Jigsaw Puzzle Platinum EditionJigsaw Puzzle Platinum Edition
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 | Added on: November 3, 2014
I remember used to play that game on my mom's windows XP computer i used my pictures to play them and when i'm done i put them in a 3D room great day today
 | Added on: January 11, 2010
this program has a very poor user interface, it seems you cant even align the tiny previews for selection. I say skip this 3d fiasko, stick to the NON-3D layouts
 | Added on: June 21, 2010
This puzzle program is easy to use. The import feature lets you use almost any picture as a puzzle. You can make the puzzle as hard or as easy as you like. You can choose to have the pieces rotate so they're not necessarily going the right direction, or you can leave that option turned off. The program doesn't have a magic button for selecting only edge pieces, or for finding them and separating them. You have to do it all yourself, just like real life. Also like real life, once you get the puzzle put together, the outlines of the puzzle pieces don't magically disappear to give you just the picture. It remains a puzzle. Advantages over puzzles in real life: You can't lose any pieces. It makes a little 'click' noise when you join pieces that fit together, and they can't be unjoined. You can't put a piece in the wrong place. You don't have to spend any time making sure all the pieces are right-side-up. There's only one disadvantage I can find to the program, but it is inherit in all puzzle programs. Once you get over about 300 pieces, the pieces are too small to work with. Obviously, puzzles in real life are bigger, and with a program for doing puzzles, you don't get the tactile sensations of actually picking up and moving pieces around. However, this program comes closer to 'real life' puzzles than any I've seen before. In response to the other review: No, there's no magic option to align the puzzle previews. However, you can drag the previews around that screen and put them anywhere you want, which makes it easy to create little groups of related puzzles, or if more than one person uses the program, they can put their works in progress in one area of the screen, and others can group theirs in another area. This isn't a loaded with options program. It's a play the puzzles program. It does what it's for perfectly. Also, if you want or need to for any reason, it can even be played with a screen magnifier turned on. I'm just waiting on my fun ticket to become available so I can buy it!

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