In Search of the Lost TempleIn Search of the Lost Temple
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 | Added on: November 20, 2012
I wanted to like this game. I was prepared to put up with the tiny objects because I liked the level of detail in helping the grandfather and having to gather things at the hospital. BUT, I got stuck at the hospital. From online forums I learned that I needed to pick up a blue cloth in the maintenance closet and wet it down, but I can't pick it up. I can see it, but I can't get it into my inventory, and hence I'm stopped before I even get to the exotic stuff. One person said she could proceed after she dumped the game and reloaded it. So I tried that, but it didn't work for me. That problem aside, the game is awkward and behaves like the product of a developer with limited experience. The potential is there, but it doesn't deliver.
 | Added on: November 26, 2012
this game was awful. the items were extremely tiny, and a lot of the time they didn't look like what they were. frustrating game from the beginning.
 | Added on: November 14, 2012
If it was bigger in the hidden scenes. It was so small that it took away from enjoying the hidden object scenes.
 | Added on: November 16, 2012
I could not enjoy the game as I could not see most of the hidden objects. Some were just too small and some were at the bottom of my screen and just couldn't be seen.
 | Added on: November 17, 2012
I couldn't do this for more than 5 mins. because my eyes hurt trying to find things....objects waaaaay too small
 | Added on: December 24, 2012
This game is not for a beginners who is starting out how to play hidden object that has to figure out what to do next, in each scene. First of all founding the objects wasn't hard, but as you get into the game some of the objects you click on didn't respond, and had to use hints which would show you the same object that you clicked on, plus some of the objects were small and intewined with other objects that made it hard to find.When you advance to another scene you were to use the inventory but the inventory didn't go with the scene, you would have to go to another scene in order to get the item that you needed, but at times there wouldn't be a arrow to tell you that you had to do something, so you would have to figure it out, and then the nuts and gears wouldn't appear to assist u either. Some of the clues that they used left you hanging like for instance the crown on the statue, and the clock that was suppose to be fixed but never got fixed, and some more things that were suppose to be done but never got done. The mini games were a little difficult to solve and some wasn't explained well to complete them. I think I completed four out of maybe ten, but other then that I like attempting to play the mini games. Last I didn't like the way it ended, I didn't know I was to the end until I played the free, and realize I was to the end.
 | Added on: November 14, 2012
I just couldn't play more than 15 minutes. The music was annoying. The objects were small, far away, and needless to say hard to find. Not recommending this game.
 | Added on: November 19, 2012
Absurdly small objects, Silly story line with little continuity between scenes. Sometimes the objects are hidden so well they are off the screen,
 | Added on: November 20, 2012
I'm sorry to say that I wasted nearly 3 hours on this game only to find out that I could go no farther. I kept thinking that I'd forgotten to pick up an item or perform some sort of task but after the second time I found myself unable to escape the second "chapter" (in the medical facility) by erasing surveillance tapes, I pulled the plug and deleted it. The gameplay itself wasn't too bad but the HOs did tend to be very small and I wasn't able to finish very many of the scenes without using the hint button (which takes some time to recharge). There were a lot of red herrings in this one - objects that flash but have no purpose in progressing through the game - like the statue in the living room or the electrical box in the storage room at the medical facility. The game also dumped me twice, both times in the same place at the medical facility, and I suspect that this was a glitch that rendered it impossible to make any more progress. I'm sorry that I'll never get to see the endgame. I recommend you pass on thos one altogether and play something else.

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