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 | Added on: July 27, 2010
Game is a lot a fun - kinda like a beach-themed Sim City (though not as involved). Cute theme but an improvement to the game would be to allow slowing of time - you feel like you are building at a pretty good pace and sometimes don't feel like you have enough time to really examine what's going on on your beach thoroughly enough. Would recommend this one for purchase - was a lot of fun
 | Added on: March 15, 2012
I really like this kind of game where you get to put together something just the way you want. And, this one was great! And, talk about replay..... The only con is that there is no way to view your entire islands all at once.
 | Added on: June 4, 2012
Once when I started this game, I thought it was fun. I started playing and just wanted to stop! This game is so addictive fun that no other simulation here can beat that except Virtual Villagers. The storyline is very good, not too short and not too simple. Occasionally there are fun events such as mazes from distant times. This game is so fun that you forget all the time! This is now what genre the game everybody to like.
 | Added on: December 7, 2009
good game play, interesting, but graphics not as good as others. found it very very slow to change levels, spent most of trial waiting for it to load to start or move up level.
 | Added on: February 18, 2010
Really enjoyed this game. No real time limits just meet goals. So there is time to explore the build options in each level as they come available. Story line ok, more for young children. But the really great feature is the freedom to place any building plant or accesory any where on your island. The employee's especially the janitors were slow to pick up trash and the life guards and security that I could see very seldom saved a drowning victim or caught bad guys. Sandbox version is great once the game is completed. I would recommend this game. Lots of fun.
 | Added on: October 12, 2009
This is a very fun game!!!Not too challenging or stress provoking. I look forward to BEACH 2
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
An excellent game for those who enjoy "building" games. Design and build your way through 30 cool levels (plus bonus and "Sandbox") across five islands. I wasn't going to give this game a shot after viewing the four preview screens provided by Gamehouse - the graphics aren't poor, but not as good as others - but I bought the game immedidately after my hour trial. Deciding what to build and where, and when to hire employees is fun, as is getting feedback from island visitors. Play at your own pace while achieving the goals for each island. There's even an amusing storyline.
 | Added on: December 29, 2010
I absoutley love this game and the Paradise Beach 2. Prefer the 2nd one over the original....but both are great. I love how you can click on the tourists and see what they are thinking, how you have to hire workers, and clean up trash, etc. Only thing that could make this better is a better story line, maybe tying it in to something 'real life'. Will be on the lookout for more of this type of interactive game. :) 2 thumbs up!
 | Added on: October 12, 2009
A really fun game but does have a few problems if you happen to have a power outage in the middle of it. that happened to me and now I can't play it anymore. It errors out.
 | Added on: October 19, 2009
I loved this game!! I hope they come out with another one:)

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