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 | Added on: April 15, 2010
I don't have a lot of time to read. That's why I play my games. I will have to say I can't wait for more.
 | Added on: April 26, 2010
I enjoyed this game, although there is alot of white in the scenes. The backgrounds were really pretty and it made you want to see the next one coming up. It wasn't real hard to play either. It was worth the money.
 | Added on: April 13, 2010
Definitely not the worst game I've played but definitely have played A LOT better. I agree with the very first review as I didn't find the story all that interesting either and some of the things to find were so small and trying to find the letters that spell "VOW" to get more hints was kinda difficult at times. Just got to be too repetative after awhile. You may enjoy this especially if you're a Nora Roberts fan, well even if you aren't which I've never read any of her stuff, you might enjoy this, just wasn't for me. Not enough here to hold my interest. About an hour was long enough for me already as I really tried to get into this game but just couldn't.
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
Didn't really care for this game. It has a lovely theme, and pretty pictures but too often the items are really obscure (for an example - a white moose blended in with the snow through the window. When have you ever seen a white moose?). The mini puzzles are kinda cool but often tricky to maneuver. First there is a cake you must decorate - well, they give you a spatula which you think you need to use but the trick to solving it is don't use it at all. There's another where you have to do a floral arrangement - the game will allow you to put in the wrong pieces, which of course throw off the whole thing. More levels than not, most objects were extremely easy to find - except for 1-3 which you would need to use hints for and when they were shown, they were just too obscure for comfort. Decided to pass on this game. I will say the graphic scenes were very appealing. One plus to this game.
 | Added on: April 26, 2010
I loved this game! As one who gets involved in reading these sorts of books, I thought the game was great. The only problem that I seemed to have is that some of the items that you are supposed to find are indeed too small. I constantly had to rely on hints to find the small things. Other than that, great game! Kept me really involved. I would love to try and find more like this one that has a storyline you can follow.
 | Added on: August 19, 2010
I enjoyed playing this game so much, have played the game several times. Although not as good as the book...pretty great example of making a game from a book, The only problem is sometimes items are very hard to find. Finding the letters to get clues can be almost impossible. Has a great story line as well as keeps you interested. The mini games are original and entertaining. Not just another pretty HO game. Enjoy
 | Added on: April 14, 2010
i love Nora Robert's books. i read the book this game is based on, and i must say it was cool seeing it come to life. the graphics were beautiful to me. the essesence of the story was there. some of the items were easy to find, but b/c i'd read the book it didn't really matter. some of the mini games were challenging-taking photos and cropping them, decorating wedding cakes, arranging flowers. nice variety. cool concept...
 | Added on: September 10, 2010
I really enjoyed this game. It has absolutely beautiful graphics and scenes and that is a major thing for me, I will quit a game right off it is badly made. I thought this was a very relaxing, nice, typical H.O game and I am glad I bought it.
 | Added on: April 13, 2010
I also found the extra hint (the letters for the word vows) hard to find on a lot of the screens and the some of the items are small. These are the reasons why I gave it a 4 instead of a 5. Having said that, I did enjoy the game. I liked it better that the other "wedding" hog out there. The storyline was cute. The mini games were fun and you had the option of skipping them if you wanted. They definitely beat trying to find the differences between 2 pictures!! Even though I only tried the free trial version, I will add it to my must buy list
 | Added on: April 16, 2010
she's better at writing as NR or JD Robb but this game (and her movies) are kind of lacking...not impressed at all....
 | Added on: December 15, 2010
This game was very repetitive and it bored me. The graphics were good, that's why it got 2 stars instead of just one from me. There just wasn't enough variety...sheesh! And what's with the mom? Maybe the story explains it in the end but I just cant stand it that long. It is so the same, scene after scene! I bought this game as part of a bundle. SNORE! Dont bother!
 | Added on: April 13, 2010
As one of the beta testers of this game, I didn't care for it. I quit playing it before the time was over.
 | Added on: April 12, 2010
Personally, I found this game very dull dull dull, and the mini games even duller. The lead character’s voice was sleep-inducing and the storyline did nothing to get my interest going. The game has quite a few repeated search areas and a lot of the items are very small for you to find ~ to increase the amount of hints you can search for the letters in “VOWS”, but really they are so well hidden you feel like using a hint to find them! I think if you like designing wedding cakes, making bunches of flowers and taking pictures you will find the mini games nice. I am quite romantic, but after playing for a while I felt I was becoming diabetic from all the sweetness.. On the good side the graphics are lovely ~ but nothing about this game got me going ~ after 2 hours I was dreaming of grabbing a cocoa, pulling a duvet over me and creating some zzzzzzz’s! I'm sure other gamers will disagree with me and love this, so try the free download and make up your own mind. Hopefully you won't be lulled into a dull sugar induced coma like me!
 | Added on: April 28, 2010
I love this game. The story was really fun, and the backgrounds were beautiful. I think a ton of work went into designing this game. It was a real challenge to find everything. The mini games were also fun and pretty original. I also love Nora Roberts (and JD Robb) books and I hope to see more of her games.
 | Added on: April 19, 2010
I could not stop playing this game. Even though I'm not one the get into the storyline, this one for was great. The objects weren't frustrating to find yet they still required a keen eye. I can't wait for the sequel!
 | Added on: April 15, 2010
Enjoyable story, fun mini-games, time not crucial so can really enjoy the beautiful artwork. Will play again and again, I'm sure.
 | Added on: May 24, 2010
Boring...every time I played, I fell asleep. Not worth downloading, in my opinion.
 | Added on: September 19, 2011
I love romance games and hidden object ones. This game is one of my all time favorites. The graphics are excellent, the story and even the music. Enjoyed everything about this game. I can't wait for the second game. I love this game and have played it may times.
 | Added on: April 19, 2010
I really liked playing this game, however, items are just too small. I just had to take a break because my eyes are tired from straining to see!! Very pretty and original graphics, I had fun playing it, relaxing and objects aren't too easy to find, they are small.
 | Added on: February 8, 2012
This game is based on the first book of Nora Roberts' "The Bride Quartet" series. All good books. And the game does a surprisingly good job of picking out major parts of the storyline, since I recognized it. Graphics are good, as are the voice-overs, and there is an extensive selection of hidden object scenes. But the hidden objects can be really tiny, really hard to find or identify, and can be tone-on-tone colors like white objects on snow. My other problem is that you only get 5 hints per chapter, and there are several HO scenes in each chapter. So once you use up your hints you are stuck...unless you happen to find the letters V-O-W-S in each scene, for which you will earn 1 hint. But trying to find all four letters can also be difficult. I'm a fan of Nora Roberts, and of the book this game is based upon, but the game just had more frustrations than satisfactions in playing. In this instance, a book in the hand is far better than the mouse.
 | Added on: April 15, 2010
This was a great game. I love Nora Roberts anyway. The puzzels were fun, u get to decorate cakes and take pictures cool. Hidden objects are challenging some invole snow so lots of white objects, she is also a messy person in her bedroom so good luck with that. Ioved it, but as always try it for free first and read the reviews. Just because I loved it doesn t mean you will.
 | Added on: April 13, 2010
I am definately purchasing this game. The graphics are beautiful. Some of the HOs are hard to find but you can get extra clues by finding letters. This is not always easy. Good Storyline. All in all, the kind of HO game I like. So far there is nothing about it that I do not like. The mini games are fun and you can skip them, which I did during the 60 minute trial. Maybe not kid friendly because of some of the content.

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