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 | Added on: October 28, 2011
Loved the game but it got to difficult near the end!
 | Added on: November 4, 2011
I love the game, but would love it even more if it were a bit more fast paced and challenging.
 | Added on: October 13, 2011
 | Added on: November 3, 2011
Read my last paragraph for the tip to get all expert levels. This is a fun, relaxing, no stress games. Similar to the Sally's games, so if you are a fan of Sally, you will like this one as well. Finished the 50 levels pretty quickly. Graphics are good and loaded quickly. Music and sounds are good. No complaints! How to reach all expert levels - Purchase all upgrades, but as far as assistants, only buy the "errand boy" full upgrades, and the "Romeo" full upgrade. Do not buy any of the other assistants at ALL (makeup and hair, clothing, or accessory persons). The key to getting large scores is to do your own chain combo-ing. Juliette must do it herself to earn the chain bonuses. You can easily get a 6 chain bonus right away and thus will earn more bonus points to get you to expert level every time! It took me two tries through the whole game to realize this, my first try I bought the assistants and did not always reach expert level in Paris. Hope this helps!!!
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
I love to sometimes just sit brain dead in front of my computer (I work from home) and just play, this game allows me to unwind and have some fun which is perfect for my de-stress exercise. Time management games are one of my favorite and this one is worth the play, two thumbs up!
 | Added on: October 17, 2011
like this TMG. cool to compete against others. the graphics are good-i like the variety of the clothing. the upgrades-Juliette moving faster/employees are very helpful. i found it fairly easy to get expert on every level, but even so, i enjoyed playing. as a nurse i worried about Juliette, tho-she sure does have rapid respirations. guess that's b/c she's competing, huh??
 | Added on: December 29, 2011
this game is easy but I really enjoyed it. sometimes it is just nice to play a fun games. I love fashion games anyway and this one is good. if you have a little girl they would love this games.
 | Added on: November 30, 2011
I liked the game, but I had it finished with gold levels on all levels within just a couple of hours. Not very long and way too easy. I would recommend this to funpass users only ... but not to purchase.
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
Game started out with variation and crisp screens. After 2 cities, you realize that the story line is a repeat for each city, and the time management add ons end in city 4. City 5 turns into the new designer winning even though the "famous" designer was winning for 7 of the 10 rounds. I like to win, not be given the game. I gave the game 3 stars because the powerups/add ons were well done, but this game needs a redo itself!
 | Added on: November 26, 2011
I really love this game! It isn't crazy hard, but it isn't too easy. I have several dash games that I get close to the end, and I can't finish. It may be that I'm not very good, but it takes the fun out of it when I play a level over & over and still can't finish. I think the plot and such are fun. Give it a try!
 | Added on: November 25, 2011
Reminding me of the Sally's Spa/Salon series (a huge fan!), I found this game very enjoyable but can be somewhat addictive trying to get a head and stay ahead of the rivals in the game. Good Work!
 | Added on: July 28, 2012
This game isn't really difficult, but it definitely is fun. It's played in the typical fashion that other spa/salon type time-management games are played; seat a customer, then bring them from station to station, performing tasks. It's not too difficult and the upgrades make things a lot easier. The storyline is pretty fun as well. I really liked the additional challenge of seeing how quickly you could surpass the other fashion designers. In that aspect, the game has a sense of originality and it was quite enjoyable. The game is pretty short, but it was still quite enjoyable nonetheless.
 | Added on: October 25, 2011
An replica of Pageant Princess, but easy. Too easy. Beat it in very little time.
 | Added on: October 17, 2011
I like to play games like this and I gave it a shot. Thank God I am a Fun Pass member where I didn't waste my money or coins. This game was boring. If i wasn't a FB pass member I wouldn't even finish the free trial on it. Kids YOUNG kids might like it as far as an adult this game is stupid. Please don't make the same mistake I did by playing this game. This is the first game on this site that I didn't finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Graphics;;; like any of the time mangement Storyline... is there a story line that you care to follow on these genre of game. NO Additive... not in the least Kid Friendly ... yes that is one good thing I can say about this game. Original............. originally Boring Good Replay.... NOT at all. Bad thing is I saw it was a new game and saw a nice review on it. Wow was I disappointed to say the least. And I gave this game a fair shot. I made it half of the second level when she went to milan. STUPID game. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME... STUPID GAME BORING GAME DONT WASTE YOUR TIME COINS FREE GAME OR MONEY OR DOWNLOAD THE FREE TRIAL,.............. to all thoose who like this game there are alot more funner games than this one. Please check the others out
 | Added on: October 17, 2011
Really injoyed this game. Cute, easy (kinda) It gets a little boreing toward the end. Needs something extra in the last town. More add ons or something. Highly recommend .
 | Added on: November 30, 2011
It was too easy and to quick. The upgrades though were good and you got to keep them when you moved to another location, I really enjoyed the feature. I would not buy it though, it was not as fun nor interesting enough to keep me playing.
 | Added on: October 17, 2011
I enjoyed the game. I felt it was somewhat easy. I only had to replay one level once. It is great for kids. No problems technical with it at all. Loved the fashion designs. Think the storyline could have been just slightly more involved however I still had a great time playing.
 | Added on: October 17, 2011
I like these kind of games. It's pretty easy, but not easy enough to be boring. I like that your upgrades travel with you to the next level instead of having to start all over again when you move to a new location. Recommend!
 | Added on: October 17, 2011
What a fun game! Nice to finally have a new TM game on Gamehouse. Seems like they focus on HOG more than TM. Anyway with that said, this game was a lot of fun. Different types of models you have to cater too (patient, booky, very impatient, etc.). Problem 1: I would have liked to have been able to purchase more assistants instead of just the one at each station. Problem 2: Too much conversation. Luckily you can skip through that if it isn't your thing. Problem 3: Way too short! I wanted a lot more lol. Hope there is a sequel soon!
 | Added on: October 17, 2011
I'm a time management game lover and this game was" okay".. I got expert on every level until it came to the final "London" level.. It was a great concept for a game and I wished you could choose your option's to play like ?beginner", normal or expert modes..I would LOVE to see more TM games on and cannot wait untli the new "Emily" game comes out..This game had great graphic's, a great concept for a game but I found it too easy and very repeticious.... Believe me what you do in the first couple of level's you will continue to do through the entire game.. I'd say it would b great for teenager's or a family game..
 | Added on: November 26, 2011
It's more like 3.5 stars for me, but I think 4 is fine. Good graphics, okay music but sometimes annoying. Good gameplay, a little easy and repetitive. No characters' voice, and main character's face looks like she's gonna kill someone. Kid-friendly. Not really good replay since it's pretty easy to get expert on every level. Nothing extra. Not very good value.
 | Added on: March 13, 2012
i like the competition between the designers. The game has good sound and the storyline is funny because they keep making fun of juliette skills.
 | Added on: October 31, 2011
Fun but quick to finish. I dont know if that is from the extremely addictive contents or it was somewhat easy to finish each level. Fun and interesting though.

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