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 | Added on: January 23, 2016
i love this game so much so many levels to play with
 | Added on: September 28, 2015
I played this game start to finish in a weekend, but I know I will go back and play again.
 | Added on: June 3, 2010
I enjoy playing this game it is relaxing and a good source of entertainment to while away an hour
 | Added on: December 8, 2010
One of my all-time favorite time management games gets an update and, thankfully, hasn't changed the formula much. Sure we get new animals and we're playing on an island in the caribbean. There are even some areas that are accessible only by bridge. Fortunately, the developers didn't mess with the gameplay so Ranch Rush 2 remains faithful to the original. Barring for a moment that our heroine is a serious workaholic, Sara has decided her latest vacation spot would be a perfect place to expand her farming business. Crops include wildflowers, bananas, acai berries, oranges, pineapples and other common tropical fruits. Animals include peacocks, goats and those annoying chatterbox llamas. Apparently other players hated those things as much as I did so these have been "de-barked" to some extent (believe me, I wanted to do worse). You'll also need to prepare fruit wraps, pomegranate juice, ice cream, and more. I hate the carpal-tunnel inducing clickfests that make up the majority of time-management games but I absolutely love the strategic planning in this game. A professional critic might whine about it being a lot like the original. What do they know? If it ain't broke, don't fix it (and if you do, the toolbox costs $100). It's actually a little bit easier in casual mode than the original so I'd probably recommend this game first to a new player. The trophies, on the other hand, are a little more difficult to complete. Highly recommended.
 | Added on: November 3, 2011
A game with the island atmosphere is great. I like how the game continues from one game level to the next. The animation is good. One thing I find in games of time management is the whole screen isn't available, so you have to pan right, left, up, or down. Overall it is a fun game.
 | Added on: May 14, 2012
I prefer Ranch Rush 2 for one major reason-I could shrink the screen so I could see the whole "Ranch". RR1 took up more than one screen and scrolling from one to the other is a pain. I liked the variation of products, too.
 | Added on: September 7, 2010
Every bit as good as the first! Many TM games limit your options so much that you really don't have options. You can play this game over and over trying different layouts and strategies to improve your time. Also, it is possible to finish. I'm probably not as fast as I used to be so I depend on strategy rather than speed. I get frustrated with games that require so much speed early on that I can never get past the first few levels. With Ranch Rush I can just redesign the layout and/or buy items I need to improve my speed rather than having a nervous breakdown and wearing out my clicker finger. Last but not least...when is Ranch Rush 3 coming out?!
 | Added on: June 14, 2010
I have been waiting for years for the 2nd edition of my favorite game, Ranch Rush to arrive! PROS: An upgraded and enhanced verision of the original storyline, with a lot of added bonuses. The fish game is a great addition! Make the farm your own, with new decorations! Helpful upgrades like storage, the ability to buy more soil at a time, more crates for harvesting. New animals full of personality, new crops and new products keep the game fresh. CONS: I'm really disappointed that we are required to pay more for the "Premium" version of the same game. The layout of the ranch leaves something to be desired. I hope I don't have to wait years for the next version to come out!
 | Added on: July 6, 2010
This game is fun, quick and addictive! It's fun to build the different levels and increase the involvement.
 | Added on: June 10, 2010
I like both of the Ranch Rash games. I think the 1st one is a little harder and the 2nd one is more fun and interesting. I like the added fishing game. It's simple and relaxing after all the "Rash" at the end of a "7-day" cycle - after 6 different level of similar mini games. The only thing I don't like is the layout of the land (screen). It is somewhat off. You cant' keep your "Ranch" nice if you want to beat the level/time with the layout given. I like neatly arranged "Ranch". I do like the ideal of bridges connecting lands though. So I still give 5 stars.
 | Added on: August 9, 2010
Absolutely brilliant sequal and well worth the wait, fun story and the little crabs are so cute! Would suit all ages of player.
 | Added on: August 9, 2010
Very fun and relaxing~not too easy or difficult. I rate this game a 10 as it is well worth the money and time. Very entertaining
 | Added on: February 24, 2011
This game will keep you on your toes! It will keep you coming back time and time again!
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
I liked the first one but loved the 2nd one.Planning ahead is huge in the later weeks and thats just on casual play,the fishing game is a nice new addition as well as catching the crabs on the beach.This game is very addictive & I like havin CoCo (the monkey)
 | Added on: January 31, 2012
I really enjoy this game and would love to know if there are any others out there that are similar.
 | Added on: June 11, 2010
I liked this game, thought it ws good fun. made me giggle when sara got butted my a goat or bitten by a duck. some tasks are quite challenging and i had to keep pausing to re arrange the ranch to get through a level. only thin i didnt like about this game is that there is no restart level option, i had to continue through the whole level knowing that i wasnt going to pass it, was a little frustrating.
 | Added on: June 18, 2010
Great game! Couldn't stop playing it. It is easy to learn and very fast paced.
 | Added on: July 26, 2010
Purchased this game and decided to give it a try last night. I intended to only play for about half an hour and then go to bed. Well, let me say, that didn't happen! 4 hours LATER, I had to drag myself away to get some sleep. Really fun game! It seems very easy in the first couple of levels but soon becomes very challenging trying to manage your time. Challenging in a doable way though, not a frustrating throw your computer out the window type way. I really love that so many new things are constantly being introduced. The game never becomes repetitious or tedious because of this. I also like the zoom feature and that you can move your farm around. I have never tried Ranch Rush 1 before this but you can bet when I finish this one, I will be buying it now. All in all, great game! (This is now one of my fave TM games of all time)
 | Added on: October 6, 2011
I had this game for years, but when I cleaned my computer I lost it. So happy to have it back again. It's a great game, fast and challenging, I like the gardening and the animals. Coco the monkey is very cute. He goes and steals bananas when he doesn't have any, and those goats can be mean! Just over all I love Ranch Rush 2. Thank you, Annette
 | Added on: October 10, 2012
Me (a 20-something year old) and my 17 year old sister loves this game! It has been awhile since we finished the game but I really love the exotic fruits (acai berry anyone?) and animals. Some levels are pretty challenging too! I think it also has the right balance of clicking and strategizing what to do first (taking into account the time and how long something takes to grow, etc...). Would totally recommend this!
 | Added on: June 14, 2010
Once you start, you're hooked! Cute characters. Levels are tougher and makes you think. You have to rearrange, manage and sometimes have to repeat a level. But even repeating is not as frustrating as other games of the genre. It keeps you occupied longer than you think! Start and look at the clock, next thing you know an hour has gone by! Just wish it had more levels!!
 | Added on: March 14, 2011
Lots of fun for the kids. Cute creators. Good graphocs. Music was ok too and I do not leave it on very often. Grow, plant, gather and sell on a beautiful island get away with all you can do with your new land.
 | Added on: June 3, 2010
Thought this game would be much like the first episode, was glad to find out it was with an added twist, you get to go fishing for trinkets to beautify your island with. It is very fast paced and with the higher levels requires thoughtful planning before time runs out. Organization is a must, planning ahead also helps. Would recommend to my friends.
 | Added on: February 8, 2012
I absolutely loved the first Ranch Rush game, and was expecting big things from it's sequel. Luckily for me this game delivered. It was so much fun. I loved all the new characters and the new crops we could grow. I especially loved the goats. The inclusion of the fishing game was genius. I have come to love it even more than I loved the original.
 | Added on: May 25, 2011
I really loved Ranch Rush original and so I gave this one a try. Many times the second game is so unlike the original it's a disappointment but not Ranch Rush 2. Enough differences to make it unique although it as very faithful to the original game. I purchased after ten minutes of play. I loved the fishing on Sundays and wish there was a free play for it. The only disappointment was that "free play" is only for the premium version??? And I saw nowhere to purchase a premium version. I thought when I made the purchase this would be included and feel I was cheated a little. Still giving the game 5 stars because it is a great game. Just don't expect freeplay if you purchase it. I can see where the fishing part of the game could be a spinoff game on its own. When will that happen?
 | Added on: July 19, 2010
The sequel is every bit as good as the original, with some added fun! Easy to play, fun to play, new crops and animals, items to decorate the ranch, fishing, etc. As with the original, the graphics are beautiful. I chuckle every time Sara and the goat have an encounter. It's hilarious. Good story line too. Can't think of enough good things to say. It is worth every penny! Can't wait for another one!
 | Added on: July 24, 2012
I've played this game more times then I care to admit. I enjoyed the first version but all the scrolling was tedious. I can zoom out in this version and see the whole ranch and that makes everything so much better. I have searched high and low for a time management game that is equally enjoyable and they are all so constricted and repetitive. RR lets you reorganize your ranch at whim, and I love the racing around. The fishing game is enjoyable (although once I realized it wasn't getting me points in the game I would get frustrated with the momentum interruption.) It is completely addictive. I sincerely hope there is a 3 coming out!!! I live in Arizona and think a desert theme would be cool........
 | Added on: June 3, 2010
this game is very addictive I play for hours. It isn't as easy as you would think. You have to have your timing down. If you can't get your timing down you just can't proceed. It rocks.
 | Added on: September 4, 2012
I love TM games, especially the Delicious series. I don't like games where the goals seem impossible to reach. As this game progresses it is more difficult, but with careful planning you can make it. I really enjoyed this game!

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