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 | Added on: May 11, 2011
All in all, i like this game. It's a time managament rather like the diner and snowy games. You serve food to cars before they flash their lights and drive off in a fit of impatience. Trying to match colours of the cars and parks is familiar but enjoyable. The graphics are ok, length is good, music is the best because you can play your own on the juke box, which i loved. If you like restruant time managements like snowys, diners and emily's, give this one a go.
 | Added on: June 28, 2010
The Roller Rush people really figured out how to build strategy into their games, and if you don't learn to think like they do, you don't get expert. In fact, when you get toward the end of this game, the only way you can get expert is to serve the right ice cream, not just any ice cream, in a row to rack up the points, get something like $250 or $300 per serving. It's great fun, even though the drawings are a little second grade. On the minus side, the honking sounds will drive you nuts, but you can turn the volume down.
 | Added on: April 21, 2010
After all these years of playing this I had to sit down and write a review for this classic "dash" game. It's been around a while and the graphics are not the most complex. But simplicity is deceptive, and what makes a good Time Management game is the strategy that goes into it and the programmers' ability to get that "just hard enough but not absolutely impossible" target. In these "Roller Rush" excels. I am a TM fam for many years and this is one of my favorites. To hit the "goal" is not that hard, but try to get expert on every one! You have to keep those pink cars from driving off - if you can't strategically manage the time to do that, you won't hit that expert. Heck, you won't pass the level. On top of it all, it has an neat 50's soundtrack. I bought this game a long time ago, and play it every so often. Give it a try - it's a great TM game.
 | Added on: August 2, 2010
Just demoed Roller Rush and played for a good 45 minutes. Cute game. The graphics are pretty old but then again, the game released in 2005 so I guess that explains it. The game plays very much like Diner Dash except in a cooler setting (in my opinion). You play one of those roller girls who serves meals to people in cars. Customers come in driving various color cars and cars of different sizes. The occupants have different color hair within the cars. You must match them to parking spaces that accommodate the size of the car and can achieve "rolling" (nowadays called chaining) bonuses for consecutive matches. The color of the cars denotes the type of customers inside - they have varying degrees of patience. Again, they are similar to the customer types in Diner Dash. The charm of this game comes mainly from the setting. It is unique and 50's tunes are played in the background. There is a feature where you can play your own music - though I think it would detract from the game somewhat to have modernized music playing LOL. Game is pretty challenging - I am a long time TM'er and I have to say of all the levels I played, I only achieved Master (or Expert) on 2 of them. You can replay levels to try to better your score. There are various upgrades which seem to help. If you really enjoy the Diner Dash series, but want a slightly different bent on it, you'll probably enjoy this game. It is a good, solid TM but would be nice to see it with upgraded graphics. Maybe a Roller Rush 2 will someday be on the horizon?