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 | Added on: August 5, 2013
This can be a fun Match 3. It's played with a timer, and if you don't finish within the allotted time, you can ask for an extra 5 minutes on your second attempt. You can purchase power-ups, which definitely come in handy as the levels get more complicated. And you can also use the bricks you earn to build buildings in Atlantis. My biggest gripe is that for some of the puzzles, the different figures are not always easy to distinguish from each other. There are other Match 3s of this same type that I have enjoyed a good deal more, but this one was still fun.
 | Added on: June 27, 2013
I usually don't use a lot of strategy when playing these games, but in this one you are often able to set up a move. It's a fun game that gets more difficult as you go along but buying the "power ups" helps a lot. Has kept me interested than most match 3 games.
 | Added on: July 2, 2013
It has everything you would expect...basic jewel-style Match 3 puzzles, bonuses for bigger matches, and powerups to help with clearing the puzzle. However, a few things of note: 1. The general credit system for buying powerups means that you can save up for later levels, and you can use the powerup you want at the right time. 2. Although the levels are challenging, it is definitely possible to hit most of them with at most a couple powerups (as I got near the end, however, I found myself using powerups, partly to speed things along, partly to help complete). 3. Although there is technically a "mini-game" to unlock buildings, which makes new powerups available, the mini-game is just a slightly different style of the Match 3 puzzle.

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