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Reviews of Romopolis
 | Added on: January 23, 2015
It is definitely challenging. I got irritated at having to play the same level multiple times, different ways, and still not meeting the time limit. Also I feel like the graphics are not as high quality as some. Agree with everyone else that I turn off the music and listen to something else. Not planning to finish.
 | Added on: July 22, 2009
I Couldnt' get away from it. Is easy to learn, yet, challenging. On the last levels it is helpful to plan (pen and paper) before playing the level if you want to succed on your first try. I would highly recommend this game to people who like to think, while still having a fast playing fun game.
 | Added on: August 25, 2011
The game has nice graphics. I don't really like the music, so I often mute it. You can earn a medal (complete in time) and a trophy (specific task) in each level, which often require replaying to earn both (you can earn either first, it will disappear in that level after earned). Toward the end of game, the level gets really hard, especially I find level 17 and 24 most extreme. To earn the medals, you have to be both fast and strategic. The time limit for trophy can be turned off in menu option. Good play time, and there is an extra feature that let you build your own levels. It doesn't have a story or an ending, just straight building. So, if you seek for more, you will be disappointed. It is kinda kid-friendly, but many may find its pace too fast.
 | Added on: November 16, 2011
A nice change from sudoku and crosswrd puzzles. It offers a wide variety of options such as three levels of difficulty, timed or untimed, trpohies and medal. The music is a bit tiring I usually turn it off and listen to something else. Great game for whole family.
 | Added on: September 29, 2009
It's easy to learn during the first - very quick - levels. After learning the basics, it requires real strategy as each level becomes more difficult. There are so many possible ways to design a city, but not every idea works out. One of the more unusual (and better things) about this time management game --- it is not rushing click, click, click to keep everything working; instead, you need to plan the steps of how and where to build each part of the city. The only flaw I found in this game is that views of the completed cities can't be saved - once a level ends, the city disappears. I wish there were more games like this one - time management with more planning instead of just clicky, clicky.
 | Added on: June 9, 2009
Great game enjoying playing this game, I can't wait to tell a friend.
 | Added on: March 14, 2011
If you enjoy a challenge requiring strategizing, you'll love this game. You may have to play many of the levels more than once in order to progress to the next. The most difficult levels are those where achieving a certain level of happiness is required. If you enjoy time managment/strategy games like My Kingdom for the Princess, then this is for you. Many levels = hours of addictive game play.
 | Added on: August 26, 2013
I usually do not play this type, but it was free so I thought why not. I ahd played some time managemnet games but was not to keen on them. This is nice as it is a more legimate challlenge. At each level you need to build ceratin buildings and reach basic goals. There are side goals as in trophies for reaching a specialized goal as wellas a reward if you finish under the time. I suggest trying to meet the time goal first as you can lawyas go back and try for the trophy with no time pressure.
 | Added on: November 30, 2010
If you loved the Build-A-Lot games, you'll love Romopolis. It's a seemingly simple game that quickly becomes challenging and requires strategic planning to complete the levels. You can choose to play with or without deadlines and even create your own cities. It has good replay, isn't a gigantic file and works well on Windows 7.
 | Added on: January 6, 2012
I loved it. You go from one city to the next building to different goals. And, as they should be, the last few levels were quite a challenge. I don't like games that are not a challenge at all.