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Reviews of Pakoombo™
 | Added on: January 19, 2010
A good kid-friendly game. It's more fun and challenging than your standard match 3 game. The lag time wasn't too bad on my 2002 computer once I updated my video card so newer computers shouldn't have a problem with the graphics. The main game plays like "Puzzle Quest", where you can collect "spell power" (similar to mana) and can match skulls or cast spells to launch attacks on your opponent. You have plenty of time to plan out your moves. But all the mini-games are more speed-based. I'd say it's a good game for people who like strategy & match 3 games but think the Puzzle Quest game is too "dark" or creepy. This one is very cartoony and much more kid-friendly. Great for younger pre-teens and anyone who isn't bothered by the "cute" graphics.
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
I use Windows Classic appearance, because it allows me to set up colors and fonts so I can see my screen. Using Windows Classic appearance, this game only runs properly in Full Screen mode. This is one of the reasons I gave it only 2 stars. Using Windows Aero or XP appearance, the game will run properly in full screen or in a window. When running in a window, it can be magnified. However, I found that I didn't need it magnified, it was easily big enough to see in full-screen mode. The game gives excellent auditory feedback. I didn't get tired of the guy saying "PaKOOMbo" all the time, because he says it when you're getting cascades - an auditory clue that you're doing well. I only had a little trouble with the falling letter mini-game, but I know one of my partially sighted friends couldn't play it at all. The game is also colorblind accessible, except for the red and blue mushrooms, but my friend didn't get too frustrated with that. With no time limit, it's just a matter of being patient and paying attention to shapes. What I have played of the story has been fun and cute. I like it. So, now for the other reasons it only gets 2 stars: It has too many bugs. WEIRD bugs, not video related. First one, when it is teaching you how to play the falling letters game, it says to get the P then and O. But really you need an A, to spell PAKOOMBO. Second one, it doesn't consistently give you the letter on the Pakoombo stone when you make a match of 4. I wasn't able to pinpoint the circumstances when it doesn't. The last problem was the weirdest of all. There was one time playing the game when I was supposed to be dueling the woman in the garden, and instead I was collecting flowers. But by FAR the weirdest was when I started a new profile and somehow started with Stewart. My first Pakoombo duel on that profile was Stewart versus Stewart. It seemed to work itself out after that duel though, but if it did that with someone who'd never played before, it would be highly confusing. It would be a perfect 5 stars, if it worked right.
 | Added on: September 7, 2010
sure it is a easy play game, not a bad thing, some times its good to have a game that is just fun and easy with not to much work it a game my kids and grandkids. and the humor is actually funny. its a good game when you just want a good fun game that doesn't strain your brain to much and still have a good challenging time.
 | Added on: August 24, 2010
A cute game, fun if you like match three type games. Cute storyline, but I was ready for this game to be over long before it ended.