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 | Added on: February 18, 2010
As I've stated in a couple of my other reviews, I'm really not one for memory games that is until I started playing a couple of them and I must say this one gives some really good tips on how to improve your memory that is if your attention span is kinda short like mine - LOL! This game looks like it would be "just for kids" but once you start playing I think adults would enjoy this as well especially since you're timed as you're only given about a minute for each game. The two games that really hung me up were the music notes (trying to remember the pattern) and when the circles disappear you have to try and remember where they were. Definite 5 star game here. Great replay to try and improve your memory. This is also on my to be purchased list.
 | Added on: October 30, 2009
a cool game for kids. helps learn while playing with a nice interface and sounds. like the intro character!
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
Mind Medley is sort of like Brain Age for the Nintendo DS. In fact, it's VERY similar! Mind Medley is a thinking game, mainly aimed at the younger audience although older folks will enjoy it too. The game features many puzzles, most of them have something to do with matching. It is sort of like an IQ test in a way, but without the pressure. You are graded after each test, which lasts 60 seconds and you are allowed to retry as many times as you'd like. The game is very intuitive and you can post your high scores onto the global wall for everyone to see. Mind Medley is a good way to exercise your brain, and for kids to develop their senses and minds all while having fun.
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
A cute brain teaser game that helps improve cognitive skills. If you enjoy these types of games, you'll have plenty of fun. The interface and game system are well conceived and the game gets progressively get more challenging as you adapt. You might want to use the practice area first before diving in. Solid, but average.
 | Added on: February 8, 2010
Great for the kids but I love these kinds of games, having several logic puzzle and 'improve your brain power' books. Somehow it's more fun on the computer than on paper. Mind Medley probably is a little on the simple side for adults but not to say unenjoyable. And for kids, well, it has a bright, colourful interface and the host character is perfect for a young audience. Probably to improve on the game would require option to move onto more difficult puzzles for older children or adult audiences rather than just the 'easy', 'medium', 'hard' in the practice area.

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