Lake House - Children of SilenceLake House - Children of Silence
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 | Added on: March 11, 2013
The game has a very imaginative storyline – quite unique. The graphics are beautiful, the HOs and the mini-games are easy. Going back and forth to find the various items needed goes smoothly by using the Hint button for direction. The game is quite long and addictive offering several hours of entertainment. It ends on a nice note but forewarns you of more trouble to come in the sequence … I am looking forward to it.
 | Added on: May 2, 2013
Alawar has good games I enjoy playing. This one has a good story and keeps you thinking and the map is awesome, let you know where to look and go.
 | Added on: March 3, 2013
Nice little HO game. Good graphics, and I had no trouble figuring out what needed to be done next. Finished pretty quickly, but quite fun. Good story line as well.
 | Added on: March 23, 2013
This game has many scenes so you don't get bored. Good short mini games and challenging hidden object scenes. I didn't have as easy a time as some reviewers knowing what to do next but the hint button was very generous and recharged rapidly. I agree with other reviewer that once you opened up a new scene that were lots of problems to fix which had you running a lot. Also about half-way through the game, it would stop, and it would take a few seconds for it to start back again. Don't know what happened. Overall, one of the better HO games.
 | Added on: March 3, 2013
As usural, great graphics, attractive storyline, beautiful voices for any dialogue. HO scenes were very clear, and big objects doesnt mean easy to find. Some items even not still on the scene which was amazing. Puzzles and minigames were interesting with new types instead of older ones. Expect Alawar more HO games like this to be produced in the future.
 | Added on: March 5, 2013
I really enjoyed this game. Couldn't stop playing until I was done. Hit a few roadblocks, but checked the strategy guide and sailed through them. About the time you think you've figured out what's going on, there's another twist to keep your attention.
 | Added on: March 17, 2013
I would've rated this game much higher if it wasn't so incredibly tedious at times! It has everything I enjoy in a good H/O game in terms of graphics, appeal, logical layout & use of objects (for the most part), & even a map - though don't try to use it to skip over the annoying back & forth "standard" that seems to be the norm in H/O games; it won't let you jump from place to place. Sort of defeats the purpose of a map to a certain degree. But either way, that's not the reason for my "3-star" rating. I think I docked this game 1 star due to the girl in this game & how she was portrayed, to be honest. Does this woman ever smile? Why do people even like her so much to begin with? She seemed like such a drag to me (haha). But my biggest issue with this game is that each time you reach a new scene, there will be 10 new things to do; 9 of which you don't have the items to in your inventory. But even if you did, it wouldn't be enough b/c then 8 of them would require an extra step, extra item, or whatever. And each "extra" is another trek back & forth across the scenes, 1 small thing at a time, etc. I felt like I was going 1 step forward & 5 steps back the whole game, & I just don't enjoy that a whole lot. So I'm writing this to warn people to be prepared for this. You will probably like this game, but you may need to do what I did & play it in smaller increments.
 | Added on: March 4, 2013
I happen to enjoy playing HO games where you have to go back and forth between rooms to find things. There is just the right amount of that in this game; not too much and not too little. The occasional HO games pop up every now and then and can be a little challenging, which is good. The puzzles are very easy but original. The map, however, will not take you where you need to be but will show you where you are in the game and let you know whether or not something needs to be done in that scene. I had to use the "hint" button a couple of times because I couldn't remember where I needed to go so you'll need a good memory if you want to avoid the hint button. The game is a little short. It ook me 2 days to finish it but I have a busy schedlue so I predict about 2-4 hours if you play it all the way through.
 | Added on: March 2, 2013
The graphics are very good. The music is relaxing. Nice mix of HO's, mini games and point and click adventuring. The hint system is good if you need it and the map is very helpful if you are not sure where to go next. Voice acting is alright and the story line is ok. I did get caught up in it and wanted to keep playing when I had to stop, but I did figure it out long before the end. To me it was just a matter of finding what I needed to find out I was right and end the game. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it was a pleasant game to play. Nice relaxing gaming experience.
 | Added on: March 13, 2013
Really enjoyed this game! The graphics are great! HO's are not that hard and you find things that will help you in the game. The storyline is very interesting! I couldn't wait to see what happen next.
 | Added on: March 26, 2013
I did not like this game at all. I had to force myself to finish it. Stupid premise, terrible ending. Back and forth, back and forth!!!!
 | Added on: March 3, 2013
i didn't find this game very challenging, just alot of back and forth. There is a map that shows you where the next action is required, but it does not let you "jump" to the location. You have to back track over and over again. I figured out "who done it" pretty early on in the game, so I just finished it to prove I was correct (and I was). So not real challenging,,,, lots of back and forth,,,, and lots of checking the map. I wouldn't play it again.
 | Added on: March 2, 2013
Too much wandering around, hard to establish next clue without using hints which I prefer not to do
 | Added on: April 7, 2013
I have mixed feelings about this game. There are plenty of things to do and you have to go back and forth a lot. Thankfully the hint button for medium challenge recharges quickly. Probably partly because I played it over several days, and played other games in-between, I had a time remembering what was where. I do like an involved game. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to use the items in inventory, because you have some for so long before you use them. Towards the end I admit I used the hint button quite more often because I wanted to get to the end.
 | Added on: March 6, 2013
After waiting for a long time for this to come on FunPass, and reading all the rave reviews, maybe my expectations were overblown. It's a very good game, entertaining, lengthy, prime Alawar in its beauty and smooth play, but it certainly didn't break any new ground. The first HOS was unusual, but then the rest were as always. You could figure out the story in the first half hour. I found most of the minigames quite simple, and I'm not that good at minigames. So while I'd recommend it over many others out there, I don't think it rates major stars.
 | Added on: March 13, 2013
I do not write reviews very often, but I found this game to be one that was especially worth taking the time to share with others. I highly recommend it - good story, great graphics, moody music, challenging puzzles - but not frustrating! Kudos to the developers.