Princess Isabella - A Witch's CursePrincess Isabella - A Witch's Curse
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Reviews of Princess Isabella - A Witch's Curse
 | Added on: March 17, 2010
Fun HOG game. There were a few times when I got stuck as there were hidden rooms in the game (you have to check all possible exits even if the exit doesn't appear on the map!!). Fun mini-games and plenty of hints if you can't find a hidden object.
 | Added on: May 17, 2011
What a great game! I won't give away details. If you like a good story line, a game that makes you think, lots of hidden objects and mini games, this is the game for you! Definitely the type of game I like playing on here. Supear cool.
 | Added on: February 8, 2010
The 3 adults in our little family all loved it and played it at the same time. We all were hooked on this awesome game. It was not the least bit boring as some games get. Just the opposite, it was more than just merely interesting. You really had to use your mind on some of the games inside the game itself. You won't be wasting your money on this game at all. Don't even try it if you don't want to have to think on a game, yet some areas were very easy.
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
This game is a very good mix of HO and puzzles. It is very interesting to explore the Castle and go from room to room. I found it to be a lot of fun and could not wait to get back to it. I bought it because I definitely wanted to see the whole Castle, do the HO and do MORE puzzles.
 | Added on: May 23, 2011
 | Added on: January 27, 2011
I enjoy HOGs and this game was no exception. The story line was interesting, although I thought it ended rather abruptly. The in game puzzles were challenging and I enjoyed them also. The graphics were beautiful and added to the game play.
 | Added on: January 5, 2010
Really loved this one, the mini puzzles are a great added bonus to the hidden object main point. They make you actually have to think your way through things. Would highly suggest this game to anyone, and i've tried alot of them on here. I'd give it ten stars if i could.
 | Added on: November 15, 2010
Nice game but has a kidlike feel to it - simply because of the voice of the fairy (who sounds like a child). Game is pretty entertaining - there is a lot to do. You are in a mansion where an evil curse has been placed on each room and on all the servants that are inhabitants. Each one is trapped in a mirror, which was then shattered. Not only must you find all of the pieces to restore each one, but you must also solve the puzzles of each room to restore it to its former, innocent glory. Many of the puzzles repeat - such as removing evil from the rooms (in the form of pictures with snakes and skulls you must click on). Some of the other puzzles are more unique where you must manipulate or collect pieces. One that was interesting required you to reshape constellations in the sky to their proper form. Graphics are decent, although it seemed a little unrealistic to me how easily you removed the curse to each room and thought the newly restored rooms looked a little too perfect and photo realistic compared to the rest of the game. I will probably end up playing this game to completion someday. I would rate it 4 stars. It seems like it also will have a good length as there is so much to be done.
 | Added on: May 27, 2013
I love hidden object games that have more to them. I get tired of hidden object but this was fun. Fairly easy game with good graphics.
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Although I had some trouble towards the end, thanks to some help through the forum I managed to finish the game! Hours of entertainment!
 | Added on: May 20, 2011
I love all Hidden Object Games but this has quickly become my favourite. Hope there is a follow up for me to get hooked on too.
 | Added on: December 1, 2011
Great game Makes you think but is not overly hard. The story kept me interested,
 | Added on: November 16, 2009
My only complaint with this game is that it was over too fast.
 | Added on: November 16, 2010
Princess Isabella makes the challenge of your standard hidden object game more interesting with (simple) puzzles sprinkled throughout instead of just a mind-numbing trek through one seek and find picture to the next. The ending is actually rather difficult with a Zuma type shoot-the-marbles game into a seek-and-find battle against a computer opponent. While I swore all the way through it, it did make the finale much more satisfying once it was completed. The premise is simple, you're a princess (named Isabella, strangely enough) who has returned to her castle to find it taken over by a (wait for it...) witches curse. You travel from room to room finding objects with the help of a fairy similar to Tinkerbell who helps you along the way. She almost helps too much by explaining what needs to be done to each puzzle in order to solve it. Once puzzles are solved you search for mirror pieces to put together jigsaw puzzle style. Once a mirror is completed, a castle member is "released" and gives you an additional item to help you in your journey. I think the game would have been much more challenging if we were left to figure things out on our own as Tinkerbell's help makes the game is rather easy. The seek and find puzzles aren't extremely challenging as many of the items you are looking for are in plain sight. Still, there were enough puzzles to take a couple days to solve all the way through. I estimate about 10 hours of play for a reasonably sharp-eyed individual. There are somewhere around 30 different rooms ; two floors of a castle, a garden, a stable, and a tower. If hidden-object games are your game of choice, you will find a lot to like in here and it's recommended.
 | Added on: May 16, 2011
This is a must have in my opinion. What a fun, different and enjoy-able game. Not for the kids, but great fun for us gamers that just wanta have fun. Graphics are great, lots of side games and puzzles to solve. Love the little helpful fairy, so cute and lots of help. In this game an hour addicts you to all there is to offer. It is a must buy and I look toward part "2" as I write this. Great job developers, new story and great fun. What a mystery. Thanks for this one.
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
Enjoyed this puzzle, plenty of help when needed, Have to really think about some of the puzzles, But with all these types of games not long enough
 | Added on: June 28, 2010
Wow! Now this is what I call a game. This is a MUST play and the total BOMB in my opinion. Way much more than a hidden object game. AWESOME STORY and GRAPHICS. Just WOW! At least for me was definitely thinky and challenging at times on what to do/where to go next. There is definitely a lot of traveling/back tracking locations.This wasn't one I got through quick. Took me several hours and I couldn't stop playing this until I got to the end. I'll even admit it did get a little confusing even frustrating a few times but I couldn't help but to stick with it and keep playing as I was hooked/addict to this game right from the get go. Also had a nice variety of puzzles but I did have to skip a couple. You also have a fairy to help you which most of the time is very helpful. Some parts of the game really not helpful. This is a relaxing game as there is no time limit. Yeah it did get confusing/frustrating a few times but overall this game really WOWED me as I was way more impressed with the game than confusing/frustrating so I can't help but to give this 5 stars. THANK YOU GAMEHOUSE!
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
ienjoyed this game for the thinking value. you have to use your brain
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
There are some interesting visual twists, a clever story line, some challenging puzzles, good graphics and decent length. Good mix of hidden object and puzzle solving. The voice acting is a bit annoying, but easily forgiven for all the other things going on. I definitely recommend this game.
 | Added on: September 30, 2010
The graphics, music and puzzles in this game are fantastic! So much fun - I highly recommend it!
 | Added on: March 8, 2010
didnt think i would even like this game but was way bored tried it out .love this game thinking about replaying
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
This was such an awesome game! I really enjoyed playing this one and the graphics was absolutely beautiful and well-detailed. Although, some of the puzzles were nerve-rackingly hard, it was worth finding out how to solve them in the end and made the game worth while even more so. Good job and sure can't wait to find out if there will be a sequel...because the end of the game sure gave you that impression!
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
I just can't stop playing this one!!!! There's so much to just have to find out what's next. Great game!!!!!
 | Added on: June 16, 2011
had me stuck a few times,challenging.made me think then rethink.enjoyed story.
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
This was a great puzzle/search game. I really liked it.
 | Added on: July 23, 2011
I really liked this game until i got stuck. Then it took me forever to find what i needed. started to get upset. finally figured it out(with some help) glad i stuck it out and finished. don't think i'll play this one again :(
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
This is my favourite type of game and I couldn't stop playing! I wish it had been longer and I hope there's going to be a sequel.
 | Added on: February 28, 2012
This is more than a beautiful, well crafted HOG game with a great story line. It is a GREAT adventure! The music & especially the graphics are superb. The game playing time is long considering you need to lift the witch's curse off the entire castle & castle grounds which is shrouded in darkness and evil. Finding shards of broken mirrors to put together in jig saw puzzles to release the king & queen & their court is just one aspect of puzzle solving. There are many other types of puzzles that you need to solve to lift the curse & thankfully you can let the fairy solve them for you as some are quite challenging. You have the castle fairy w/special abilities & a quick hint ability to guide & help you through this WILL need her help! You also have the queen's journal with a map & pertinent info that you NEED to refer to. There are many hidden objects throughout the 27 cursed areas...interactive & side boxes before you find the witch's lair. I've played this game 3 times and NOT once was I was bored because you keep seeing so much more. This game has moved into my top 10 and it's well worth owning simply for it's beauty & craftsmanship in game playing.
 | Added on: December 1, 2009
Occasionally frustrating but fun. Made sense once figured it out. Had to seek help in forum to get past one part, thank goodness answer was there
 | Added on: February 17, 2011
This is the best HOG I've played in a while. I have it on both my PC and Nintendo DS, and it plays extremely well on both. It has an interesting story that is well and logically presented. Hints are unlimited and load quickly so you aren't stuck wondering what to do next, which bores me to tears and has caused me to leave many a game. The graphics are outstanding and there is a good variety of rooms to solve. The hidden object screens are uncluttered and interesting. The puzzles are challenging but can be solved and won't cause you to leave the game because of a puzzle that's too hard. Characters in the game have been confined to shattered mirrors by the witch, and each level of the game is finished by solving a jigsaw puzzle with moving pieces. When the jigsaw is solved, the imprisoned character is freed and gives you an important game item. If you take too long to find the shards, you're given a hint, and places of interest to investigate are "sparkled". As for replayability, I've played the game about four times now, trying to use fewer and fewer hints; I've finally solved it without using any. This game won adventure "Game of the Year" in 2009 and well deserved it. It's a favorite.
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
Pretty challenging. I needed the walkthrough. Very fun and I enjoyed the mini-games!
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
Thoroughly enjoyed playing this HOG! Great thinking game and also challenging too.
 | Added on: October 27, 2009
have one problem with the gam it says i have an object i have not found yet
 | Added on: June 17, 2011
The game has a children storybook quality. The graphics are good. Most of the hidden items are easy to find. The puzzles are quite difficult -- it helped that you could skip them. I found the voice of the fairy extremely irritating and ended up playing most of the game with no sound.
 | Added on: December 10, 2009
It was ok, definitely not long enough if the puzzles are going to be that easy. Rather disappointed that after purchasing it only took an additional half hour to complete the game. Can't imagine replaying it either.
 | Added on: October 27, 2009
I LOVED it!! I didn't stop til I finished it! Was a great combo of puzzles and hidden objects! I wish it would've been a little longer, but you have to walk away from the computer sooner or later!
 | Added on: November 9, 2009
In my opinion, this game was right up there with the MCF series. I downloaded it and played all the way through. I was hooked.
 | Added on: April 11, 2011
I'm always watching for good, involved HOG/mystery games my teenage daughter and I can play together late at night, and this definitely qualified! Graphics were great, story was interesting, and the puzzles were varied. Besides HO, there were mirror shards to collect from every room and items to put into inventory and use later. It's room by room and you sometimes have to go back, but this is one of those games where they tell you when the room is cleared, which I LOVE. I got a little frustrated with a couple of the puzzles, and the hints did no good--just said to solve the puzzle. I had to use the walkthrough a total of three times to finish, which always brings the star value down for me. If I can't figure it out and there are no hints (not solving the puzzle, just a little how-to), to the point where I have to leave the game and find a walkthrough, then the game has lost some of its value for me. I agree with some of the other reviewers that the ending was rather abrupt, but the "setting it up for a sequel" part gave me the major creeps, lol! Overall, a very good game and worth buying!
 | Added on: January 26, 2010
Lots of goodies going on in the game that kept me excited enough to come back for more. I like a game where I can do a variety of things and not the same stuff over and over again. Cute storyline with great graphics. Not too hard, not too easy .... just right. A nice game for the entire family!
 | Added on: June 14, 2010
Isabella was very complicated where you actually had to think to figure out what to do next. Mini games were good as was the story. I did not zip through this game in a few hours as I do most and even had to look up for help 2 times. Well worth playing
 | Added on: November 23, 2009
Excellent hidden object game. I love hidden object games that have puzzles in them and I am not into ones that don't usually. This game is good. It does offer a challenge, but I used a walkthrough to beat this game, because it really is difficult especially to someone that is new and sucks at hidden object games, but if you have trouble locating stuff the fairy in this game will help you. A great hidden object game. I just wish it would have been longer. I finished it in one day. I also liked the story.
 | Added on: February 8, 2010
I love it that it had simple HOG to yet indepth hidden objects as well. The mini games are great. A few easy ones, however the last one got me. LOL. Loved every min of it. Great story line with some good graphics as well.
 | Added on: November 16, 2009
This is a combination of the hidden object games and puzzle games. It provided great entertainment. The puzzles can be challenging and make you think. In order to solve some of the puzzles you must find objects throughout the game. I loved the combinatio of puzzles and story line. I highly recommend this game and can't wait for more from the creators.
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
Not your typical hidden object game...lots of mini games and the storyline was creative. I really enjoyed it!
 | Added on: May 17, 2011
When I first downloaded this I wasn't sure whether it was a game that I could sink my teeth into. That changed quickly as I started to make my way through the castle. The HOs are not too hard nor too easy to find - just the right balance and you always have the option of asking the pixie for a hint (which recharge in a decent amount of time which I found to be very helpful in the endgame portion of this adventure!). Finding the pieces of the mirrors & restoring the pictures was a nice change of pace. This one is very involved, requiring you to return to previously visited rooms but you'll get a map that allows you to jump back & forth between locations without wearing a hole in your shoe leather. The puzzles are also a mix of "not too hard" & "tempted to tear your hair out" which just added to the gaming experience. Take a look at this one, please. It's well worth the hours of gameplay & I'm hoping a sequel is in the works!
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
I had to play this game until I made it through all levels. It is a fun combination of puzzels and hidden object. It is not super challenging but will suck you in!
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
When entering the game I thought it was going to be just another HOG and puzzle game but I was surprised to find more then that. An involved story and puzzles inside of puzzles. In fact the map of the house is a puzzle in it self. I did release four of the spirits and clear all but three of the rooms. I got stuck at the door with the marble game. Could not unlock it and didn't find three marbles to finish game. It was fun while it lasted tho!
 | Added on: November 4, 2009
I totally loved this game !!! It's got beautiful graphics with a wonderful and storyline and darling characters. This game has got it all !!! I hope there will be a sequel it's absolutley breathtaking !!! I loved the little fairy You've broken the curse yaaay !!
 | Added on: November 16, 2010
I just loved this game. A little easy at times, but still kept you involved. My hour went just to fast. Would love to buy it soon, just to see how it ends. Hidden object and mini games keep it alive.
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
I LOVED this game. It was challenging and took me a few nights to get through. The story line was a new one and I enjoyed the different puzzles that had to be solved.
 | Added on: June 23, 2011
I loved this game because it is fun and I would be playing it, look up at the time, wondering how I could have been playing it for so long. It's addictive.
 | Added on: November 23, 2009
What a wonderful game! Well thought out and fun to navigate. I actually had to look at the walk-through to get a few hints. Two things that aren't so great: a very abrupt ending and an exact replay. Overall, a very, very good game!
 | Added on: December 29, 2010
This is one of the games that I've bought, and I really enjoyed it. It's relaxing, graphics are nice, music is enjoyable, and is very interactive. My only complaint is that at times it's a tad too easy. Nevertheless, its still a great game, and keeps you playing until the end.
 | Added on: December 8, 2011
I am in two minds about this game. On the other hand, I liked the game world, which was beautifully designed, and scenes flowed well, even if some of the quests were obscure and I got stuck in places because of clitches. But I'm only giving this three stars because of two reasons that kind of ruined the experience for me: First, the annoying hint fairy. Oh god, will she never shut up! She just kept stating the obvious at every turn in that annoying voice of hers. Secondly, (SPOILERS for story) I really disliked the plot. It was basically built on the premise that oh, if you fail at parenting and your least favourite child turns evil, just abandon her and send her away to lands unknown with an evil witch-nanny, and then pretend she never existed. Because that's a heartwarming family scenario, worthy of Hallmark greeting cards. And then the ending. God. What an artificial plot twist to get at a "happy" result of the entire mess. I was disappointed.
 | Added on: August 28, 2012
Like most of the people I found the fairy annoying and not very helpful. I found the game frustrating at times but will play it again just to see if I can do it without help. All in all I think they did a good job with this game.
 | Added on: December 9, 2010
I especially liked this game because you had different challenges besides looking for hidden objects. You had to clear rooms of curses, free members of the household trapped in broken mirrors, solve mini-games and move back and forth through out the castle. It helps to get a walk through at Gamezebo for when you get stuck! The ending made me wonder if there will be a sequel!
 | Added on: October 28, 2010
I usually use games to chill out but this one had me revved up, and at times frustrated. Challenging play.
 | Added on: May 12, 2011
This is a spellbinding game for those of us who just cannot get enough of real search games. There is a lot of variety in the puzzles you have to solve throughout the adventure and they certainly are not boring. The replay is just as interesting as the first time you play it, oh, sure, you remember where the hidden items are (pretty well) but somehow you still can get lost in the castle. Personally, I wish the game was longer, much longer. It is that interesting! Cannot wait for the sequel promised in the last scene (implied). Smaller kids will have some problems with this game but with adult help they will get through it and enjoy it. Older children will, in my opinion, LOVE this game. GREAT JOB!!!!!
 | Added on: June 16, 2010
This was a great game. It wasn't very complicated but you actually had to think about what to do and go through multiple rooms to get items to finish off one other one which was great. The graphics were very good and the story was weird but good as well. The game is very fun and the only reason why I rated it a 4 and not 5 is because I beat it in just a couple of hours, so that was a bummer. I hope they come out with another one that's longer. But it was worth the purchase because I know I will play it again.
 | Added on: November 20, 2009
I played this game over a few days and I found it one of the best Hidden Object games. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I didn't want it to end.I will play it again...many times.
 | Added on: June 17, 2012
At first, I though the game reminded me a little of Disneyland, with the musical choices when a little sequence was accomplished. I decided to move along, but Oh my gosh, that little fairy about drove me nuts and would never shut up!! No option to remove her either. I finally quit the game when I got stuck on a scene and tried repeatedly to find the missing link but to no avial. The fairy gave no assistance but to say something to the effect of, "hey, let's look at this a little closer". Sigh.... I play a lot of HO games, but this is one of the worst I have ever played. Sorry, just saying how I feel
 | Added on: September 10, 2011
Puzzles o' plenty, Audio & Graphics great! Hint enable is a fairy with powers : rock, wind, fire and water!
 | Added on: November 29, 2010
It is a game that kept your interest and did not want to stop playing until it was finished
 | Added on: November 16, 2009
I enjoy fantasy themed games and this ranks high among my favorites. Moving through the castle searching for hidden objects and clues to solve puzzles made the game interesting and exciting. Some puzzles were difficult and engaging the fairy for hints was required for me. I generally dislike characters and storylines in HOG games but both contributed to the overall enjoyment. Definitely a game that keeps your attention and makes you want to play through to the end!
 | Added on: May 2, 2011
I really wasn't impressed by this game. I thought it was too simplistic. One or two of the puzzles were entertaining, but on the whole, I was not challenged. My daughter and I were able to finish this game under 2 hours. I wish it would have been better. This game is suited for young players.
 | Added on: May 19, 2011
I had so much fun playing this game. Good storyline, and puzzles. It is a MUST play .
 | Added on: May 16, 2011
I was very happy to see that this game was challenging in that you have to search around for items instead of being told what or where to look. Great graphics. It can get a bit confusing, as you will have to go back to rooms several times, and use objects from one room to the next, but that is what gives it appeal. You don't have to use all the items found right away. The mini games can be quite easy, although the further into the game you play, they do tend to get harder. I liked the twist in the story about finding that she had a sister. that kept the game going. The storyline does get lost there for a bit because you are too busy concentrating on finding the objects and broken glass to use. The ending was great, as it definitely leaves you open to a sequel. I will be looking forward to playing the next chapter!!
 | Added on: August 29, 2011
This is the perfect game I became addicted to it. It's so fun not a dull or slow moment to it. Even my nephew loved it.
 | Added on: December 17, 2013
The graphics in this game are great. You have a little fairy that is your hint that has powers and helps you through out the game. Unless you get stuck then she just says "there's nothing for us to do in here" so you end up wondering the castle until you find your way again. This is a cute one for the kids not to hard. It has an interactive map which is great, and the fairy will solve puzzles you can't I solved them all but one. I had to keep putting this one back on the shelf, but I did finish it.
 | Added on: November 9, 2009
I thought the story line was interesting, and the game play was okay. It just needed a bit more oomph but I liked the fact that you had to go back to several rooms to solve puzzles. I also liked the fact that some of the puzzles were challenging which is probably good for your brain. I only wished that they would highlight some of the hidden objects a bit better because some of the objects which you had to think more but then again, its probably the whole point of the game! Like I said, interesting game!
 | Added on: May 19, 2011
I enjoyed all aspects of this game. It offered a challange, while not making for a frustrating experience. The graphics are very good. The hidden objects tend to be very easy, and I found that I seldomly ever had to use the hint funtion. The only down side of this game for me was the lack of instructions, when you brought a puzzle up. Their was a question mark, which provided very limited instructions; However, it flshed on the screen so fast, that I had to click on the question mark many times to be able to read theguidance.
 | Added on: October 28, 2009
A really good game. The story was good and I felt part of an adventure. The game just had me so involved I was sorry when it ended. I just hope there's a sequel in the pipeline. The puzzles were varied and made you think, at no time was it boring just the opposite. I liked being able to travel through the rooms via the map.
 | Added on: November 6, 2009
Had fun with this game. Good plot and I had to think for this one.

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