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 | Added on: November 21, 2011
Great entertainment, great educational value, good assistance in motor skill development, and excellent way to teach and reinforce colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. Kids should really enjoy this colorful, character-driven game, but adults will need to lend a hand, especially if the child has never played bingo before. On starting the game, the player creates a profile by typing a name and choosing which difficulty level to play: easy, with a bingo grid of 9 squares, medium with 16 squares, or hard with 25 squares. Note that this option cannot be changed. You have to create a new profile, which really doesn't make any sense since adult games aren't set up that way. The next choice is which kind of bingo card to play: one with the usual BINGO letters and numbers, one with colors and shapes, or a third with Diego friends and colors. I played all three, and each would give the child a different playing (and learning) experience, extending the purchase value of the game. Although there is a very brief explanation of what to do, a child is still going to need an adult's help for at least the first game to learn how to play through the game. If the player gets four corners of the card, the player is taken to a simple mini-game, and then back to bingo. And during bingo, you are playing against a Diego companion on the right side of the screen, who adds encouraging commentary during the game, as does the companion the child chooses. So there's an amusing interactive element as well. Winning games allows you to buy mini-games at the store. I tried the bubble game, which is a bunch of bubbles floating on the screen. You click on the bubble and pop it. Simple, but good eye-hand coordination practice. A little flaw in the game is that you can't return to the main menu. You have to exit out of the game and start over. This is the only way I found to change the type of bingo card to play. I'd say the mini-games are preschool, while the bingo games could still work through primary grades, maybe even a little older, except kids at 12 always want to act like they're 20. This might also be a great addition to a home schooling curriculum. Fun and education. How often does that happen?
 | Added on: December 12, 2011
Like some of the other Nick Jr. games on gamehouse, this one has a great concept and is fun for kids to play, but is very difficult to control. When the game begins, you are prompted to choose a treasure chest in which you can save your game prizes. However, it is not possible to "save" these treasures once the game is closed. Likewise, you a prompted to set up a user profile with (presumably) the child's name. However, this is not saved after the game closes, either. It is not possible to switch from one user profile to another.
 | Added on: December 12, 2011
The kids loved this game with all the bright colors and the cute partners and their sweet voices. Great job.
 | Added on: December 9, 2011
I am in my late 40's and I love to play online games. I was so glad to see a bingo game on here even if it is for children. Maybe they will make one alittle harder for the older ones on here. Happy playing everyone. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.

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