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 | Added on: June 6, 2012
i found it extremely difficult to see the items in this game. now i like a challenge, but not at the expense of the enjoyment of the game. paying 5000 points for each hint was a bit much for me, too. then the hint really didn't help-jst sparkled in the general vicinity of the item. i got to a level that had 10 spining tops hidden somewhere in the scene-i never found even one. no matter how many hints i used-i couldn't find them. i got so frustrated i started clicking everywhere only to find that costs 10,000 points. WOW!!!!!!!!!!
 | Added on: May 27, 2012
The concept for this game (joining the circus during the Great Depression of the 1930s) was a brilliant idea. Something very sad happened between that great idea, and the actual execution of the program. The game is skillfully illustrated, but other than that, a real disappointment. It's obvious that the English language version is a translation from a different language, and in many places, that translation was poorly done. While the artwork was well done, the gameplay, such as rendering and positioning of HOs was not. I feel that this could be a good "working project", but NOT a market-ready final program.
 | Added on: May 23, 2012
While I loved the concept of running away to join the circus and the storyline was adequate, this one needs a bit of work. The graphics leave a lot to be desired. They're fuzzy at best and the objects are so well blended into the backgrounds that it makes it very challenging to find them. The 2 roses that are hidden in each scene can be VERY difficult to find and other than the satisfaction of finding all 60 of them I saw no real benefit. If I understood this correctly, finding them unlocked the video scenes, music, and unlimited search option at the end of the game but everything except the unlimited search was available throughout the game so what was the point? This is the reason I rated it extremely challenging because the mini games were not difficult at all. They're standard fare, nothing unique about them at all. I gave this 3 stars for the videos and the music. It was a treat to be able to look back and glimpse at something almost 100 years old and, while the music may not appeal to the Lady Gaga generation, they should try and appreciate an art form that is uniquely American - at least for the duration of the game. You can always turn it off if it becomes too nerve wracking. The developers are on the right track with this concept and should concentrate on cleaning up the graphics. Another one based on Big Band music and a look back at the 40s and 50s could lead to a big success. I recommend you play the free trial or with FunPass but buying this one is not in my future.
 | Added on: May 28, 2012
This has got to be the worst HOG game I've seen in a very long time. The music was extremely irritating, and the graphics are awful. I deleted before finishing the first scene.
 | Added on: May 23, 2012
This game is terrible!. It begins with a rather boring opening, explaining why the main character joins the circus, and then just stays boring. There is almost no character development, so it is difficult to like the main character, and the HO scenes are VERY frustrating. Many of the objects to find are practically invisible -- and the hint function only points out the area near where one of the hidden objects can be found. The mini puzzles between the HO scenes are also boring, with very little variation, but at least they are not quite as frustrating as the HO scenes. I was actually glad when my 1-hour trial was up, because this game was so bad. It is rare for me to dislike an HO game that much.
 | Added on: May 26, 2012
Extremely disappointed with this game. Scenes are too "busy" to be able to enjoy the game. Graphics are good Extra features are poor
 | Added on: May 22, 2012
This game was nothing but a hidden object screen and then a short puzzle, repeat, and repeat again. The first puzzle's instructions were wrong - they said to find the differences in the two panels, but there weren't two panels and was actually a game requiring you uncover two cards that are alike. I used a hint with one HOG and the hint didn't highlight anything, make anything glow or in anyway show me the object I was looking for. I am so glad I have Fun Pass and didn't waste money on this game.
 | Added on: May 30, 2012
Wow, graphics are terrible. very difficult to find items because you can't tell what they are. Really not worth the time. I deleted after about 5 minutes.
 | Added on: May 26, 2012
What a waste of money and space on the computer. The colors are so bland and the graphics are too busy. The main reason for not continuing this game past the first puzzle was the most obnoxious music ever.
 | Added on: May 25, 2012
I think this is good for kids to play. I found that some of the objects to find were easy because they were of a different color then some were not and the hint button just kinda sparkled in the general area of where to find it. I was disappointed with the videos that were supposed to be from the 30's what they started out with was lovely silent film around a circus very funny but turned into talkies I was very confused I wanted to finish the silent film. I got the game done is a very short time and then took it off my PC. Thank goodness for Fun Pass.
 | Added on: May 23, 2012
A few screens of a lot of mess, find the HOs' and go to a mini game with wrong spelling, another screen, find the HOs' move to mini game, and repeat, That is about it for this game. Oh yes, find the hearts for bonus points. This is all set in the 1930's so the music fits, as do the people.
 | Added on: May 28, 2012
Scenes are too busy and the colors are bland. BORING!
 | Added on: May 23, 2012
Slow, and boring. Period. Played for 17 minutes and deleted it. Basically wasted total of 20 minutes between the download time and the game. Please don't waste your time.
 | Added on: May 29, 2012
Thought this was going to be a great game. The graphics are "flat" and make finding the objects very difficult. This one needs to go back to the drawing board. I did like having to find two hearts in each scene. Wish more developers would use those little side items in each scene as they make it a little more fun. Wouldn't waste my money on this one, folks.
 | Added on: May 23, 2012
This game is really a nice one to relax with if you like hidden object games. The graphics are nice, the music is wonderful (must be because I'm over 50! LOL) Where I am not 20 and a gamer, this is my kind of game!
 | Added on: June 4, 2012
This has got to be The Worst game I ever (didn't) play !! After the first 5 minutes , I was already hating it. I'm sorry but to me there were absolutely No redeeming qualities. Shame on you Gamehouse for unleashing this monstrous game(?) on your unsuspecting players, ha! ha!
 | Added on: May 23, 2012
I really did...the colors were there but the piles of junk made me wonder what some of the items had to do with the game. The hint button is there to use but I actually missed where it was telling me the item is. We will blame that on me and my eyesight I guess. The music, tho circus music drove me nuts within minutes and I turned it off. I am sure others might enjoy this game but after playing the entire demo, its a no go for me.
 | Added on: May 25, 2012
This has to be the worst game graphics wise. So poor that it is hard to distinguish items. Played for 10 minutes and deleted.
 | Added on: May 28, 2012
10 minutes of that awful music was as much as I could take. Delete. Delete.
 | Added on: May 28, 2012
I can understand some of the comments coming from "younger" ( than me!)players, Being an older player I found the music and the style of graphics vaugely familiar and fun , the hidden objects just the right mix of hard and easy.

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