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 | Added on: August 5, 2010
i have really enjoyed all the Jewel Quest games, and this one's no exception. Match 3 games are one of my favorites, and the story is exciting-Indiana Jones exciting!! the music is perfect for the game-adventurous sounding, and it doesn't get annoying, tho it plays over and over. matching jewels to obtain pieces of a puzzle is challenging. the different modes-limited swaps/limited jewels/along with the regular match three concept makes this a game that doesn't get monotonous. seeing the family tree come to life is neat, and reading the bios on the different family members is cool-i loved that the tutorial was when u play as the child. good job guys!!!! another Jewel Quest game to buy!!!!!
 | Added on: September 9, 2010
very addictive,I enjoy the times i get stuck ,but I always come back to it!!I like it also because its taking me awhile to complete-if I ever get there!
 | Added on: April 28, 2011
Found this very challenging great thinking game. Makes you think and go back for more.
 | Added on: September 27, 2010
I've played all of the JQ series, and I find this one was a little disappointing. I'm not saying it's a bad game, it's just that I couldn't get into it as much as the previous ones. I keep trying, though! It seems I play one board, come back after a few days, play another board, come back after a few days, etc. It's not generating enough excitement for me to want to continue like a rabid raccoon (like other games do!)
 | Added on: August 30, 2010
i have been very challenged by this game. It is getting very difficult. I am stuck at one point now. I hope that I can soon get by it.
 | Added on: October 4, 2010
This is a nicely done game. You are playing match 3 puzzles in an attempt to restore your family tree. Each person represents a series of puzzles with a particular style. As you complete each timed level, you are given bonus points at the end and a puzzle piece. The puzzle pieces complete the pictures of the people within your family tree. So far the difficulty hasn't been too bad, though I did have to redo one level again. The game is well made but I would imagine it will become quite challenging with time due to the timer.
 | Added on: August 26, 2010
 | Added on: August 16, 2010
I love the Jewel Quest series and just when I thought there couldn't be another new twist, you came up with "Heritage". Good job! Loved playing it!
 | Added on: March 3, 2012
I am a Jewel Quest fanatic and if I could I would own all of the different Jewel Quest games. I like the variety of the boards and the fact that they are colorful, engaging, and challenging. I enjoy the different story lines for those that have stories to tell. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes match 3 games!
 | Added on: September 9, 2010
This challenging game has a large variety of playing. I like it because if it is too tough to get threw the round then all you have to do is keep playing and it will give you extra time or extra coins or what ever to make it easier to pass the round. I play it and play it for hours. It is very addicting. Fun for hours!
 | Added on: August 16, 2010
Good graphics, but in comparison to previous releases, I got bored pretty fast. I waited forever for this game and was a little bit dissappointed.
 | Added on: October 6, 2010
This is the best of the Jewel Quest series and starts off relatively easy, but becomes increasingly difficult. Still, there's plenty of time to think about how to solve the most challenging puzzles. If you like Match 3 games, you'll love this one.
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
I have bought all the jewel quest games as soon as they come out. they have all been fun . this one I like because of the variety of puzzles and boards to play.
 | Added on: August 20, 2010
a very enjoyable and a game to kill some time without feeling it was a waste
 | Added on: November 4, 2010
Jewel Quest is a real good Match 3 game and is so exciting after you pass each level. The graphics are very colorful and the storyline has a way of keeping you in til the end. It's a good game for all and I have gotten others hooked on it. It's going to be hard to find another challenging game with this much fun! And I beg someone to try! Thanks it's at the top of my favorites.
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
I've played all the Jewel Quest games and I think they've gone too far abroad with the extras. The game is still the same, but I found it tedious to deal with all the window dressing instead of getting to the jewel boards. Remembering all the rules for different boards impeded the enjoyment of the game.
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
this game seems to be a lot easier than some of the other jewel quest games. I am having a lot of pleasure from playing this game
 | Added on: October 20, 2011
This Jewel Quest is slightly different than the other Jewel Quest games and is very enjoyable. Another dimension has been added.
 | Added on: September 30, 2010
I like this game as well as the others, and find it challenging. I like to have to stratigis to finish a board. Wish they would have used the word "drag" when tutoring the keys mode.
 | Added on: September 28, 2010
This game is so addictive that I would rather play than answer e-mail. It starts off seriously easy and as you progress it gets harder, and really makes you think. Thanks for a really great game.
 | Added on: September 15, 2010
Wow the last level is tough. You really need to think out your moves.