Pearl Harbor - Fire on the WaterPearl Harbor - Fire on the Water
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Reviews of Pearl Harbor - Fire on the Water
 | Added on: June 6, 2012
This is one of the few games I regret purchasing. Its only saving graces are the graphics and the music. There are also some good quotes, but they become very old very quickly - as does the objective. It's just keep pulling the trigger, baby! No real strategy, no particular target, just let 'em run into your field of fire. The tutorial is minimal, and only covers the basics - getting to Admiral by sinking the battleship is tedious, repetitious, and random luck! After that, it gets a little better - that is to say, more repetitious! Perhaps a sequel will make it more challenging, more interesting, or even more fun!
 | Added on: August 11, 2012
This game is interesting, for awhile. The quotes from famous military men and others were interesting, but they start to repeat, as does everything else. You can't go anywhere--you're in a sub laying in wait for enemy ships. As you proceed up the ranks, the ships come faster, and the task become almost impossible The graphics are good, but you only have a few different scenes. And let's not mention the boredom factor doing the same thing over and over. Kids may really enjoy it, but I can't imagine many adults willing to play to the finish.
 | Added on: May 26, 2012
This is a good game but there are several bugs that need to be ironed out. When you get to level 1-9 and miss a shot it will not release the mouse pointer. Also when I switched from full screen it suddenly threw my mouse pointer to the top left of my screen and it became stuck there. This will be a fun game when the bugs are worked out of it.
 | Added on: June 12, 2012
Good Graphics, Enjoyable for first 6 rounds, then an exercise in frutility! A shame that game with so much potential turned out so poor!
 | Added on: May 26, 2012
I found this game exciting sometimes a little predickable sometimes but all and all a very good game
 | Added on: June 17, 2012
Overall the game held my attention and I enjoyed all the quotes. The music got a little boring after a while. The graphics were very good. I was looking forward to acquiring the other ships that were advertised, but they never "surfaced" at anytime during the game. If there are other ships to command, I have not been able to find them.
 | Added on: July 21, 2012
This is a fabulous game. Although the objective is obvious, I enjoyed how the ships came out of nowhere and then as you progressed, kept coming and coming! The quotes are very interesting to read, as it is a part of our history. This is definitely a game you should try! You won't be disappointed!

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