Mr. Biscuits - The Case of the Ocean PearlMr. Biscuits - The Case of the Ocean Pearl
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Reviews of Mr. Biscuits - The Case of the Ocean Pearl
 | Added on: July 7, 2009
An "O.K." game. The voice-overs at the beginning of each chapter are a little over the top. But finding Mr.Biscuits is fun, and the over-all layout of the game is original.
 | Added on: August 31, 2009
I found this to be an original game in the detective/hidden object genre. Some nice things: In each scene, you are supposed to find Mr. Biscuits, which adds some time to your timer. The voice acting is fun, also. All these wacky people protesting their innocence & saying 'I don't know why you need to search here'. I would have given this game five stars, but the mechanics of finding objects is flawed. First of all, many of the objects are too small to easily identify. For instance, in a room full of bottles, how do you know which is suntan lotion when they're all a few pixels high? Secondly, you only get three misses before you are penalized - time removed from the timer. In most HO games, you are penalized if you have a number of misses in rapid sucession. Here iyou are penalized for 3 misses, apparently no matter how much time passes. Another thing I don't care for in this game is how if you play relaxed mode you don't get the story. Just rooms full of objects in find.

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