building and then see what the bottom box tells you. Also, in timed mode, the levels are pretty tough to complete, right out of the gate. It is fun to see the town take shape, and there are enjoyable extra characters, such as frogs jumping around, etc. This wouldn't be my first choice for a TM game, but it's a pleasant diversion.
 | Added on: August 5, 2013
If you like to fix things up, this game is for you. You get to renovate a whole town by reconstructing one building at a time. Very addictive and fun to play. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.
 | Added on: February 14, 2014
I enjoy time management games in general, and this one was definitely a good one in the genre. The core challenge mechanic is getting the right resources available at the right time. I was able to finish most levels within 1-2 tries, and since you can queue up clicks, the challenge was about doing things in the right order to accomplish the goals. The storyline behind it wasn't incredibly compelling, but that's totally okay for me, since I'm really more about the game's atmosphere in the levels.

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