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 | Added on: January 21, 2016
I really enjoy playing rainbow web 3. It is entertaining and challenging at the same time.
 | Added on: December 1, 2011
I am not a "Match three" person, but this game had me from the first, second and third word. What fun this game is, with bright colors, cleverness and the match three theme.
 | Added on: November 17, 2011
I enjoy playing the game and enjoy the end results for each session. I love the challenge of finding the various items
 | Added on: November 25, 2011
I am glad I bought it and it has given me many hours of fun but I would have liked it better if it was longer. This game is a bit hard when you get to the upper levels. I really enjoy playing it but I don't like the spider, I wish he would move somewhere.
 | Added on: November 3, 2011
I now own all three Rainbow Web games and I love them. It is very addictive and I didn't realize I had been playing the game for over an hour until my husband came down to get me for dinner! If there is a fourth one, I'll buy it too!
 | Added on: October 31, 2011
Personally, I feel that this is the best Rainbow Web ever! Made my head spin at times when it reached the end and I was left wanting more! Love the extras and to see it start the game with such a challenge at the beginning when one gets to the more challenging increments within the game as one advances!
 | Added on: November 17, 2011
I do not play match 3 games very often, so I had not seen this series of games before. One I started, I found the game addictive and I played through to the end. I recommend this game!
 | Added on: February 15, 2014
Rainbow Web 3 is a unique way to play match-3 because the layouts change in a way that makes you approach each level differently. Sometimes there will be diagonal threads to swap pieces on in addition to horizontal/vertical threads, making matching easier. Sometimes, many threads are removed, making you hunt for the next move. There is a good variety of patterns and obstacles to overcome. It's never frustrating, though, as the game isn't timed. There is also a powerup, and you can keep the move prompts on if you want to keep the gameplay flowing smoothly. The story is silly and is just there as an extra incentive to keep you playing. You have to restore 10 different buildings (most of them being shops) with the rainbow power you collect from playing the match-3 game. Getting combos by matching quickly will net you additional rainbow power that you can use to restore items to the buildings more quickly. Decorating is very limited because you can't customize any of the furniture, but it's still satisfying to restore things. The graphics are mixed, in my opinion. While I liked the idyllic fairytale village theme, the environments are somewhat grainy/muddy. The actual game pieces, however, are lovely, marble patterned orbs with vivid colors that live up to the game name. The music is charming and the match sounds are good. I've really enjoyed my time playing RW3. I started the game over right after I finished, which is something I rarely do. It's not a perfect game, but it's great for providing casual entertainment.
 | Added on: November 3, 2011
i thought the increasing number of items to buy was interesting.The hidden item games at the end of each level was different from all the other web games. I would recommend it to anyone who likes match three games.
 | Added on: January 26, 2012
i like how the webs change shapes in each house.much more challenging to play.also like how we can buy things to build our rooms.
 | Added on: March 16, 2012
The Rainbow games have progressed with each addition to the series. These things have been added in Rainbow Web III: • More ways to play the webs • More variety of mini games • More tasks • More scenery • More adventure • More Story • More colorful artwork • More fun! And one thing has, thankfully, been removed: • No timer! This is one tough puzzle game disguised as a match 3. The basic mechanic has colored balls strung along a spider web. Some balls have letters. You must match the colors by exchanging balls to knock out the letters. Trust me, this is not always as simple as it sounds. The main idea in this game, it appears, is to make the matches that get the most points. The faster you rack up the points, the faster you will lift the curse from a town person's shop. But then, you are only one step closer to freeing that person from the spider's lair. Tricky puzzles await to free them all. The game can be a relaxing challenge, or a relaxing activity. As you make any kind of match, with or without letters, you build a hammer. Once activated, you can use it to knock out a pesky letter. So, in essence, you can just play this as a match three with a helpful power up.. The challenge comes in knocking out the letters on your own. But one thing is for sure -- if you have not played any of these games, it is definitely different. And even if you have, if you enjoyed the others, I think you will like this one even more. The art work is lovely, the story and additional activities add interest.There are several hours of pleasant, varied, game play. The background music is rather relaxing, actually, and there is certainly replay value. There are no actual spiders to be seen. either.
 | Added on: December 9, 2011
Match 3 with colored beads. Similar to the previous Rainbow Web versions, but with a new twist: you rack up points that you can use to renovate different shops (tailor, shoemaker, winery, carpenter, etc.). I like that additional goal. The frozen beads in the later stages also makes it interesting. Only question is, they talk about "where are the villagers?" but they never show up, even at the end of the game. I don't know if this is because there will be a Rainbow 4 version, or they ran out of time to finish up this version.
 | Added on: October 31, 2011
After all, it IS a Rainbow Web game... ;-) I love all the Rainbow Web games & this one is no different in that it's FUN, beautiful, relaxing while challenging, has fabulous music (one of the few games I leave "their" music on instead of putting on mine), & the graphics are great!! They have a puzzle at the end of each room, that is so unique it's unbelievable no one has thought to do it before! LOVE IT!!!! The only difference in make-up, is that there's no timer this time. I was very surprised by this & would rather have the option of timed or not. Maybe I just haven't found it yet? :-D Anyway, a very definite YES for this game. Challenge yourself while being able to relax & enjoy the music & the game; not the usual mix, which is awesome. Most definitely replayable, which is good since it's so addictive!
 | Added on: December 1, 2011
Pretty dull, I wouldn't pay for it. Not much else to say.
 | Added on: November 3, 2011
I love the Rainbow Web games and this one does not disappoint. Levels are increasingly challenging. Replay value is great because depending on your move is where the ball drops, so unless you do exactly the same thing every single time, the game is not going to have the same outcome every time you play. Not the same old match 3 game either. I love Rainbow Web.
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
I am completely addicted to this and the other ones from the Rainbow Web series. I didn't see this coming. At first I enjoyed the game okay, didn't care for the spider games and skipped quite a few of those challenges. But as the game progressed and increasingly more of the balls became immobilized from the beginning, I just got hooked. I mean, I'm humming along with the music, enjoying myself completely, not wanting the game to end. I can't wait for the next installment.
 | Added on: March 23, 2012
I've enjoyed the Rainbow Web series for several years now, but the new web shapes and bead movements make this much more interesting to play. Liked the graphics too: the rooms are all interesting and very "fairy tale" Wasn't so keen on the looking for pieces around the room to make the 3 items - very difficult to spot and slowed things down a lot. Also agree that the ending was anticlimactic: I really would have liked to be able to visit the people after they'd returned to their businesses so the game felt more rounded off. But will be returning to it frequently. Glad I bought it....
 | Added on: December 8, 2011
At first the game seems slow and easy but if you turn off the hints you find it is challenging. It is rather addictive and hard to put down sometimes. I am glad I bought it.
 | Added on: November 11, 2011
I dont know if there is anything else I could say besides I loved this game! It is just so addicting and challenging I havent played the previous two games but know I think I will after I finish this one!
 | Added on: December 1, 2011
If you haven't tried Rainbow Web, this is the one for you! It's a match 3 game with lots of variety in the patterns, which adds a bit of challenge to it. Once you've removed all the spells the evil spider cast, play it again to better your time! Great graphics, always something new on every level and still fun for everyone.
 | Added on: March 12, 2012
 | Added on: April 2, 2013
Most of these match games get a bit tiresome after a while, too repetitive so that you get bored. This one is a bit different and you have to think and plan ahead so there is some strategy involved that I liked. I don't like a timed format so I played relaxed mode and thoroughly enjoyed the game. The puzzles to recreate scenes in a location and the hidden object searches before going to the next location were a nice break then back to the spider webs with frozen or locked beads to free up items and accumulate gold so you can repair the location and move on to the next. If you enjoy these types of games generally, you should like this one.
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
Enjoyed the other Rainbow Web games, but I REALLY enjoy playing this one as it's much more complex and the graphics are more intricate. The end is a little strange though - I was hoping to see people or at least not be dropped off after the spider is driven out and have to create a new identity to continue.
 | Added on: November 17, 2011
I usually don't like this type of match 3 but the graphics on this game are really nice and it's fun to restore the buildings and finally see what they look like. I like the waterfall.
 | Added on: December 22, 2011
I love playing this game already...Makes you think fast and anticipate your moves.
 | Added on: November 3, 2011
This is based on the same concepts as the other Rainbow games so if you like those you will this one also. It gets a little more challenging quicker but that is the only difference I see.
 | Added on: November 18, 2011
I love this game! The changes in this version make it more of a challenge and much more addictive. There is more thinking involved and the puzzles are quite different. Absolutely one of the best games for pure enjoyment.
 | Added on: November 3, 2011
This game is EXTREMELY addictive! I have both Rainbow Web 1 & 2, & only "test drove" this new version before purchasing just to make sure it would run fine on my 6-year-old system. It's tough to start playing the game because you don't want to stop. I have played it for several hours straight, extending past 2:30am, with my mouse hand one big cramp! It's more than worth it! Not being under the gun with a timer option was unusual, but makes the game that much more relaxing (& harder to stop playing)! Somewhat slow loading & transition between levels on occasion, but the graphics are awesome & the puzzles original, challenging, & an excellent workout for the mind!
 | Added on: December 8, 2011
I have really enjoyed this game and my wife loves it. It keeps my mind active and I really enjoy solving the puzzles and problems. One issue I have is that being color blind sometimes it is hard to distinguish the colors of the beads. If the developers would consider that and put symbols or change the shapes of the beads in these games it would help immensely. Other than that, it's great. Have fun!
 | Added on: November 3, 2011
I loved this game , hope to see more like it ! was a lot of fun! had a blast!!!!
 | Added on: April 30, 2012
I quickly got bored and moved on. Graphics uninteresting, too.

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