Jewels of the East India CompanyJewels of the East India Company
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Reviews of Jewels of the East India Company
 | Added on: April 28, 2012
Not sure what the story line had to do with the game. So I ignored the story and played each level. Not particularly hard at the easy level. Not my favorite but not my least favorite. Somewhere in between.
 | Added on: April 20, 2012
I was so looking forward to a new and entertaining match 3 game . What a disappointment this one was. Number one, I dislike holding and dragging the arrow around. My hand gets cramped mighty fast. The arrow seemed to get dimmer at times which made it hard to find. This wasted time and you don't want to waste time in a timed game.The "gems" were too small which made it difficult to run the arrow through them. No story to speak of unless it improves as the game goes on. I'll never know because it's about to be installed.
 | Added on: April 22, 2012
reminds me of Azkends, but is a good game on it's own. i played the medium level, and found it challenging. the music is good. the graphics are kinda comic book-like. that's cool. i played the trial hr, and find myself wondering what happens. that's a sign of a good game to me. i need to see how it ends. i like that there are different modes-so i can play a relaxing game in the easy mode on up to very challenging in the hard mode. cool to be able to try to beat yourself. there are upgrades that help-cannons, shuffle, etc. they are very helpful. this is a straight forward game that is very enjoyable to play. love that it can be very kid friendly-in the easy mode. nice to teach them how to play this type of M3G. good job, guys...
 | Added on: April 23, 2012
This was a great Match 3 game. Loads of levels. Just the right amount of time to finish the level. Some levels take 2 or 3 trys to win. If you want a Match 3 game that is challenging and that you will spend hours and hours playing, this is the game. Well worth the money!!!!!!!!
 | Added on: April 25, 2012
This is ok as far as a match 3 game goes. If I had not played so many before this, probably would have like it more. But, I found it to not be original. It's a remake of so many other match 3 games.
 | Added on: May 7, 2012
This Game is great for all ages. It can get very Challenging and fast paced but does give you the opportunity to slow it down. Keep the great Match 3 games coming.
 | Added on: April 23, 2012
very disappointed....very fun...there are no upgrades to be bought after winning money
 | Added on: May 19, 2012
This game makes me think. It is challenging for me. I enjoy it a lot.
 | Added on: April 19, 2012
I like match 3 type games this one is a line, Its quite easy to stay on track, no fighting with the mouse and no back and start over. I had fun used up the entire free triel. Im going to get it.
 | Added on: April 23, 2012
I'm in my late 50's, married, have 17 children, 2 of which still live at home. My husband and I also have 14 grandchildren. I play computer games to relax after a busy day of cleaning our home, doing laundry, doing yard work, grocery shopping, running errands, etc. Although I usually enjoy Match 3 games, I do not enjoy Match 3 games that are timed unless there is a "relaxed" mode which this game does not have. My day is always fast paced ... the last thing I want or need in my day is a game in which I'm timed. I played this game for about 25 minutes and enjoyed it until I got to a level that was too fast paced for me. When my arthritic fingers began cramping up on me, I couldn't click the mouse fast enough so I lost the level then quit and uninstalled this game. I definitely will NOT purchase this game nor will I ever chose this game for free.

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