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 | Added on: December 8, 2011
When I downloaded this game I was under the impression that I would have several kinds of solitaire; instead there is only one with some slight variations to the layout. It gets boring very quickly and is not at all challenging.
 | Added on: May 27, 2011
when i start playing this game it is very hard for me to quit playing due to the fact that it is so addictive but one of the best games that i have played for a long time
 | Added on: June 10, 2011
First time I played my comment was.....How boring. Second time I played my comment was......omg, I have been playing for an hour. I am a computer programmer/analyst and work on the computer all day. When I get home, the computer is the last thing I want to get on but this game is so relaxing, it calms my busy mind. Glad I bought it.
 | Added on: May 19, 2011
It love solitaire and I thougth this one was going to be great but it was'nt, I didn't like the graphics and well I hope somebody else likes it better.
 | Added on: March 24, 2012
It's OK, it takes a little bit of thought. Had to turn down the music, it's a little too much. but over all it's not too bad.

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