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 | Added on: October 31, 2011
At first I had assumed that this game was for little kids, but that is not true. Some of the word puzzles are tough! This might be because I am always looking for the best solution rather than easiest solution. Each puzzle starts out with a few scattered letters and you need to form words to connect the letters, and these words need to be interconnected through shared letters. It's like Scrabble for one person, but instead of dealing with 7 possible letters and one word at a time, you are dealing with 26 possible letters and multiple words at a time. The grids are not simple squares that allow flexibility on word choice and size, so it is often time-consuming to come up with a solution. For instance, you might need to come up with a word that includes an 'f' and four characters later a 'z', and the letter after the 'z' must allow you to from a two-letter word where the second letter connects to an 'n' 6 characters away.I always have to try out many words or groups of words before I come up with something that fits, and this can be frustrating.
 | Added on: November 30, 2011
When I first downloaded this game I thought it was really fun but as I got to the 4th board, I got a little irritated because I did not no that you could use little words and did not have to connect them, I was under the impression that you had to build words off of other words you made like in Scrabble.

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