Paris 1925 - Episode 1 - The Shadow of the FreakParis 1925 - Episode 1 - The Shadow of the Freak
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Reviews of Paris 1925 - Episode 1 - The Shadow of the Freak
 | Added on: October 13, 2012
I was interested in doing a HO game that didn't involve grave yards or dead bodies. However, from the first this game lost me. The objects to find are WAY too small and the rationale for finding things doesn't make sense to me.
 | Added on: November 9, 2012
The game is not one of th best hidden object games i have played.In fact i could say its proberbly one of the most boring
 | Added on: October 12, 2012
Tried to play, but had to quit after 5 minutes because it was so annoying.
 | Added on: October 16, 2012
I really thought I would like this game--until I started playing it. The scenes are monochrome, and the items to find are small and poorly drawn. The movement is awkward and clumsy. The puzzles are not well explained. One was in French, and you were required to READ each piece in order to know where to place it. Nothing glowed or clicked if you got it right, so there was no way to know. Often when you were finished with a scene, the game just sat there for awhile. The spoken dialogue was really the only decent thing about this game. I played until what I think was the last scene, but then it hung up and I had to execute a "force quit" to get out. I wasn't about to try it again. Terrible. Just terrible.
 | Added on: October 14, 2012
One thing that this game did have was originality and that is what kept me going. I'm also a sucker for Paris. There was a nice mystery to solve and so on. But oh man the glitches. I do not recommend this at all. Force shutting down your pc is not good. Task manager and so on. Oh well. I finished the game. It's short so that was a saving grace. Such a shame the game had all those glitches. Could of been a great game.
 | Added on: November 1, 2012
I would classify "Paris 1925" of this HOG a challenge. The story was interesting enough. The graphics were OK , had a cartoon appearance to them. There was very minimal instruction provided and that was obtained via hints. Since there was no option normal / expert mode of play, I found it relaxing. The mini games seemed more of a challenge than usual. I do not plan on playing again anytime soon. Guess I have been spoiled by having instructions and options as provided in most HOG. This was more like tring to read the creators mind.
 | Added on: October 15, 2012
Besides the numerous glitches, I found this game to have no direction. HO scenes were basically: find torn paper, or fuses, or typewriter keys. Mini games consisted of putting together torn pieces of paper to make a picture or connect the pipes (there were way too many of these). Graphics were just OK, If you speak french, you'll have an advantage. I'm not upset I couldn't finish game. Play if you have nothing else to do, but not a reco from me.
 | Added on: October 10, 2012
The game started out nice but quickly became awful. The minigames are repetitive. The ones that are unique are strange like one minigame required the user to read French! Another was full of blurry pictures. This may be Episode 1 but there definitely doesn't need to be an Episode 2.
 | Added on: November 5, 2012
The game is slow, no excitement, difficult to use. I didn't even bother with the free hour.
 | Added on: October 22, 2012
 | Added on: October 12, 2012
This game I do NOT recommend at all. it was just awful. find 10 typewriter keys...could only find 5 and the only reason was because they were right in the open on the floor...looked like tiny nails. If you like good HOGs this Isn't the one!
 | Added on: October 14, 2012
Might be OK if you speak French as some of the puzzles are in French, but I doubt it.. The game is BORING and does not give many clues as to what you should be doing, going or anything else. I could not get it deleted off my computer fast enough...
 | Added on: November 14, 2012
No help or hints to speak of; the story line leaps ahead without any co-relation as to what the player has just done; NO instructions on what is to be done; too many glitches, not even a way to escape when you've had enough. I kept coming back to this game, certain that it must be going to get didn't! Didn't anyone at Gamehouse look at this abhorration before adding it to your menu??
 | Added on: October 14, 2012
one of the first puzzles is to arrange a diary, can't be done unless you speak French only. Except for picture assembly, there are no "locks" or indicators to even inform you if a solution is close.
 | Added on: October 12, 2012
Great game for me : nice graphics, good storyline, original.
 | Added on: December 19, 2012
Worst game I've bought on GH. Couldn't wait for it to be over. Same thing over and over. Mini puzzles were hard & rest of the game was totally not entertaining. No real search and find puzzles. Just makes u find letters and pictures mostly.
 | Added on: November 15, 2012
very simple HOG. the items you had to find were very easy to see in the scenes. most of the mini games were easy, jst tedious. some of the mini games and puzzles were in French, so i found those impossible-thank goodness for the skip button. jst not in the same league as many of the HOGs these days...

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