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 | Added on: March 7, 2012
LOVE this game! Like the little white sheep doing what sheep do well - follow the leader - then along comes the big black wolves! Watch out! You need to guide those wolves to the pit before sending the sheep home. Would really recommend this to parents who want their children to learn logic and consequences. I really like the game itself - reminds me of Steven Speilberg's "Pit Droids" game - however, the controls and signage for exiting the game, moving forward to the next platform, how to use your mouse to turn the arrows so that you can direct the sheep and wolves was an experiement in frustration. The developers also neglected to have a place to put your name. You play as Player 1 or Player 2, etc. That beIng said, this is how you turn the arows - Do Not try to hold down the left mouse button on the arrow itself - hold down the left mouse button and direct the turn of the arrow by sliding onto the next cell and then directing where you want the arrow to go. Also, it does not work to try to move all the sheep at the same time if you want the purple ribbon. You need to set your arrows up from the barn back to the sheep in many case moving just one sheep through at a time in order to collect all the gold.
 | Added on: March 7, 2012
I tried to play this game and soon gave up b/c there seemed no way to direct the arrows according to the tiny bit of instruction it did give,so i uninstalled. found the first installment game "Running sheep" and read the reviews wich were very poor,but found a tip on directing the arrows. I decided to re-download the game and give it another shot with the tip from the reviewer. Eureekaaaa ! was able to direct arrows. so I continued to play and tried to decipher what i needed to do which was not too hard just tedious. Then the timer just kept beating me no matter how hard I tried. It is such a shame, this could have been a good and amuseing game, I'm not sure what the developers were thinking, this game has little instruction just buttons with pictures depicting what ur supposed to do. I thought this was a kids game but with the extreme time limits the lack of instruction and difficulties placing and directing arrows there is no way a child under 11 or 12 could play this game. I gave it 1 star for graphics but thats all I could find to be positive about. Oh and the sheep were very cute with the ol yehaw when they found their house. So Take out the timer and allow solving by strategy, give some better instructions and this game would be loads better. Stressing about the time running out takes the fun out of gameplay for me Definately will not recommend!! ~LW~