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Reviews of Phenomenon - City of Cyan
 | Added on: May 19, 2015
This has to be one of my favorites. Great story line, vibrant colors, fabulous puzzle within puzzle. Even as a novice this one is extraordinary. Thanks to Puzzle Labs for their incredible brilliance.
 | Added on: September 14, 2012
It was a good balance of making you think and just knowing what's next.
 | Added on: September 27, 2012
I really enjoyed this game. The graphics were great and the game held your interest - I wish it could have lasted longer! But, I am replaying it again! Hope we will have more like it!
 | Added on: April 5, 2013
Instantly I was drawn into this game by its attractive scenery. There are short movie sequences that provide information and can be accessed at any time.The voice-overs leave much to be desired (especially Monica Dipp our heroine). Sounds and music are subtle not annoying. The HOS are bold and clear yet objects are not obvious. They also contain a little extra. Mini-games are fun,original and rather easy. Although there is a map, it does not allow travel. It shows active areas. There does seem to be a lot of travelling for sometimes little pay-off. And it is a little short. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed this game.
 | Added on: September 14, 2012
This is a good game, with an interesting storyline. It is not terribly difficult, and the hint system is very useful if you do get stuck. There is also a good strategy guide available. The reason I only gave it 3 stars is that it is very short, and the ending is VERY unsatisfying and abrupt. I assume a sequel is planned, but the ending is so abrupt that I really thought something had gone wrong with the game when it ended. Took me a minute to realize I had finished it.
 | Added on: September 25, 2012
I agree with other reviewers that this game didn't end, it Stopped. After all the traversing around, it was a very disappointing finale. Otherwise, it was beautifully made, and the HOGs were good, a little more interesting with the addition of built-in extra puzzles in the time function. The puzzles themselves were a little funky,but at least they tried something different. The characters didn't make much sense, although I thought the Keeper and the father looked like the same person, only one was ravaged. Never figured out about the mother so maybe they are planning a sequel.
 | Added on: September 30, 2012
Just finished playing the game and loved it! Although the ending was abrupt, the developers left it open for sequels. Loved the mini games within the mini games. I want more games like this!!!
 | Added on: September 18, 2012
some different approaches to hidden object games and mini games. Really enjoyed this one.
 | Added on: October 17, 2012
I enjoyed playing 'City of Cyan' and look forward to more from the same maker :)
 | Added on: September 15, 2012
This game is a very nice game graphics wise. The scenes are gorgeous and colorful and a delight to wander around in for that reason. Otherwise the game leaves much to be desired. The story line is there and it's interesting enough but the characters are annoying and unlikeable. The tasks are easy enough but they don't really make a lot of sense. The HO scenes are good, not too hard, not too easy, and they each have a HO game within the scene which is different and fun. The problem is that as you go through the story the other tasks you have to complete don't really fit in. It's hard to explain but the game misses the mark in so many ways. I kept having to refer to hints to figure out what to do next because the forward moves just weren't very logical.
 | Added on: October 6, 2012
love the graphics in this game. the beating heart as the play button was gr8. there is a lot of dialogue and reading in this game, but the story is interesting. i have to admit at time the heroine could have been better acted. i played the casual version of this game, and it was challenging. the minigames were easy, but fun. i actually enjoyed the games where u had to follow specific instructions like flip the red switch/turn the rectangle gage to 300. i thot they'd be silly, but i found them enjoyable. there were not a lot of actual HO scenes in this game. u did have to take items found in one place and use them in another to advance in the game. i do have to say the ending was disappointing.
 | Added on: September 22, 2012
Unfortunately this game was quite short and the storyline was difficult to follow. HOWEVER, the graphics were the best I've ever seen on a game, and the mini games were original and innovative. I couldn't wait to get back to my pc and continue playing. I enjoyed it so much I may just play it again for the sheer beauty of it.
 | Added on: September 16, 2012
Finally, a new HO game that did not suck. It had good graphics, okay storyline and nice HO scenes. Not too hard and not too easy. Hope this continues and that the premium games are not the trend.
 | Added on: September 17, 2012
I did like the game, but there was more of a mystery feel to it than a hidden object game. The few HOG scenes were more interactive with a hidden scene within the scene. I didn't get why all the statues had pointed ears and wings... never saw how that fit into the games as the story is about human people. In fact the people looked right off the streets, not from this City of Cyan. The map was very helpful, the scenes were colorful, and music/background noises were not at all intrusive. The story line is ok, LOTSSS of dialogue, and it does tie the story together. Sadly, the game ended like dropping off a cliff. If there is a sequel, bet it will be platnium and costly! This is once only play for me.
 | Added on: October 4, 2012
I have purchased many games now. I think I'm not a game addict but this game has captured my interest. This is the first game since Enlightenus that interested me enough to read all the sequences, read all the journal entries and really study the whole game. The graphics are top rate. The game is well written with no glitches. The scenes are rich with detail. Even the music and sound, which I generally turn off immediately, are enjoyable. I'm about 2/3 through the game the first time and I actually want to go slowly to enjoy all the scenes. If you are a hidden object fanatic, you will be disappointed, as the HOS are infrequent. But, when you enter a HOS or any mini-game, the structure is straightforward and it is easy to figure out what the object is. This is a top game in my estimation. Good work, developers. Bring on more.
 | Added on: October 1, 2012
Very original and unique. I LOVED it. We need more like it. I liked the story, too. I just wish when you replay it would jumble up the mini games or change in someway.
 | Added on: November 7, 2012
Very enjoyable game. A mixture of HO and puzzles, very much my thing. There was quite a bit of going back and forth but the game map was exceptionally helpful with this. If I have one criticism it is that the ending is a bit unsatisfying even if it is meant to be a teaser for a sequel. Excellent game.
 | Added on: January 16, 2013
This had a unique story and it was very involved. The hints are very good and the HO were fun to find. This has many places to check out in the game. This has amazing grahics. It was a fun afternoon playing this game.
 | Added on: September 15, 2012
The game is easy to follow and no help needed with finding things or where to go. I have played lots of games but, can say this is the first one ever, hints were not needed at all. The game play was great. Wish more like this out there like this one.
 | Added on: October 8, 2012
I play on expert and found this game just challenging enough. Even better, the map told you where to go when you needed some help. The hint gave good hints. the games were different enough to be fun. I recommend it highly. The only little problem was the end. I had to watch it again before I realized they weren't going to tell you more. I needed more!!
 | Added on: October 15, 2012
Beautiful graphics. Unique games. Interesting story made you wonder who was really trustable. But...I hate "to be continued games". I'd definitely tell others to play!
 | Added on: October 1, 2012
This is easily one of the most thoughtfully made games, as it constantly provides you with challenges. It's heavy on puzzles (super plus to me), light on the search screens (another big plus) and the objects were nice and big enough to see without it being a give-away. My only bone about the game was that it suffered from 'rush through the end syndrome'. I see this a lot. Its where the last 15 minutes or so of the game appear to be rushed by the developers. Suddenly, the objects you need to find are right next to where they are used--like a key sitting in a glowing box next to the locked door, without a puzzle to earn the key or anything. It then leads to an abrupt ending without much payoff. City of Cyan definitely was rushed, and the ending was so sudden, I started wondering if I had somehow dozed off and missed the conclusion. But the rest of the game is really top notch, so I can get over that. Oh, and they use the best kind of hint system: the kind that tells you where to go without using up a hint! Love that.
 | Added on: September 15, 2012
I liked this game a lot. Very nice graphics and the HO were very different. Nice storyline, but short ending. The puzzles could be a little more difficult but I do hope they develop a sequel soon!!
 | Added on: September 24, 2012
beautiful graphics, new original games I have not scene in other hidden object games, very fun
 | Added on: March 2, 2013
The game started good, then I felt like got very clicky...go here pick this one thing up go back 4 screens to get something else. And then it seemed to end. The last section everything was right there with little interaction you finished the game. It seemed like they ran out of ideas. Overall, I enjoyed the game (even with the clickyness that is part of the adventure/HO games) but was grateful that I have a fun pass I would have been very disappointed had I paid for the game with how abruptly it ended.
 | Added on: September 15, 2012
This was a engaging game right up until the ending. It has a mysterious good/possible bad guy helping you occasionally. Your mother is possibly a good/bad guy. The graphics are great. I don't play with the sound on, so cannot comment on the sound. The help system is actually helpful without going overboard and spoiling the spot. However, the ending just stops without a to be continued or anything. Only one main issue is resolved, with several being left hanging. If there is a sequal coming this may be addressed, but if this is it.... It is very disapointing. Based on my initial responses to the game I really hope that it will be continued. (A note to all game designers, if there is a sequal coming, please put a "to be continued" note at the end of each sequal. It would help alieve the feeling of being left hanging.)
 | Added on: September 15, 2012
This is one enjoyable HOG...the art is outstanding and the game play is fun . Lots of dialog, but you can click through if this is not your cup of tea.
 | Added on: October 16, 2012
For the kind of games I like in Hidden Object it was great!! I don't see this good a game very often. Good help but still made you think. More More More from this Publisher in this kind of Hidden Object game.
 | Added on: September 16, 2012
Superb graphics. If game was a little longer and had a few more HO scenes, I definitely would have given it a better rating.
 | Added on: October 14, 2012
It is so enjoyable to find a unique game such as this. The backgrounds, scenery, graphics and music were all way above the average. I stopped several times just to take in the splendid drawings. I've played this game twice now, once in casual mode and once in expert. I do not think I would have been able to go through the whole game without being stuck if I had not played in casual mode first. The map is helpful in letting you know where you still need to accomplish tasks, but it's too bad you couldn't click on a location and let the map take you there. It would have saved on the back-and-forth maneuvers. There were some HO scenes, but to me this was more of a point-and-click adventure style game than a HOG. It was nice to have spoken dialogue throughout the game, but the girl sounded like she was ten, and her voice was a bit annoying. The hint button was excellent: it lead you to where you needed to be as well as specifically pointing out actions, and all without the annoying timer! The only thing I really didn't understand is this: if the cyan plasma was all supposed to go back into the earth and be contained, what was it doing flowing to the balloon? Also, the ending was abrupt and left you hanging. I would have given this game 4.5 stars if I could have, but everything else about the game was so good I opted for 5. Really great game--no boredom here!
 | Added on: September 15, 2012
I only had enough time for the 1 hour preview of the game, but from within that I hour I found the storyline to be intriguing. It is a HO with puzzles tasks to complete along your path. The collector's addition has the game play how to with it which I called upon twice. A map to see where you are, but the catch is to find pieces along your path which you line up on the real map. That was different. I do want to delve deeper into this game. The graphics are sharp the HO are not hard to find, puzzles easy to medium within the hour I played. Their are voiced characters when in dialogue which I do enjoy. The game loaded and played wonderfully. No lagging or dragging to get to the next scene. Kick back and have fun!!!
 | Added on: September 25, 2012
Loved this game and wish it would have gone on longer. It's a bit short and the story ended abruptly without resolving the storyline, but the game was fun to play. Best artwork I've seen; not too dark and items to find were large enough for these old eyes to see. Mini-games were original.
 | Added on: September 19, 2012
The game has exquisite graphics and a very creative storyline. However, the game does not flow smoothly. You keep going back and forth between locations – definitely not intuitive. There is a map (locations unlabeled). The Hint button points you in the direction to follow. The HOs are clear but weird. Most of the mini-games are complicated and do not offer any explanation of what you are expected to do – you can skip them. Some of the actions required are reminders of school days and homework. I play to relax; unfortunately I found this game to be quite annoying
 | Added on: September 18, 2012
This game has alot of new challenges. I enjoyed playing the game. It was easy to follow and you don't have to run to the guide for help. I enjoyed it, until the ending, or should I call it a stopping. The game just STOPPED. You get involved in the story line, the people, then you do not get to find out who is good, who is bad, who is alive and who is dead. There seemed to be alot of thought put into creating this game, they should have spent more time creating an ending.
 | Added on: September 24, 2012
This is another HO game I've played lately here on Gamehouse with unbelievably awesome graphic's.. The storyline is very good, VERY unique graphic's, interesting Hidden Object games and puzzles and it will keep you intrigued the entire game as far as what is going to happen next.. It was extremely hard for me to stop playing this game and installed it yesterday and finally finished today.. If you run into problems, there is a strategy guide, the hint button charges pretty fast and I noticed some comments about some not being able to understand where to go or what to do and yes there is a map but I just clicked the "HINT" button and it showed me which direction I needed to go without taking away a hint and then I could use hint button if I didn't know what to do with an object.. It's not EXTREMELY hard.. If so I could not have finished it
 | Added on: September 18, 2012
Good graphics, loved the HOs and puzzles. The ending came a little too sudden and I wasn't sure if it was actually over or not, but it did not detract from the game. Hope the sequel comes soon!!
 | Added on: February 23, 2013
Would have given this game a 5 if it was longer & had a better ending, the ending was just too blunt, but aside from that the added mini game in the HO's were a nice suprise, I would highly recommend.
 | Added on: October 22, 2012
I really liked this game, and looked forward to getting back to my computer each time I had to quit. But, this last time, it ended on me! Did I miss something? I never found out if plasma Eve was her mumm, or what happened to the two other guys....what the heck? Other than that, I really enjoyed it; however, the voice of the girl is SO annoying, I had to mute it during long conversations, lol.

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