Mortimer Beckett and the Lost KingMortimer Beckett and the Lost King
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Reviews of Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King
 | Added on: September 14, 2011
I have loved all the Mortimer Beckett games and this one is no different. The game's story lines are always entertaining, but the thing that sets these games apart from the other hidden object games is that your screen isn't finished once you find the objects, you then have to then figure out where to place them and see how they fit into the story or into that level. The mini-puzzles are also usually clever - not too hard to solve, but not so easy you want to roll your eyes. Awesome game! I can't wait for the Crimson Thief to come out with the MAC version - I'll download in a heart beat!
 | Added on: January 20, 2011
I hav`nt played all of the games at GameHouse,but ; this is the most graphic -rich and interesting game that I have played so far.
 | Added on: October 26, 2011
Just challengining enough to keep me moving through the game. An enjoyable journey to solve!
 | Added on: March 12, 2010
So far I think this and the last (especially) Mortimer has the best Hidden Object of this style where you find pieces in different places and also have to figure out where to use them. Fun!
 | Added on: July 2, 2010
I love this game, because me and my grand can play it together.
 | Added on: February 16, 2010
I enjoyed this game, but was a bit disappointed. I have played all of the Mortimer Beckett games and have enjoyed them. This one was not a long game at all. I was a little bit disappointed that I paid for it and it was short.
 | Added on: March 17, 2010
For all the hype before this came out I was very disappointed with the end result. This was way too easy. Not worth the money. I really liked the first game but this one just doesn't measure up. =(
 | Added on: September 22, 2011
Having really enjoyed the last 2 games with mortimer, I was looking forward to playing this. After paying and downloading I was surprised at how quick I finished it and i'm not a fast player! So not going to rush into the next game, as i might be able to finish it in a free hour trial :-/
 | Added on: February 26, 2010
i was really looking forward to this game...and found it was not NEARLY as good as the first two mortimers...i am REALLY disappointed i paid for the collectors edition...hardly worth the regular game price...
 | Added on: August 23, 2011
Mortimer is back for another good relaxing challange. Good graphics & a nice break from dark & convoluted story lines. Something very lovable about him & the story. Nothing too difficult, but the back-and-forth between scenes kept me thinking. Not terribly long but not too short either. I gave a big sigh when it ended & was sorry to say goodbye. Always a sign of a definite recommendation.
 | Added on: January 4, 2011
I enjoyed the game and like that you have to use pieces from other scenes to make everything work.
 | Added on: June 27, 2011
Fun games but not as challenging as the others. Good kids games.
 | Added on: June 16, 2010
MB kept on delivering great HO gameplay right up to the end and then fell flat. I don't know if they ran out of ideas or just rushed to market. This game had none of the things that made the others great. I should have gone with the free trial. Probably could have finished in an hour. Keep your money in the mattress and don't waste it on MBLK.
 | Added on: March 18, 2010
I didn't expect to leave a negative review for a Mortimer Beckett game, but here I am. I'm so glad I decided to play the free trial of this game before buying it. I was so excited about the first sequel when it came out that I went ahead and bought it without playing it first--and I wasn't disappinted. The Time Paradox is beautifully designed, intellectually stimulating, and really captures your imagination. This one does not. The first of several major changes is the hidden objects, which are now whole objects, instead of fragments that must be put together. That drops the difficulty level significantly. Secondly, there's only about 2-4 objects hidden in each scene! There's about 6 locations to search through in each level, and only about 16 objects to find. Another annoying aspect is the lack of light in many of the scenes. Many locations are just too dark to see very well. This is made a bigger deal by the horrible noise it makes when you click around on nothing. It's like this jarring honking buzzer sound that will drive you up the wall if you don't turn the sound effects off in the options menu! I would bet that the game developers' priorities got majorly skewed with the incorporation of the fancy cgi opening sequence and cut scenes. It seems they put way more time and effort into the animation, and then took big shortcuts in designing the actual game. All in all, it was a huge disappointment.
 | Added on: July 16, 2010
Loved the game. Can't wait till there are more of Mortimer. Good job!!
 | Added on: August 26, 2011
I have bought this game and started playing it immediately and it was the BEST! It is something great to do after you finished everything and then you can sit and relax. It makes you think a bit and search for pieces. With Mortimer Beckett you're like traveling on a journey and it's sad to leave him at the end because it's such a great game! A MUST BUY!!!!
 | Added on: September 15, 2011
The characters and hidden object rooms are so fun and I enjoy the challenge that some of the puzzles have to offer. Story seems easy enough to follow as well as directions as to which areas to cover next. This is the first "Mortimer" I've played but would try others. Good value as a double pack.
 | Added on: September 1, 2010
I found this game to be a nice challenge, good graphics, and somewhat addictive, I have played the entire series and enjoy this game. I would recommend this game for the people that enjoy hiddeen object games with adventure. Overall, an excellent game.
 | Added on: July 22, 2010
Really enjoyed this game. Good story, great graphics. enjoyable
 | Added on: July 1, 2010
I enjoyed playing this game and the fact that it took me more than a couple of hours to finish it. Interesting storyline and as usual, the graphics are terrific.
 | Added on: March 1, 2010
I have played all the Mortimer Beckett games. This one is different from the first two, but still just as enjoyable. I would not pay $19.99 for the Deluxe version of the game, but for a "fun ticket" it was worth it. The game was neither hard, nor easy, but never frustrating. I felt compelled to play to the end. I feel I had a "5 star" experience with the game, and I play a "lot" of games!! So download and ENJOY it!
 | Added on: April 19, 2010
Very disappointed in this 3rd Mortimer Beckett game. After Time Paradox I'd expected The Lost King to be even better but I must say it was a big let-down. Too easy, too short, and all the objects were whole and not divided up which in my opinion was one of the best things about previous MB games. Don't waste your money on this one.
 | Added on: July 30, 2012
This is such a great series, and it's interesting to watch how the game play changes from one story to the next. This game seems a bit more involved the the previous two, and I had to work a little harder to figure out where or how some objects should be applied in different scenes. I enjoyed the different types of characters in this well-drawn game, but I was surprised that it was over so soon.
 | Added on: January 18, 2011
If I were to describe Mortimer I would describe him as clean, innocent, a Mom's dream as a son, well dressed, unassuming and takes on his role as an adventurer and problem solver with an unrelenting eager. Of course he does remind me of Howdy Dowdy (Howdy Doo-de). Seriously this game was great. Developing team was very creative. The graphics were superb. This is a game one must pay close attention to all the clues given not only where the found objects are to be used but the notebook entries and the clues for instant that were given in a painting. My hat is off to the producers of this game, it is clear that from the first Mortimer to this 3rd game that the developers have extended their knowledge but like Mortimer they have not quite grown up. I enjoyed this game and I hope you do to. I also can't wait for yet another Mortimer Beckett saga. The Lost King is a winner.
 | Added on: September 8, 2011
I enjoyed this adventure with Mortimer as I have the other games that came before it. I missed the codes to show how many pieces to find/puzzles to solve/objects to place that was in the Time Paradox and I felt like this one went by a little too quickly. That being said, the objects were reasonably hidden and not too ridiculous (no piles of junk to search through or massive carrots) and the games and puzzles were challenging without being frustrating. Definitely a fun addition to the series if not an amazing value.
 | Added on: February 18, 2010
When I saw that there was a third Mortimer Becket game, I couldn't wait to download and get started on the game. However, I was very disappointed and felt that my fun ticket was wasted. It felt like the game ended too abruptly. I question if the same people who created the first two Mortimer Beckett games, were the creators of the Lost King game. Very disappointing.
 | Added on: February 16, 2010
After having played the free version, I bought the game to be able to finish it. But it took just over an hour and a half. Nice graphics, but not worth the money. Too easy and too short.
 | Added on: March 8, 2010
So surprised that this game was very short! All of the other Mortimer Beckett games had many more levels than this one. Definitely DO NOT pay $19.99 for the premium edition! Sorry to say this as I am a big Mortimer fan!
 | Added on: February 16, 2010
I could not wait for the next MB. This was a dissappointment. Not near as much fun as time paradox. Probably wont play again.
 | Added on: February 22, 2010
I was so disappointed in this game. I really liked finding pieces of objects and putting them together like the first two games. This did not have the challenge to it that I think we all expected. It was also on the short side and not worth the money spent.
 | Added on: January 31, 2011
enjoy the game this one makes me have to think in some parts but still fun to use the grey matter on the odd occasion
 | Added on: January 3, 2012
This is the game where the Mortimer series comes into its own. The animation is stunning, the world is rich, and puzzles abound. They've switched over from putting together broken up pieces of objects to simply finding whole objects and letting you puzzle out how to use them, transforming the series into a pure adventure title like the 90's CD games. There's not infinite replay value, but there is some, as some puzzles have a few variations to them. Buy this version! the premium goodies aren't worth it and don't add to the story or game at all.
 | Added on: February 18, 2010
So disappointed. I was so looking forward to this new one and it failed me big time. Ran through the entire game in less than 2 hours. Didn't make me think or cause any confusion. Wasted my $$$
 | Added on: September 1, 2011
This game was quite challenging, but a lot of fun. I was hooked from the start and could hardly leave it until completed. I have enjoyed all the Mortimer Beckett games & hope there will be more soon!
 | Added on: March 29, 2010
I was very excited to get this game..I love the Mortimer Beckett games...I love the animation and colors but just when it was getting good it ended!!! AGHHHHHH I think there were like only 8 levels! How dissappointing...I would not recommend wasting a credit on a game that you could finish in less than 1 day! 2 thumbs down!
 | Added on: September 27, 2011
Challenging enough to certainly keep you occupied...however note...some scenes are really dark so you may have to use the hint feature more than you'd like to.
 | Added on: February 8, 2010
I really loved this game, it was even more fun than the other Mortimer Beckett Games. Breezed through the whole game and wished it was longer!
 | Added on: May 10, 2010
Wanted to like it but big disappointment. Loved the series and was looking forward to this release but after playing it, what a WASTE OF MONEY. The graphics were fantastic and that is about the extent of postive things I can say. It was very easy, very short, and very fast. I think they put too much money into the graphics and forgot to invest in the content of the game. Unlike previously you find whole objects which speeds you through the minimal levels. I could have finished the game in the same amount of time I waited for it to download.
 | Added on: October 31, 2011
I got rather bored as it is simple. Don't have enough good puzzles and hidden objects to hold my interest.
 | Added on: March 22, 2010
Overall I enjoyed the game. It made you think a bit and kept your interest. The only problem is the game is too short. But Fun!
 | Added on: December 27, 2010
I found this game a little too easy. But the graphics were good and it was more relaxing than most of the other games I play that are similar
 | Added on: February 22, 2010
Really disappointed - the hype was not worth it. Thought this would be better than the last one - big mistake. Not worth the money.
 | Added on: August 3, 2010
I have all 3 of these games and I am addicted. They are fun and have a fun story line as well as unique puzzles. Definitely recommend and wish they would make more!
 | Added on: February 8, 2010
I was so very dissappointed on how short this game was. I finished it in 2 hours. The time paradox was 100 times more challenging and worth the buy.
 | Added on: August 29, 2011
I really enjoyed this game. The hidden objects were relatively easy to find, but trying to figure out where they go was challenging. I was surprised at how long it was too. I played it for a couple of hours a day, for about 3 days. Totally try it!
 | Added on: February 19, 2010
I was disappointed with this Mortimer Game. Was too short and not as challenging as the other 2 games
 | Added on: January 21, 2011
I really enjoyed this game. I do not say that about many Hidden Object games as I find most of them very boring and repetitive. This game was both challenging enough and easy enough to keep my attention. The story line was cute and the character is fun. The side games were kind of different. Not all just the same old jigsaw puzzles or wheel spinning. I have enjoyed all of the Mortimer Beckett games and I truly hope they will come out with some more. I do not know if anyone would want to replay this game as I never replay games. I think maybe some would find it fun. It is probably worth buying.
 | Added on: July 5, 2012
Enjoyable but a bit short compared with other Mortimer Beckett games. Some puzzles, while fun and somewhat challenging did not form part of the overall plot. Not up to the standard of Mortimer Beckett and the Crimson Thief but still good.
 | Added on: January 11, 2011
Loved this one just like all the others. Have them all and highly recommend them.
 | Added on: March 16, 2010
I love all the mortimer beckett games just wished it had lasted longer
 | Added on: June 14, 2010
Not as good as the first game, but still better than most! Easy and good replay.
 | Added on: March 24, 2010
I loved The Time Paradox and was so excited to see another Mortimer Beckett game so bought it without the free trial. The game was not what I expected and in my opinion not as good as it's previous counter-parts. The graphics were good but in many scenes just too dark to see properly...this meant clicking around and listening to an annoying sound unless you turn the volume down or off. I also played through this version extremely quickly and would have liked a longer game. Other than that, still enjoyable as Mortimer Beckett always is...just not quite as good as it could have been.
 | Added on: September 22, 2011
Probably meant for pre-teens, this game is simplistic and super forgiving---to say nothing about repetitious. Basically, you don't actually have to find anything. Hint will find everything for you. Which is not a bad thing, because lots of items would never be found with out the hits. Object colors are generally bright and playful. Backgrounds and playing fields tend to be muted and run towards being darkish. The bad guys wear dark clothes, the good guys wear brightly colored clothes. The raven doesn't wear much of anything,. This game has extremely low re-playability unless you are VERY young. Not worth the money for one person.
 | Added on: February 19, 2010
Copared to the other MB this one was really disappointing. I finished the game within a houre. I was finishes before my trail time was over. It isn't a game that I would buy. Too bad, I was really looking forward to this game. Hopefully the next one will be more of a challenge.
 | Added on: March 8, 2010
To easy, and to short. I was very disappointed with this game. Not worth the price to buy it. I finished it in under 2 hours.
 | Added on: February 11, 2010
This was my first ever MB game and I really enjoyed it. I loved having to go to and fro between locations in order to solve puzzles, and the fact that every item found was used to help complete the puzzle. I liked that items were logical, and in logical places - no streetsigns in jungles or pineapples in bookshops lol! I really had to puzzle out what to do/where to go next, and from time to time I was almost stumped. I completed it far too quickly, and although some people say this is because it was too easy, I don't agree - it was just too short! More chapters, more locations in each chapter, and thus a longer game would have resulted in the full 5 stars from me. I recommend it, but be aware of the short gameplay.
 | Added on: February 10, 2010
This, the third in the Mortimer Beckett series is up to the standards of previous entries in production values. It is an interactive adventure, with hidden objects needed to complete tasks. Six chapters in all adding up to roughly 4 hours of play for me. It always takes me a while to get the hang of this developer's ways and quirks. Didn't use any hints though. Puzzles are fairly well designed, and not very difficult. A few of the interactions were fairly fun or clever. Over all, a fine value at $6.99.
 | Added on: March 12, 2010
This game was easy and easy isn't so bad. This game was also very enjoyable. I recomend you play it in your spare/free time not if your under pressure to go do something else, this was fun and challenging when I had the time to get in to it, you don't race through these games just to get to the next one. I have found the more I enjoyed the game the quicker time passed making the game seem shorter for some reason, life is that way. Excellent graphics, loved going from place to place putting items where they belonged and the puzzles in between were a nice challenging break before moving on to the next level. Now its your turn to play it! I recomend all the Mortimer games especially the one "In Time".
 | Added on: February 23, 2010
Graphically and plot-wise, this is by far the best of the Mortimer Beckett series, but while the Time Paradox took a major step up in gameplay, the Lost King took half a step back. Unlike the Time Paradox, each item is found fully complete, which ends up making most items way easier to find-- the challenge is really only in the puzzles. Basically the series moved from an Object-Finding game with some puzzles into the opposite. Overall, I would say that this game, while superior to the first in the Mortimer Beckett series, is definately weaker than the Time Paradox, and it is certainly not worth spending the full $19.99 for the deluxe edition. It was not worth the months I waited in eager anticipation.
 | Added on: February 22, 2010
I LO-V-E-D this game! My 15-year-old daughter and I played it tonight. It kept us both very involved for a couple of hours. I liked the fact you had to find things in one scene that needed to be used in another scene. The mini-games were fun. The storyline was interesting as were the interaction with the characters. My daughter wants all the Mortimer games so she can play them!
 | Added on: February 22, 2010
I loved the graphics and beautiful scenes, but it was over too soon! A little more challenge would have been welcome.
 | Added on: September 24, 2010
Enjoyed the game. Great graphics. I just wished it had lasted longer.
 | Added on: February 10, 2010
I was eagerly waiting for this game & was somewhat dissapointed. I was hoping for something along the lines of the Time Paradox game. The graphics were good, but I felt the game was way too short. I'm glad that there was a "non" deluxe version, I would have not wanted to spend the extra money.

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