Marooned 2 - Secrets of the AkoniMarooned 2 - Secrets of the Akoni
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Reviews of Marooned 2 - Secrets of the Akoni
bella24 | Added on: November 23, 2010
One word describes this game: yawn. Easy, boring and I found myself asking: "Is something interesting ever going to happen?" The answer is: no
emery | Added on: November 18, 2010
... it was much too short. I finished it about an hour after the free trial ended and I had purchased it. To me, this just isn't good value for the money. It was a fun game, if a little too easy, and I did enjoy the story. I don't mind easy mini-games and puzzles because I don't really like them in the first place, so I'm eager to get through them. At least these puzzles had something to do with the story line, which isn't the case in many games. All in all, I don't think paying $6.99 for this game is a good value because of the length. It is best to wait until it maybe goes on sale.
purplehuntress | Added on: January 11, 2011
The game goes too fast. Good graphics. It is a shame there wasn't more challenge to it. I flew through it in the one hour.
IronRaziel | Added on: November 22, 2010
I honestly thought this game would be stellar after the first one. Man, was I wrong! Although the graphics are pretty good, the storyline was what killed the game. There was no oomph, or ooohhh in it at all. I felt the storyline did not really match the first one. Hints are pretty easy if you can find all the arrows in the game. I only had to use a few. The mini-games aren't too tough where you're pulling your hair out to find out how to do stuff. The only thing you would have to do is look a bit harder for combo plays. Other than that, it's a good game for beginners, or people who just want easy-peasy games. I hope the next one would be a lot more interesting and and better story line!
moosey51 | Added on: December 2, 2010
This game is interessting and keeps me occupied with the game and has many challenges.
PipCat | Added on: November 29, 2010
There's nothing particularly special about this game - just your run of the mill HO game. The puzzles weren't that tough and you have almost unlimited hints that come in the form of spears you find hidden in each scene which means you don't have to wait for a hint meter to recharge. I found the storyline a little confusing but that may be due to the fact that I have a tendency to "speed read" through a lot of dialogue. It wasn't the worst game I ever played but it wasn't the best either.
SUZsaysHi | Added on: November 18, 2010
I like this game much better then the first one. The first one was way too hard and frustrating. This one gives you more hints and plenty of clues. The mini games are not impossible either.
mijehlas | Added on: November 30, 2010
I enjoyed the game and look forward to number 3!! You keep saying that my texy is to short, but it's all i wont to day!!
TBMoore | Added on: November 22, 2010
This installment of Marooned was ok but it was really short and pretty simplistic. The mini games were easy to finish and there was good graphics throughout.
historyguru | Added on: November 22, 2010
I enjoyed the first Marooned, but this installment was way, way too short and not worth the game credit. If I had paid full-price, I'd be extra-annoyed. To tell the truth, if I had known that it was going to take less than 90 minutes to finish, I never would have bought the game. The story isn't especially original, the puzzles are simple, and the storyline isn't really kid-friendly - so there's no excuse for the game being so easy and short. Very disappointing.
camill25 | Added on: December 2, 2010
I am a BIG Hidden Object game fan. this game is LOTS of fun! Buy it, you'll like it.
barnacle | Added on: April 25, 2011
I do agree that this game did seem really short, even in comparison to the original Marooned, but I've been fair in that I may be disappointed more because I was so keen to play this sequel and it was a long time coming. I still enjoyed Marooned 2, more so than I would any other hidden object game. The map screen means you have some choice in which areas to search - a small level of interaction - but at least it doesn't feel 100% scripted. It is often hard to find a hidden object game that has the right level of interaction and storyline so it isn't (A) too boring, or (B) too much reading. However for some reason Marooned 1 just felt like more of an action game than this, so I'd have to put that down to the storyline.
iluvmyrats | Added on: November 18, 2010
loved the first marooned, was hoping for the sequel to be just as difficult but alas they made this one way to easy. wanted it to be more user involved but for me little interaction was just not enough. hoping for the third to be much harder developers! Please.
emi1 | Added on: December 17, 2010
i found i really enjoyed playing this game. the story's outlandish, but i play games to escape reality, soooo. that's cool. love the music. the dialogue is not too much-they actually have expression in their voices, and u can speed up the dialgue by clicking the mouse. i found the different locations facinating. lots of stuff to look at. i also really like finding items that =a word they give u. that's a cool way to play a HOG.
lore | Added on: November 29, 2010
to easy, to short, not challanging. In comparison to original, I would not recommend.
Dragonfly26 | Added on: November 29, 2010
Not as good as Marooned 1. Very short, too short. Don't feel I got my money's worth from this game. To sum up in one word...Disappointing.
Jena | Added on: April 7, 2011
This had one of what I consider to be a very important point in a sequel game. It plays the same way - no new techniques, cursor movement, etc. As a result, it was just as good as the first one, with one tiny exception. It was too short!
Chickenlady4460 | Added on: November 29, 2010
I enjoyed Marooned, and I enjoyed Marooned 2 more. I liked the scenes within the scenes, just that much more to find! Looking forward to Marooned 3!
TWINNURSE | Added on: November 29, 2010
love this game as well as the first game! looking forward in upcoming games as well
mavethrave | Added on: November 18, 2010
This is very much like the first one in all aspects and it is not difficult but it held my interest because I wanted to know how it was going to come out. For a game it has a decent story line. The ending is a little frustrating for me because I want the sequel right now. I'm not known for my patience. If you want mind numbing confusing puzzles and extreme challenge, this won't be the game for you but I enjoyed playing it and I look forward to the next one, hoping it won't take too long to get it out.
kesay17 | Added on: November 22, 2010
This is one of the shortest HOG I have played. The items were very easy to find & the "puzzles" were a cinch. Finished in a little over an hour. Not worth spending the money- only get the game if you are a FunPass member.
Squirrelly72 | Added on: November 29, 2010
I'm retired and so have been playing games for several years. It's my favorite recreation. I too have been checking back for the 2nd game because I liked the 1st so much. I'm not disappointed. Another reviewer commented "Yawn," so one of us is crazy. Try this game when you are in the mood to think, analyze, and figure out.
Remo | Added on: November 18, 2010
I waited for this sequel and was disappointed. The story line was great but I expected more. It didn't take long to play. I would not have purchased this if I had known it would be this short. This was not a good value.
welldone5 | Added on: November 30, 2010
Good game for eye coordination as well as just plain fun searching for objects.
purplequeen | Added on: December 9, 2010
i liked this game enough to go back & buy the first Marooned game.
Noel | Added on: November 30, 2010
I found Marooned 2 to be very enjoyable. Not impossible to find the hidden objects, and the interaction between the locations added a lot of interest and challenge to the game play. A lot of fun, and very pleased with my game purchase.
pgillenw | Added on: November 18, 2010
I am Marooned addicted. I am now in wait mode for the sequel to the sequel. The next sequel I hope it to be one that knocks our socks off. This game is not difficult and hints are abundant however you will find that you can master the hidden object hunt with out using many.
NannyKnitter | Added on: December 1, 2010
My mother loves Marooned and she would keep asking me when #2 would be coming out she was finish #2 in a couple of days and is now waiting for #3 to come out...This is a great game the graphic are very well done making some items very challenging to find.
NYCCPR | Added on: November 29, 2010
Interesting and relaxing encore to the original Marooned, with an surprising plot twist and probably more of those to come. Is this a miniseries in the making?
sportygal2009 | Added on: November 29, 2010
Hmmm... I'm not quite sure what was up with me and this game because I really enjoyed the first Marooned oh so much and was awaiting the sequel but once it got here after about 30 minutes I just found myself bored to death with it as all I found myself doing was going from one scene to the next finding items and as one review mentions... WHAT STORY?? LOL! Thought I was having an off day so I moved on to other games and tried to come back to this and well as my title says.. "Not with all the will in the world" could I cope with this another second. Just a huge disappointment from the 1st one in my opinion. I found myself YAWNING as well. So according the reviews so far this is either a really like or really not like kinda game and well I really didn't like it. Give it a whirl however and see what you think. I truely hope you enjoy this but definitely not for me!
tbird23 | Added on: November 30, 2010
this game was not worth the price it's boreing even childern would not even find this game interesting.
TAR671 | Added on: November 29, 2010
Fair as a series of games go. This appears to be mostly filler between the first and last game of a series ( hope so, this is going to very boring soon) The story is fair; the ending abnormally abrupt; However, the length of the game and the puzzles leave a lot to be desired. As stated elsewhere, this is in my opinion, a good game for beginning gamers or people looking for something to do when they have absolutley nothing else to do, or have little or no life to fall back on. Being retired, I fall into the later category.
TruRob | Added on: November 30, 2010
I found the game to be fun & addictive. Some of the challenges are, well challenging, but you eventually figure it out. Good graphics and music.
hiddenobjects | Added on: November 18, 2010
I enjoyed the scenes, the graphics are excellent. The story line held my interest...especially enjoyed the fact that the narrative was short not taking up much time. Mostly disappointed in how incredibly easy this game was. I completed the whole game far too quickly. The first game in the series was far more challenging for me. I hope the next game provides a greater amount of difficulty and challenge.
spooky61 | Added on: December 13, 2012
The graphics could be sharper, as it can be a little frustrating in H/O parts.
smmile | Added on: December 6, 2010
The 60 minute free trial was easy and relaxing, which is what I was looking for at the time. Unfortunately it was over about one hour after I purchased it, I have never had a game like this end so fast. This game was way too short and not worth purchasing. There are plenty of games just like this, or better, that will last for hours.
purplehaze | Added on: November 29, 2010
This game was way too short. It did have interesting puzzles to solve and some of the objects were hard to find. It could have had many more levels to it though.
edwina50 | Added on: November 18, 2010
This game was somewhat different and I totally enjoyed not having to navigate back and forth and be lost all the time. The graphics were good and there was enough hints so you could keep going.
Kath123 | Added on: November 22, 2010
I agree with some other reviews. The game was fun, but a little too easy. The first Marooned was better, but I still enjoyed playing this one!
lre7 | Added on: November 30, 2010
I was a tad disappointed in this onel The original Marooned was pretty involving, but this one just didn't get anywhere near that level. I kept waiting for something to happen, but it never did. Good, old hindsight -- had I known it was going to be so short and easy, I would have saved my credit! Relay seems to be mostly the same items, which I've noticed happening in more and more HO games lately.
Derche | Added on: November 18, 2010
I found the game a little too easy, though thoroughly enjoyed it all the same. It kept me interested enough to follow the plot and I am looking forward to the third one which I hope will be more challenging. DERCHE
bigpappie | Added on: January 14, 2011
Just one sentence........ Much too short, that is what this game is.
Strasvoi | Added on: November 17, 2010
As a sequel, this game holds its own. However, I found it much too easy to play. I finished the entire game in less than 2 hrs. The end leaves you hanging and looking for the next edition. That drives me crazy although it ensures I will play Marooned 3. Perhaps too many players found the first edition too difficult, but it seems the creators dumbed this one down more than a notch from the first. I hope they correct this mistake for the next game. All in all, it's worth the play but don't expect to find the puzzles challenging.
candimc72 | Added on: November 22, 2010
I really enjoyed this game. It wasn't too involved that I gave up on it.... but wasn't sooo easy where I didn't have to think at all. I think it had just the right amount. when you had to line up the pieces of rock that got confusing at one point b/c there was no direction. I wish there would have been a few more mini games thrown in.
Jaguarjudy | Added on: November 29, 2010
Good Game! I like it better than the first version because the 'hint' arrow are just a little easier to locate. I liked the secret rooms you find on this one, which the first one did not have.
renee2 | Added on: November 30, 2010
Both this game and the first were way too short. This sequel and the first should have been combined to make one game. You've lost me for subsequent games since I will spend my money or game credits on something with more value.
Jadaxious | Added on: January 19, 2011
Loved Marooned 1, but found Marooned 2 far too short, far too easy and not good value for money. Hopefully, #3 will be longer and more difficult. This felt like filler while they code up version 3. Putting all three games together in one bundle would be better value for money.
katiehh | Added on: February 3, 2011
I was shocked at how short it was. If you hadn't reduced your prices to 10.00, I would have been angry. It held my interest, though it was very very easy.
bees_49 | Added on: November 29, 2010
I love this game. I really liked that it took right off from where Marooned left off. I palyed it with my 11 year old granddaughter and we had great fun with it. It's not so hard that you're left sitting there, wondering what to do to get to the next level, but not soooo easy either. I loved both games. sue
Redplum | Added on: December 2, 2010
I enjoyed the first version and was waiting for the second version but wish there was longer play time in both games. All in all I enjoyed both.
benhart | Added on: November 29, 2010
I enjoy the games involvement and the need to revisit prior visited areas for additional puzzle solution and involvement. The tricky part is knowing if you have where the last clue is. Once you start the game you probably feel you should finish like I had to.
bushrat | Added on: November 30, 2010
I played Marooned and loved it so much I just had to have Marooned 2. Sequils are generaly disappointing but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself being drawn into the game. The ending was more than satisfactory. I look forward to more of the same in the near future.
Giulia | Added on: February 14, 2011
I loved Maroon 1,but this one is unacceptable : short and really easy. I waited for a long time the sequel and it leaved me "shocked". I thought it was going to be amazing as the first chapter,but I found it too easy and boring. In Maroon 1 "help-arrows" were rare to find and you had to preserve them because sometimes you really need them, but in Maroon 2 you'll end the game with (almost) all arrows. Too easy and not so good story holding the game. Unfortunately thumbs down for Maroon 2.
georgiarealist | Added on: December 6, 2010
Although some of the items were a bit hard to spot (too dark in places for those of us with less than perfect vision), this was overall a good game. It will be interesting to see how the next chapter goes on from this ending!
enidanshug | Added on: November 19, 2010
Although the game was too short, I enjoyed playing. It did not make me bleary eyed, as most HO's do. As a FunPass member, it was a good value. As a non-member, I would think the three combined into one would be a sensible value (if the third is as short). I found it easy, but pleasurable. Good for watching TV and playing simulataneously.
Rosanna | Added on: November 30, 2010
Love find it games and puzzles combined.Marooned 2, Secrets of the Akoni is fun as well as challenging. I am almost at the end and I am sort of stuck but I am sure I will get beyond it. Grafics are very good, story line sort of a usual but all in all a good game.