Paige Harper and the Tome of MysteryPaige Harper and the Tome of Mystery
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Reviews of Paige Harper and the Tome of Mystery
 | Added on: June 11, 2015
I really enjoyed this game. Right up until the "To Be Continued" because I had a sinking feeling it WASN'T continued. And it appears I am right. And that's why it didn't get 5 stars. What a tease! So, what happens with Paige? Does she get home? Does she stay and become Theodore's love toy? What??? Well, I'm glad I didn't know that would happen because I probably wouldn't have got it and I would have missed out on a clever game.
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
I liked this game very much. I just wish it didn't have a "To be continued" at the end. The searches were quite inventive and the whole story takes places in what looks like a pop up book. Again, liked it very much. Lots of fun to play.
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
I absolutely love this game, it has several original and unique features. I fell in love with this game when it was offered in the Evaluations and have been watching for it to become available to buy. The 3-D feature can/are tricky to get use to but it really adds to the game.
 | Added on: June 10, 2010
It's a good game just not long enough. I go thru a lot of games. My desktop is so full I almost don't have enough room to put my games as well as my programs.
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
My 8 yr old son and I enjoy playing HOGs. We loved the pop-up book aspect and the varying viewpoints. The search wasn't particularly challenging and clues were available. Interesting storyline.
 | Added on: December 13, 2010
Cleverly done! Very unusual "pop-up" style. I got so involved in looking for objects that I sometimes forgot that I could change the view in order to find them! It is such an interesting setup that I tried not to use the hints unless absolutely necessary. The map and picture mini-games are well done. One of my favorite hidden object games!
 | Added on: October 24, 2011
Original, is the word. I have never seen pop-up books ever before, and the way I can swivel around the scenery and angle in on what I am searching for. Very clever. I cannot wait to finish the entire story mode so that I can replay these tricky mini-games. This is pure pleasure and joy....I'm feel a little kid, not an adult playing a H.O. game
 | Added on: June 3, 2010
I only got to play for 15 min, but all the signs are there for a great game. The graphics aren't the best so you'll have to use hints to recognize things in the beginning. But as the game goes on and you get used to it, it gets easier to spot things. The ability to change perspective is rather inventive and takes some getting used to. Maybe not for newbies though. I can't wait to get back to playing.
 | Added on: December 5, 2011
This game was fun to play and move the scenes in a 3D effect. It hepled alot being that you have to look for things that are hiiden nehind other objects and under thing. I really liked the way the designers did the detail and graphics. Lots of mini games to play and lots of action in the story line.
 | Added on: July 19, 2010
Love the magnifying glass and how you move through the scenes with it. Very original.
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
OMG!!!!!!!! i loved it all-zooming down the hallway in the 1st scene-the way the scenes were revealed by the burning pages-the way the characters from the pges of the book floated off the page-the way the scenes exploded from the flat page into a 3 dimentional scene!!!!-the way u had to rotate the scenes to find different objects-the way u had to go from chapter to chapter to finish helping restore a story to it's original concept-the way the items were challenging to find, with enuf hints to help when u get stuck-the way u have to find items from 1 scene to finish another scene-the ease with navigating b/t scenes-the variety of the minigames and the fact u could easily skip them if u wanted-the u can see i love everything about this game. gotta buy it-u have to try this one-TODAY!!!
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
I have been a Real Arcade/Gamehouse member for several years and this is my first review. I like the HOGs at lot, but when I started playing them with a storyline, and hunting through different levels, I really got addicted. This was fun, and like walking into a pop-up book. It was a little short, but I think many HOGs are. I recently changed to the Fun Pass membership, and it fits me so much better. I can play a game to the end without feeling I wasted my money, and then go to the next game! And I will be ready to play the next chapter.
 | Added on: July 1, 2012
What I liked about this game, was it was a hunt and search type, but you didn't have to run in circles like so many other hunt and search types. It had logic, short sequences and cripe, the story lines were interesting and brought back memories of some of the classics of literature. I really enjoyed. I bought this and am sure I will play again and again. Good Job Thunderstorm Games!
 | Added on: October 22, 2012
This game starts in a 3D book display of classic stories and at first I thought this is way too small for a hidden oject game, but once I got into the game I didn't find the size of the 3D game a problem. I loved the story line of Paige having to actually become a participant in the storyline of the novels. The hints were not needed too often but refresh quckly, and it was fun rotating the books into different 3D views. The mini games were great, I often don't like "connect the pipes" type of mini games, but because this one highlights when you make a correct connection, you dont have to restart and try another route. You can skip the mini games, but I like them. All in all a great game which I enjoyed very much. It would be kid friendly probably from around 8-10 up in age.
 | Added on: June 18, 2010
I was surprised and delighted with the layout of this game. I liked the different angles we had to search in order to find the hidden objects. The only objection I have is that some objects were a little too small and difficult to see. Otherwise, it was a fun game.
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
An original experience and a great game. When I opened the game for the first time, I did not know what to expect, but it proved to be a great choice. I recommend this game highly. The use of 6 different views of each scene, make finding the objects much easier so, I never had to use the hint option. This seems like a good game for people to play with their children. HAVE FUN !!!
 | Added on: October 21, 2011
Headline states it all..... game graphics are ok but dont like the idea of having to use the magnifing glass. This game is not what it is up to be
 | Added on: April 1, 2013
Graphics are great as well as the concept. Just a lot of different moves and tools to use.
 | Added on: June 17, 2010
The graphics were hokey as the scenes came up from the 'book'. The game itself was nice but the graphics detracted from the game.
 | Added on: June 10, 2010
I did not like the "pop up" aspect of the scenes. The having to frequent change the angle took the enjoyment out of the game. I didn't play it long before I knew this wasn't the game for me.
 | Added on: June 10, 2010
I liked the 3D effect, also loved the different books Romeo & Juliet, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes etc. I purchased this game and have recommend it to family & friends, hope it's not to long for the sequel.
 | Added on: June 10, 2010
I am enjoying this game very much. I think it is quite original and I enjoy the classics. Not so sure about the replay value though. I tend to be quite disappointed when the game is done and wish for more but don't usually find I want to do it all over again.
 | Added on: June 11, 2010
You'll get hooked after the first chapter. It's REALLY addictive and really makes you think and pay attention. Definitely worth the buy.
 | Added on: June 14, 2010
What a fantastic original unique game. I've not seen a 3D HO game like this. You are basically trying to find objects set around 3D pop up books of famous classics. You have 6 views of a room in total. Some could be aerial, some side. You may find an object behind a chair which you can't see unless you click on that side of the room. You then have to go to another chapter of that book to pick up an object which may be useful in the chapter you are playing. The mini games are fun and varied, sometimes a bit too easy, but great to play none the less. Blowing the ship in Treasure Island to ensure it didn't hit the rocks was a bit hard but did it after several goes. Shooting arrows from a crossbow onto moving targets was great fun too. Do yourself a favour and play this game. You won't regret it.
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
I wasn't sure if I would like this game, but I was so wrong. It is a nice change from all the dark, scary games out now. It is so different from the norm. I like the idea of seeing objects from several different angles. A great twist on the classics. Graphics were awesome. Want to see more, there are so many great books to choose from. Could of been a bit longer, but all in all a great game.
 | Added on: August 11, 2012
I give this game high marks for innovation, I have never played a game quite like it. But there are some flaws, and while they are small, they are annoying. There were a few objects that were particularly difficult to find (I actually ended up using a hint a few times). I love the ability to look around the scene, but I think it would have been better to also have control of the camera through the keyboard. I would have appreciated slightly crisper graphics, although I realize the graphics may be that way on purpose to create atmosphere.All in all a good game. I hope they keep the core game play the same, but improve a few things if they make a sequel! :D
 | Added on: June 24, 2010
I REALLY liked this game because it had a lot of twists and turns, different mini-games, and better hidden objects. AWESOME PLAY
 | Added on: June 10, 2010
I really liked this game. Good graphics and a challenging way to search for objects. Not real difficult to navigate with great hints when needed. It took me some time to finish this game so I think it was a good value.
 | Added on: June 17, 2010
This game was too easy I finished in about 3 hrs. I have played other games that wee alot more chalenging you should have kept going with the girl trying to get out of the story
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
I loved this game! It took me a few to get used to the way it worked but once I had the hang of it I couldn't let go. You get to go through Ivanhoe, Hamlet (wonderful surprise to me, since I actually LIVE in Elsinore, Denmark), The Three Musketeers and many more. The voice acting was actually pretty well done too, which is rare in most games, and the conversation between the chapters weren't overly long either. I can absolutely recommend this game, and I'm looking forward to the sequel.
 | Added on: July 22, 2010
I really love this game. I think the concept of having to move the camera angle to look for objects is wonderful. I have always been a hidden object fan but this took it to a new level for me.
 | Added on: August 30, 2010
Cool game with a lot of breakthroughs in gameplay, concept and graphics. First off, the game is 2 dimensional, which means the scenes look like open pop-up books (with a little more depth). You can turn the perspective by using a freestanding globe or 6 preset views that will spin the room at different angles. The special effects in this game in the intro and between scenes is beautiful. I also think this game has a really awesome theme - you basically are entering into classic books - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Romeo & Juliet, for example - to do your searching. You also get to interact with the characters from those books. Those are all the things I really liked about the game. The things I didn't like as much were that some of the objects can be somewhat rudimentary looking - there is a magnifier that allows you to zoom in but I don't want to play the whole game like that. Also, many of the objects are simply inside other things - such as a drawer or chest. So in that respect you didn't feel like you had to really look for things - it's more like looking for what can I open? Another thing I didn't care for is that at an angle, the book characters are paper thin and although the scenes are lovely and well done given the setup of the game, the main characters have a real (photographic) look to them. I understand they are trying to differentiate between "real life" in the game and the book's stories, but I thought these "real" characters seemed out of place in the scenes. Regardless, this game is a whole new experience in HOGs and is beautifully done for a first in a new genre - very innovative, excellent theme and definitely recommended to give this one a try.
 | Added on: December 3, 2010
This game was really different than any HO game I have played. It was fun and challenging. I didn't care for the ending though, that's why I only gave it 4 stars. I wont say anymore as I dont want to be a spoiler. It is worth playing. Come on sequel!
 | Added on: June 9, 2010
I really wanted to like this game as it really had alot of things going for it - the classic storylines and the fact it was very original - but I couldn't even finish the game, I was so uninterested. The pop up book concept was new and different, but I felt very un-involved and constantly clicking to each different view got very tiring. The visual aspect was not very bright or exciting either - very 2 dimensional for a 3-D type game. I was very disappointed and would not buy this game. Maybe the sequel will be better?
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
Well, the reason why the graphics aren't good in this game is BECAUSE the places pop up out of a book so it's supposed too look like that, it's meant to be that way so for all of the people who are oblivious to that fact, too bad for them. I loved the game, it wasy very different and orignal and also very creative. I plan on buying it asap.
 | Added on: June 9, 2010
I played this game to the end and I loved it. Its a lot different to the others I've played before. Very entertaining. I cant wait for the next chapter...
 | Added on: February 1, 2013
This is a fun, original take on the HO game...there are different classic books that you go into to find objects, solve puzzles and complete tasks. Each chapter has a different 3D scene that you look for the objects in. This took getting used to but was really neat. Fun game!
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
No technical errors or problems, great graphics, love the stories...
 | Added on: June 10, 2010
I am enjoying this game. It's quite different because of the changing views and the pop-up book format, but the objects are so small I have to use hints often.
 | Added on: June 24, 2010
Very unique gameplay with beautiful graphics. The puzzles were challenging without being frustrating.
 | Added on: December 29, 2010
This was a most refreshing game for originality. I have played quite a few games and though enjoyable they pretty much have the same format. This one was original, plus you get to revisit all your favorite books. It's the first really 3D game I've played. The stories were true to form and the items you found made sense to the story. The viewer was quite amazing and lots of fun. Not good if you want a plain standalone page.
 | Added on: July 12, 2010
The 3-D effect was awesome, along with the change in views to allow you to find the hidden objects more easily. Storylines did not interfere with the game and the sets were well displayed. Bravo to the creators!
 | Added on: June 5, 2010
When I downloaded this game I figured - okay - just another HOG. Boy was I wrong! It grabs you at the start and doesn't let go. It is a different kind of HOG where literature plays a big part and even if you don't know the story you can still play the game. I found it very addictive and nearly impossible to leave. I would recommend this game to anyone.
 | Added on: August 10, 2010
Over time, this game has become an all time favorite of mine. At first the cookie-cutter scenes seemed cheesy. But when I put the story together, that this was supposed to be illustrations from a book, it suddenly became a brilliant and most enjoyable masterpiece! I love the different angles from which to view each scene and I thought that overall the game was brilliantly crafted!!! The creators of this should be very proud!
 | Added on: June 17, 2010
Great fun. Original game-play. Interesting concept.
 | Added on: December 6, 2010
This is a first rate game - intelligently written, beautifully drawn, consistent in time & concept (pop-up book), true to the original books - a real gem! Plaudits to the creators! I shall look out for more of their work!
 | Added on: June 17, 2010
Was an original concept which made it interesting. A bit too simple so it played through too quickly. Overall not bad for a couple of hours mindless entertainment.
 | Added on: June 25, 2010
Great game - quite addictive. Not time-limited so you can keep coming back to it. Educational in a fun sort of way
 | Added on: June 17, 2010
I really enjoyed this game and was sorry when I got to the end. I did play it over again, though. I play a lot of HOGs and I'd never seen one like this with the changing of room angles. I'm a big reader and I think I especially enjoyed the pop-up-book theme. I hope there will be more of these.
 | Added on: June 14, 2010
I really like the challenge of going to different areas to find all the items you need. I love mini-games and using things you find in one location in another.
 | Added on: July 29, 2010
I'm not much on hidden object games, but this is unique and challenging. I love the 3-D search.
 | Added on: June 21, 2010
I don't know.....I downloaded the trial version and couldn't even finish that since I found the 3D thing or whatever where you can shift the perspective of the room pretty distracting, and then all I could see was what looked like paper dolls and cutout figures. I found that a little cheezy and couldn't get through the rest of it. It might be okay if you overlook the weird 3D, but I just couldn't get involved with it.
 | Added on: September 23, 2012
This is certainly an original approach to a game. I'm not crazy about the 3-D approach, but it gets a vote for the originality of development. This is NOT a fast paced game and getting used to the 3-D scenes takes a while. I suggest this game for kids with reasoning skills because of the unusual visual scenes. The game is based on classic stories, so children can learn a bit while playing the game
 | Added on: June 16, 2010
This game is definitely original. However, I was distinctly underwhelmed. I generally love the HO games where you use the items you find, but in this case it just didn't seem to provide any real challenge. I was ready to stop playing after about 30 minutes when it didn't really change and after an hour I had the same thought. Good game. Just not for everybody.
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
i played the trial and got addicted to the game, so i bought the full game. But then after only another 30 minutes i had beaten the game. It ends abruptly and i feel it was too short. i did like the different angles to the rooms to find things, it was different in that aspect. It was fun to play and the different stories in each area were good, i just wish it had been a bit longer. its just hard to find a fun, good game with good hidden objects, a good story and fun mini games!
 | Added on: December 6, 2010
This game is a different take on the hidden object games. The graphics were a bit poor and sometimes I couldn't find the items but there are unlimited hints so that was okay. It was a different kind of game with the chance to move about within the scene to look behind things. The mini games were fun.
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
This could have been one of the best games ever but everything is set on a stage which takes up a lot of room so the objects are tiny. I hated using the magnifying glass which is provided. The scenes are made of pop-up "cardboard" and are not as engaging as a painted scene would have been. The only thing good about this game is the swivel feature that allows you to see different angles in the room, otherwise it's very frustrating.
 | Added on: June 4, 2010
The graphics are not the best, that is the reason I only gave this game a 4. I have played the 60 minute demo and am considerng purchasing it. It seems complicated at times but you get plenty of clues.
 | Added on: June 8, 2010
Loved it. the only con is some of those minigames was worth skipping though otherwise well worth the time and loved the pop up book feature
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
Like most other folks, I really liked the unique style of this game along with the storyline, mini-games and graphics! Truly an interesting adventure with this one!
 | Added on: June 10, 2010
I really liked, as others have said, the pop-up book effect...really different. I found it pretty challenging, as some of the items were rather small and hidden well. The different angles you can choose obviously help in the hunt for the items, along with the magnifying glass, although the magnifier was somewhat jumpy. Overall, a good game.
 | Added on: June 17, 2010
I throughly enjoyed this game. It was just over too quickly! But I could not get enough of it, which might be why I finished it so quickly. I cannot wait for the sequel. The 3D graphics were incredible. Keep more like this one coming!
 | Added on: July 19, 2010
I enjoyed this game, the graphics were great and not a bad little storyline. I wouldn't recommend for children as the storyline is a little dark, but it's worth the download trial for adults
 | Added on: August 12, 2010
I enjoyed playing this game very much. I sat down and played it straight through to end. Very cool effects and storyline was very different from what is usually avalible. Hope to see more 3D in near furture. Thrilling to go through so many different stories to complete game. Enjoy
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
This game is original in that you can rotate the rooms to find objects behind others. You need to get some objects to finish chapters in a book from other chapters. Not timed so relaxing.
 | Added on: October 20, 2011
I tried this game only because it was on sale, and boy, am I glad I did - I bought it after 10 minutes of play! I'm only into the first hour of it, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the pop-up book concept, and that you get to rotate the scene so that you can see it from different angles. Being a reader, I'm enjoying the occasional footnotes about the history of books. So far, nothing has been too taxing or frustrating- it's just thoroughly enjoyable and different, and a nice change from the blood and gore HOGs that are so popular.
 | Added on: June 16, 2010
I found this game very interesting - lots of challenge and enjoyable.
 | Added on: June 19, 2010
I really like the different perspective options. And I love the design, so simple but very clever. Also it's nice to see the old classic novels again.
 | Added on: June 7, 2010
I also thought this was going to be another HOG game, a good one, don't get me wrong, but this totally blew me away. Just wow! I will agree with the other reviews about the graphics not being so great but you get use to it as you move along, at least I did and this was the only downside to the game, well now having to wait for the sequel as it's going to be continued - LOL! I loved traveling through the different stories especially Sherlock Holmes. Where this is different is you click at the bottom of the screen to rotate it to view another area to find items. You also have to move your cursor across the screen as some items are hidden inside things as you will see "gears" when you come across an area with an item in it. Everything your finding also has a purpose as some are even used in a different chapter of the story you're on. There's also really no way to get stuck and frustrated cause hints are plenty and charge quick. Also has a magnify glass cause some items are small and the graphics as mentioned. A nice variety of mini games which can be skipped and you don't have to wait forever to skip if you can't figure it out. Gameplay was long enough in my opinion as it took me a few hours though I will admit when it was over I wanted more of the game. In spite of graphics I'd still rate this higher than 5 stars. Way to go Gamehouse and THANK YOU for this AWESOME GAME to play. Hope we don't have to wait too long for the sequel.
 | Added on: June 8, 2010
Loved this game. It took a bit of getting used to the scenery because things were a bit small and navigation took a bit of getting used to also. But not much. It hints at another game to continue the story. Can't wait for that one as well.
 | Added on: August 9, 2010
This game has pop up scenes from books that you need to view from different perspectives to find items plus many of the items are in drawers or closets that you have to open. It's never boring! The graphics are interesting and the objects are well hidden so it's challenging.
 | Added on: June 17, 2010
I love this game, I can't what until the next paige Harper game.
 | Added on: June 21, 2010
I must say I think the price of games is getting out of control. I did pay the $19.99 after I ran out of demo time. I love this game it is NEW and different. It is addicting and has held my attention. I am still playing it and love the mini games they are easy but NOT just simple, they do make one think. The seek and find is so different with change of view and the items you have been looking for are righ there with the addition of change view. I really am impressed with that feature. I look forward to other games of this high quality and skill level. The stories are well done and worth playing. It rates very high with me and you will love it. Try it you will purchase it too. Sk

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