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 | Added on: January 17, 2012
Ocean Express has great features. It can be played in "relaxed" or "challenging" mode. Score can be shared or not on internet. Photos can be u/l & d/l to use in the game. In the beginning, it's simple tho gets challenging as you level up. Careful not to use too many 1 spots... you'll crash (end) the game & start from the beginning at Lev 1. Some beautiful scenery! Love this game!
 | Added on: November 23, 2009
Plays like tetris with a story line - the idea is to fill up the empty space with shapes as quickly as possible, while leaving little to no space in between. I liked the challenge of filling up the different shapes of space, but was disappointed in the overall advancement of the game and the heavy concentration on quickness. You are essentially doing the same thing over and over again and the storyline and upgrades aren't that interesting and don't seem to really advance/change the game as it goes along.
 | Added on: December 24, 2009
Ever since I bought this game, I need to play it almost every day. I like the option to get different designs on the barges and that I can make up my own and either play them myself or submit them to be added to the list of designs. The more barges you buy, the faster the game goes which can be a little frustrating sometimes. Also, they do not always give you enough of the packages you bought and therefore you can't meet the criteria to make the level. I guess if you could win them all every time, it would get boring really fast. I love the game and am looking for more of that type.
 | Added on: December 21, 2009
I bought this game off Realarcade a couple years ago. It worked fine on XP, but does not work right on Vista. It involves putting items on your ship with different shapes. If you accidentally put a shape where it fits, but you have a hole in your ship you loose points in the end of the level. You can upgrade your cargo in this (all that actually does I think is give you more shapes) and by doing this you earn extra money. New shapes=more money. The object of this game is you to get all your cargo (shapes) without misplacing any items. If you suceed in doing that you get extra money. So if you have Vista this game will not work right.
 | Added on: August 1, 2011
I've had Ocean Express for quite a few months now and I play it several times a day...every day! It relaxes me. It makes me think quickly. At first it's pretty slow but after a while it's challenging! Try it, you'll like it!!! :o)

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