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Reviews of Heart's Medicine - Season One
 | Added on: January 14, 2016
This was a good time filler while waiting for the next installment of Delicious Emily or even Angela's full game. I thought it was just okay for me but the story line was nice. I didn't encounter any bugs and I could get a star on the levels without much trouble.
 | Added on: January 3, 2016
open this game because it is fun and interesting and I love her
 | Added on: December 14, 2015
I adore this game. After catching Dr. Heart cameo in the latest Emily (Delicious series) game, I decided to revisit this one. Please, please, PLEASE release part two as soon as possible! Dr. Heart is one of the only time management heroes who can hold a candle to Emily in my eyes. Thank you for creating such wonderful characters.
 | Added on: December 14, 2015
I would really love to know when season 2 is coming!!!
 | Added on: December 6, 2015
Fans of the Delicious series of games won't be disappointed. First played this some time ago, and have been eagerly awaiting the second season. Lots of fun!
 | Added on: November 28, 2015
I'm a huge fan of the delicious series and when I cam across this one I thought I'd try it out and when I did I was hooked I bought it and it's a lot of fun. I'm a huge fan of time management games aswell. I sent gamehouse a message to see if they'd come out with a season 2 and they said they were in 2016 oh I can't wait for the next season I definatly recommend this one.
 | Added on: November 23, 2015
Though this game was very fun to play I have to say it was quiet short. Given I am used to time management games like the Delicious series which have plenty of levels, this game finished in the blink of an eye. I did like the background to Allison and her reasons for becoming a doctor as well as the game play with no glitches that I could see. I have heard rumors there will be a Season Two or that Allison will at least appear again in the near future (she just turned up in the latest Delicious game!) so I will be keeping an eager eye out for it.
 | Added on: November 20, 2015
This game is awesome. I just beat it and got all of the trophies. It was so much fun. I did have to go back into some of the levels later and up some grades and do what was required to get certain trophies but it wasn't really a big deal. It's great to see how it somehow connects with the Delicious games. Most of the GameHouse objects you have to find are things from Emily's games. I really hope they come out with the Season 2 of this game. I'm sold on it.
 | Added on: November 13, 2015
I follow Delicious Emily's games I have played all of them and I have downloaded and bought this lastest game that has 2 people from Heart's Medicine Season One..One Facebook they said I believe by next summer they will be a Heart Medicine Season Two I was hoping sooner but oh well we just have to wait...
 | Added on: October 17, 2015
all stars for heart's medicine. my second time playing in a while. when will season two begin?
 | Added on: September 12, 2015
Agree with a previous review left! This is one time management game I revisit over and over again and I love it! I keep waiting and expecting a season 2 and 3 etc because it's sooo good! SEASON 2 pretty please!!!!!!
 | Added on: September 5, 2015
I rediscovered this game the other day. I usually don't leave reviews, but if it will get a season 2, then leave a review I will. This is easily one of the better time management games I've ever played, and I've played a lot. Please release a season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!
 | Added on: August 5, 2015
I love this game. The story is great. Its has smooth game play. I wish there was a season 2! Please make a season two@
 | Added on: January 31, 2015
I almost talked myself out of trying this game and I'm really glad that I didn't. It has a smooth game play and the story line is very interesting. My only disappointment is that the game was released in 2010 and they have yet to come out with part 2!
 | Added on: December 28, 2014
I really enjoyed playing this game. I finished the whole thing!!! and I didn't feel like my brain was turning to mush, now this is my kind of computer game. I really think u should give this one a try if ur browsing around for a good time mangt/action game.
 | Added on: November 6, 2014
This game is genuinely fun to play. The story line is interesting and very funny. I play all time management games and this one is very unique and provides it's own very creative spin. I highly recommend it. I am looking forward to Season 2.
 | Added on: November 6, 2014
This is one of the good game that Zylom made. I hope Zylom could continue making this game for a good, long, and romantic series like Delicious - Emily and Patrick
 | Added on: October 27, 2014
I would love to play more "seasons" of this drama ;)
 | Added on: July 11, 2014
This is a great game! It can be challenging at times, but never a dull moment. The story line was very interesting and was filled with real life experiences. I love the little mini game questions. Very accurate. The only thing is, I beat it in a couple of hours. Other than that, this game is highly recommended.
 | Added on: September 28, 2011
I thought this game was refreshingly unique. Completely different than the other time management games. I think this game was extremely well done. One of the few games that when I finished, I did not mind starting over. Cleaning up the waiting room for the last trophy took me a minute but it was definitely worth it. I cannot wait for a sequel to be made. I have played all of your time management games and this was one of the best.
 | Added on: November 4, 2012
This time management game is challenging, especially at the later levels. It was difficult, but not impossible, to achieve the highest goals. The mini-games were also challenging and unusual. Very creative. The plot was hokey. And the advanced levels take place in pre-natal and childrens wards. There was also a level in the plastic surgery ward. Not to sound sexist (I'm a guy), but there was a -very- heavy female emphasis here, much moreso than in other female-character games. This is good or bad, depending upon your point of view. I enjoyed it, but I don't think I'll be replaying anytime soon.
 | Added on: November 26, 2011
I totally love Heart's Medicine-Season One. There is no timer. Instead of a clock you advance by getting the minimum (or higher) score. Three difficulty options. Like a hospital-based soap opera,with an interesting story.Great upgrades and really unique minigames.
 | Added on: December 19, 2011
Look at me I am a doctor! This was a really fun game. The tools are the only irritating part
 | Added on: January 4, 2011
Knowing this was created by the same creaters of the Delicious Emily series, I was very disappointed in this game. To me it was boring and not at all challenging. Also it was too short. Because the guinea pigs run around, they were easy to find and catch. I think it would be a better game for kids
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
This game was just fun and enjoyable to play. The mini-games increase in difficulty which provides some challenge. If you enjoy the Delicious series, this is the game for you.
 | Added on: December 8, 2011
Amazing game! It had a very good pace and required a little bit of thinking. I Hope Season 2 comes very soon!!!!
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
This was a great game. It kept me engaged because it had good game play and a really cute storyline. Can't wait for the sequel!
 | Added on: March 4, 2012
I loved this game. I have always been a fan of the tm games created by the people who made this. I love medical and this game kept me on my toes and the storyline was great if you like medical games that give you a lot to do plus follow special cases this is the game for you. the only complaint that I would have is it was too short but still I can't wait for part 2!
 | Added on: December 9, 2010
This was every bit as good as the Delicious Series put out by the same company with the one exception that it was too short. Really enjoyed playing it but finished it in less than a day (including going back to get all the trophies, perfect scores and guinea pigs I missed) which was disappointing on a first run, but still was worth the gamepass ticket!
 | Added on: November 18, 2010
i liked the story in this game. the variety was really good, almost as if a real docter instead of a game! cant wait till the next one comes out!
 | Added on: November 10, 2010
If you liked the "Emily" games you will enjoy this one too. New characters to enjoy and watch for future games.
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
Loved the game.. Waiting for the next one...It kept me entertained and wanting more. The story line was also very interesting.
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
I was in on the beta test for this and I'm impressed by the improvements they made to what was already a good game concept. Can't wait for the next in the series.
 | Added on: July 13, 2013
I've loved the Delicious games, and this is a game with the exact same controls, ideas. Where you just change locations in the Delicious games, you go to a whole different department of the hospital, each with 5 levels. The general storyline is very cute, though each department has a tiny storyline itself. This game never gets boring, because each time, there are new things to explore, more trophies to achieve and more people to heal. It's one of my favorite games and I'm still waiting for a Season 2 to come... :)
 | Added on: May 2, 2011
I played the delicious games so when I saw this game was made by them I thought it should be good cause I am good at time management games and I enjoyed the other delicious series games they made and after I downloaded and went through the free trial I had to buy it and I just beat it. I can't wait to play the next one. It's a fun always keep you on your toes never boring type of game if your into time management games or if you've played the other series the creaters made called delicious you'll love this game.
 | Added on: November 15, 2010
I like the oveall design of the game and the flow of the stages. The mini-games added interesting challenges along the way.
 | Added on: July 8, 2011
I loved the variety of mini games so far my favorite time management game. Great job!
 | Added on: November 5, 2010
I was really hooked right at the beginning of the game, and i could let it go. This game has one of the best stories, music and good play value. i haven't tried this since all of the delicious games. I'm really looking forward to "Season 2". Hope that it will come very soon!
 | Added on: November 10, 2010
don't usually write reviews, but i really loved this game, sure it seemed like it was over to soon, but that was because i was so addicted i think i played right through to the end the first time around. i liked that this was the same setup as the delicious serious with a different plot and environment, and personally i loved the hospital setting. i thought the mini games were fun and it held just the right amount of challenge. can't wait for the next episode keep up the good work gamehouse!
 | Added on: November 22, 2010
I don't usually enjoy time management games due to the fact that they are too clicky. This is a one-of- a-kind that incorporates mini games that are a delight. Not too clicky, with plenty of variety. Good replay value and quite addictive. I finished the easy and normal modes and will give the expert a try. Great game for the whole family.
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
This is truly a great game. It is definately unique. Lots of fun, very engaging, and not the same old ideas. Each level is different. Really well designed and thought out.
 | Added on: November 9, 2010
 | Added on: January 11, 2011
Very good game. I played the free trial of it. I was very disapointed when it ended so im getting it using my FunPass. I enjoy the Delicious games and I have played all of them too. So i'm glad they made a diferent game. In the Delicious games you had to find objects that had somthing to do with the previous game, so for this one the objects are for the Delicious Holiday game. I'm wondering what would have happend if I didn't save the man in the begining maybe i'll just go back and find out! :) Very good game. Worth buying.
 | Added on: January 11, 2011
I really enjoy time management games, however I thought this one was very short, It only took me a couple of hours to finish the game. I did like the story line and hope that a "season two" comes out because there was a lot of promise here. I would like to see a much longer game in the future.
 | Added on: December 7, 2010
I really liked this game and thought it was a lot of fun BUT it was way too short. If I had any idea it was only 25 levels (that I got through in a matter of days), I would not have purchased it. I definitely think somewhere around 50 levels is good for a game. Liked the story line for this, and different specialties but again, too short.
 | Added on: May 4, 2011
I love the Delicious series, and this is very much like those, only with even more to do. Lots of mini games in each level along with side tasks and hidden Easter eggs. No way to get bored. I just wish it was even longer. I've finished the whole game in one evening, but now I'll go back and play for the trophies.
 | Added on: December 13, 2010
I was done with this game in a 1/2 day and that's not playing continuously. Although I enjoyed it, I felt some of the challenges didn't give clear enough instructions as to what to do. I guess if you're a regular gamer, it's not an issue. It had a cute story line and the makers obviously are leaving the ending wide open for a sequel. Hopefully the next game will be much longer.
 | Added on: November 15, 2010
I did like the game, story line was good, but it was too short plus the clicking to expand the circle was not fun, I had to try several times to get it to expand to the right level...hard on the clicking hand... It did have some find on your own objects from other games? It could of also had more adventure... I kept waiting for more to happen or to do in the game in other words more features....All in all I would rate average, unlike some of your other games which I would rate excellant the "I can't wait for the next Adventure" games.
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
I absolutely loved this game! I am a big fan of the Delicious series, and this game was right along those lines, with the extra things you had to do and find. Please create a season 2 very soon!!!!!
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
I love this game.... although I would like to see more Levels available thought it was to short but other then that was fast paced and addictive
 | Added on: February 26, 2012
When I first downloaded this game I figured it would be like any other time management game...I must say I was pleasantly surprised!! I loved the characters and the storyline. I also love the fact that this game causes you to pay attention to your surroundings so that you can find hidden objects while assisting various patients. I enjoyed this so much that I can't wait for season two!!
 | Added on: February 4, 2012
I have had this game for ages, and recently did my 3rd or 4th play through which spurred me to A. look for season 2 (AGAIN), and B. write this reveiw. The game is such a nice approach to the TM Genre, and I think the creators of this, and the Delicious series are to be commended for working in a great mix of story, character development, and game play. I think all TM and resource management players are happy to get out of the kitchen once in a while, hence the successes of Roads to Rome and My Kingdom for the Princess - but I feel Heart's Medicine takes the cake. The story, the drama, the mini games, the graphics, all delightful. I'm afraid there won't be a season 2, as the original was released 11/3/10 - so very long ago. Anyway, if you haven't played it already, and you enjoy TM games, give this one a go. I find it very unlikely you will be disappointed. If they'd maybe let Emily take a little break, and let our young doctor Allison Heart back out to play - well, I think there'd be a lot of happy fans!
 | Added on: December 13, 2010
I agree with all the players that say the game is way too short. But I also think that it is really not very interesting. The minigames are always the same and too easy adn the difficulty does not raise through the game. Plus I like time-management games, not games that think they are TV series where all you have to do is watch the "action" (a slow, dull action) and click to read the lines. I loved Emily's tea garden (notably because the decor was beautiful) but I don't like the trend that took those games since Emily's taste of fame. And Heart's medicine has all the defects of Emily's taste of fame, minus the interest of the game. If I had knew I wouldn't have bought it.
 | Added on: February 2, 2012
I did not enjoyt this game, i found it boring and too easy, I had a hard finishing the game because of those reason.
 | Added on: November 22, 2010
Involved, intelligent I love it, wishing never end... Waiting and ready for the second seaseon!!!
 | Added on: April 23, 2012
Not a bad game, but I wish it was longer. I finished it the day I bought it. My 10 year old enjoyed it too.
 | Added on: November 4, 2010
If you are a fan of Delicious, this is a must-have game for you! I have been waiting for the newest Delicious game because I love time-management games, and Delicious always has a story-line. This will not disappoint if you enjoy those things as well. There are a lot of original mini-games included.
 | Added on: March 7, 2012
Enjoyed this creative, fun and colorful time management game. Up there with my favorites Cake Mania and the 1st and 2nd Diner Dash games. Definitely a keeper especially for Collectors and the child in us who missed growing up with video or pc games! Just speaking for myself, of course! ^_^ Enjoy!!
 | Added on: November 12, 2010
Fun game with an interesting story even if it played like a soap opera between levels. The art was fantastic and the cutscenes and animation were much more than you find in the average casual game. The theme song was catchy too. I didn't find the game to be short like others have complained, but I tend to bounce around from one game to the next as opposed to focusing on one the entire sitting. It seemed to have somewhere around 25-30 different "levels" to complete in order to finish the story. The best part is they offered three different experience levels to choose from. Beginner was super easy so the TM addicts should probably skip normal and go straight to expert mode. I think my only gripes were we were left largely on our own to figure out the different objectives. The main objectives to complete each level were explained clearly but other objectives like finding unique Gamehouse items were usually discovered by accident. And what was the deal with those guinea pigs, anyway? A hospital infested with that many rodents needs an exterminator.
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
This is very easy to play and quite addictive, although not as enjoyable as the delicious games. Only downside is it is very short, and the reason for only 4 stars
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
This was an interesting time management game. Within the necessary requirements were several bonus challenges. You could look for items from another game and a lost guinea pig. There were also mini games within the regular day: piecing together broken bones, taking blood temperatures, etc. All in all, I'd recommend this game.
 | Added on: November 10, 2010
Pretty easy, definitly short, but good story....a unique option for time management games.
 | Added on: April 29, 2011
I loved this game. It reminds me of Delicious Deluxe and I own all of them. I can't wait until they make another one of Heart's Medicine.
 | Added on: September 29, 2012
Glad I tried this as a free game of the day, even though I'm not a time management fan (timers are stressful!). The cartoony art style of the characters seemed out of place compared to the marvelous graphics of the hospital, but the animations of the characters were entertaining, and there was actually a decent storyline. I enjoyed playing doctor, but it was hectic and stressful trying to keep all the patients happy (just like a real ER), so I bumped down to the beginner level. I recommend this game!
 | Added on: November 4, 2010
This game was a real let down... All the hype on GameHouse for the last month or two and the game played in a few hours. These games that only have a few levels to play make me wish I never bought them. Although the game is original, I found it short. I also found it frustrating to have a the Doctors and patients commentary popping up during game play. The commentary is about 1/3 of the game. How boring is that? In order to cure the patients, you play mini-games and some of those are frustrating... especially the prenatal ultrasound. There is swearing. I guess those who made the game feel it is okay to do this. Many times in game play, when you are trying to click a patient to go to a different spot, it doesn't click right... nothing happens. You have to re-click to make the patient move. Things are also dreadfully slow in some treatments. If this is season one, and there happens to be a season two, I doubt I will purchase it unless it has much longer game play, very short commentary, and fun, less frustrating mini-games. I feel like I wasted my money... way too short! So much for the hype!!! If you must have it, wait for the $2.99 deal to come around. You may still feel like you wasted your money.
 | Added on: May 2, 2011
Enjoyed playing this game alot can not wait for part 2 to come out
 | Added on: November 29, 2010
I totally LOVED this game. I can't say enough about it; and I certainly can hardly wait for season two.
 | Added on: November 5, 2010
If you enjoy the Delicious games, you'll probably like this one as well. While I'm not crazy about the hospital setting, it is a lot of fun. Must have for TM lovers!
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
A fun time management game with a soap opera type story line. I don't usually play these types of games, but I found myself determined to get expert on all of the levels. I can't wait for the next "season".
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
Fun game with interesting concept but not alot of depth.
 | Added on: November 5, 2010
The game was more challenging than I expected in spite of the fact that I have played all the Emily (Delicious) games and gotten expert on every level. It was really really really hard to get the guinea pig since he moves sooooo fast and is never in the same place twice!!!! I also like the story, but it was frustratingly incomplete. I expected the main character to chose which of the 2 doctors she would date, and I was really disappointed because that conflict didn't get resolved. In Emily's Holiday Season, we got to pick which guy Emily went with in the end, and the love story in those games was developed a lot more in the game than in this game. The game also seemed really short compared to Emily's Taste of Fame and Emily's Holiday Season. Nevertheless I enjoyed the challenge of trying to get expert at every level and will have to keep working to achieve that.
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
Great addictive time management game. Unfortunately this game is too short, I finished the whole game in few hours. I'd prefer longer game for the price I paid.
 | Added on: November 4, 2010
Wow I have been waiting for this game to come out and let me tell you it is well worth the wait ! Gamehouse you have done it again this is clearly the best time management game to come along in a long time ! This game is fun yet serious. You deal with with real everyday medical problems the opening scene blew me away with the car accident and I knew this wasn't going to be your ordinary time management game and you pulled me in from the opening scene. I loved the mini games they were all cute and challenging the ultra sound mini topped them all the little baby looked so real. This game has it all fun, funny, serious you name it it's got it. This is an awesome game you have got to try this one if you love time management games this one will quickly be on the top of your list. Give this game a try you'll be glad you did trust me. Thank you Gamehouse and give yourself a big pat on the back for this one you did a bang up job and got it all right ! Way to Go !!
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
Although I absolutely love the 'Delicious' games, it makes a refreshing change to play a TM game that has nothing to do with cooking. Good storyline that's more 'grown up' than most TM games and great graphics. My only problem with it is the fact that it is way too short (hence the 4 stars and not 5)! Overall, an extremely entertaining game and I eagerly await Season 2.
 | Added on: July 14, 2011
a great game that makes you think a bit. however it ended too quickly
 | Added on: November 29, 2010
I was disappointed after waiting for this game for so long. Very short game. I was finished with the game in a couple of days of play. I liked the other Emily games alot more. I think if there were more levels, it would have been better. The mini games were too easy and within the first round or two. you had already purchased all the upgrades. Graphics had quality and I hope the next game will be longer. I would probably not play this game through again.
 | Added on: November 9, 2010
I love this game. Yes, it IS short. But, I'm replaying the levels on Normal to get to Expert and to earn all of the trophies. Then I plan to replay on Hard to do the same. This really is a fun game. Some of the mini games are quite challenging - I found the ultrasound pretty tricky. And catching the guinea pig was sometimes hard. If you enjoy the Delicious games, you'll definitely like this one. I can't wait for the sequel !
 | Added on: April 25, 2011
i really enjoyed this game. one of the best i've played so far! engaging storyline and good replay value.
 | Added on: October 28, 2012
I absolutely loved this game! it was exactly what I was looking for to just relax and play a nice game with an awesome story. Please come out with season 2 already!
 | Added on: November 4, 2010
Finally, another one from the folks who made the Delicious series! This game is very similar to those, but set in a hospital where you have the opportunity (during your residency) to work in many different areas of the hospital, for a variety of doctors. There's the usual romantic twist, too! And while this isn't a very long game, it IS only "season one," so hopefully season two isn't far behind. You'll find similarities such as a guinea pig that you have to click (like the mouse from Emily games), and even artifacts from previous Delicious games that you can find in most scenes. I highly enjoyed this, and can't wait for the sequel!
 | Added on: March 11, 2012
i bought this game and fell in love with it i hope that the designers of this game reads the reviews and start on season two cause if they don't it will be a big loss to all of us that love the game it is like being in a real hospital lovvvve it.
 | Added on: November 30, 2010
I love this game. I love the story that went with it. It was worth the money.
 | Added on: November 9, 2010
This was one of the best games I've played all year. I really enjoyed the storyline and the progression of Dr. Heart's character. All of the other characters were engaging as well. I highly recommend this fun-filled game and I can't wait for the sequel.
 | Added on: November 16, 2010
I really like this game, and I can't wait until more seasons come out--but it was really short. I played the trial, bought the game, and finished it within an hour of buying it. :(
 | Added on: February 23, 2013
I love all the Delicious games but sometimes I do get tired of cooking. This takes the Delicious format and turns it into a medical drama. You play as an intern who spends a week in each of the different departments. The game isn't particularly challenging, but I really enjoyed playing it. The games were creative and I loved the diversity between the different departments in the hospital. This game captured my interest from the get go and I didn't get bored at all while playing. I just wish it would have been longer. I'm crossing my fingers for a season 2!
 | Added on: July 9, 2012
This game was perfect! I loved it, and played in for hours straight. I will definitely replay this game. The graphics are just right, the plot is just right, the time management is perfect! I've been waiting ages for a game like this, and I'm happy to have finally found one that was this fun, and interesting.
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
My only problem with this game is that it is too short! The story was lots of fun and really made you feel for the characters. The game itself was a good take on the TM type games, with a few hidden object bonuses (used for achievements) and some very fun mini games. The art style is awesome, and the levels are varied enough that the game doesnt get old or repetitive at all. I can't wait for Season 2!
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
The game is original in that it dares to address some sensitive topics that I have not seen in casual games before. As for game play, I started at regular setting (easy and advanced are also available) and I'm finding the game somewhat mindless clicking without much variety. Hospitals don't excite me, either. However, keeping in mind the great strides the developers made from the first Delicious, which was clunky at best, to the most recent, which is excellent, they may do wonders with this as well. And I expect more Dr. Heart issues as they call this one "Season One." You can also go back after the trophies and top scores if you didn't get them the first time around to make it more challenging. This time you catch a guinea pig instead of a rat and find real things from other games instead of non-existent easter eggs like in Emily's Delicious (and delightful) holiday adventure. So, it's an OK game, worth downloading if you like TM. It's a large file--over 200 MB. Just a head's up to those of you, like me, who have measured service.
 | Added on: November 18, 2010
Enjoyed the game but no matter how hard I tried I could not beat the expert part on some things. Wish there were more levels though.
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
Great game! I enjoyed every instalment of Emily's Delicious Deluxe so naturally I love this game :)
 | Added on: November 15, 2010
i really really love it. if you like the 'delicious' or 'emily' games as i call them you love this one too. also i am a nurse and it is rare to find a good medical based game. it makes you think, it has a good story line, different things are introduced in each level and never a dull moment. i suppose if your a pro at time management it might be a little slow but for your average player it is enjoyable and i will play it over and over again!! i am also going to suggest to my nursing friends too which i never do. :)
 | Added on: October 8, 2012
I absolutely loved this game, i played it when it first came out and i really enjoyed it since then iv completed it about 4 times. I like the story line, animation, colour and even the sounds. Definitely worth a try, wish they would bring a season 2 out.
 | Added on: December 3, 2010
Fun, enjoyable game. Positives: I like the differences in the chapters, the mini-games change, and the story progresses as well. Game has a good theme, with a positive over-all concept. Entertaining characters. Good originality. Good balance of clicky reactions and tactical planning. negatives: Game took unusually long to down-load, and was short. You have to play a female character. (Now, I don't mind playing a female, but it is better to have a choice.)
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
The graphics are very nice and the opening scene of the game really impressed me - trying to save a life but it went downhill pretty quick and pretty much right from the get go for me as I agree with KathyPA's review as I found the game to have way too much commentary interruption (chit chat) while you're trying to cure patients. Also as mentioned trying to get the patients to move way too much picky clicky madness for me as I would have to click a few times. The mini games also frustrated me. A few shifts (levels) of this game was all I could cope. Give this a whirl however as most have enjoyed it which I hope you do too however this game is definitely not for me.
 | Added on: April 28, 2011
I had quite good fun on this game. My 5 year old loves it, especially when the patients get angry. He thinks its hilarious. All in all, a pretty good game and good value for money.
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
I really enjoyed this game. So much so that I was very disappointed that it was over so quickly.I will not be purchasing this as not enough challenging levels and because so short.
 | Added on: October 14, 2013
I love this game! It is so much fun & I can't wait for season 2!! Try it but be prepared to get the full game!!
 | Added on: November 4, 2010
As far as time management goes, this is pretty simple, however, the story line kept me highly involved. All in all a good game.
 | Added on: November 12, 2010
I really enjoyed Heart's Medicine. The minigames added a nice twist to the TM aspect and the story line was GREAT. It was a bit short though, so I'm looking forward to the next installment!
 | Added on: February 18, 2013
This game is very fun. It is somewhat like Delicious Emily's games, only it is in a medical clinic. I love the story and I want to know more. I hope that we get more soon.
 | Added on: March 10, 2014
This game is an absolute favorite. If you like any other 'Emily" time management games, this one is just like it! Other than the basics, it is a unique game that is loads of fun!!
 | Added on: November 19, 2010
very fun game..fast paced..challenging..keeps my interest
 | Added on: November 10, 2010
The game is VERY short - I finished it in a little over 2 hours (however, I beta tested a previous version, so I didn't spend a lot of time reading the story), still, I can't imagine it taking longer than 3 hours. If you have a Fun Pass membership, I'd definitely recommend it, but I don't think I'd pay for it on its own. If you like the "Delicious" series, you'll definitely like this one, hopefully they'll get the second chapter out soon!!!
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
I thought this game was FUN!! The graphics were very detailed and awesome. I really enjoyed the theme and the characters were "characters" :-) I can't wait for Season Two. I highly recommend this game!!
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
First review written because it has all the makings of a fun game, but loses it's heartbeat in less than 4 hours.
 | Added on: November 10, 2010
I enjoyed this game but felt it could have been alittle more complex. Will be waiting for the second one!
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
I found the game to be very unique with it's evolving and interesting storyline. I liked the game characters and the mini-games were mostly challenging. I didn't think the game was appropriate for kids under 12, because some issues dealt with death, divorce, etc., and were kind of sad. Would depend on the kid. All-in-all I'm excited to see what happens in the 2nd "season".
 | Added on: November 9, 2011
I just wish it was a little longer.. Cant wait for season 2! Story line was different nothimg else like it.
 | Added on: November 19, 2010
I really like this game, it keeps your interest and has a little soap opera feel to it!
 | Added on: November 4, 2010
The makers of Delicious games have done it again with this fantastic, addicting Heart's Medicine. Definately worth the wait. Once I started I just couldn't stop, played half the day and still not done, so it's not short play, which is what I love about the Delicious games as well!!! If you love Time Management the way I do then I assure you, you would want to add this to your collection. Two thumbs up for graphics , gameplay, and storyline. Music is fun too :)). I can't wait for the next season!!
 | Added on: November 3, 2011
I loved playing this game! It was a joy to play! The only thing I would add is a romance for Dr. Heart! Please make a Season Two!
 | Added on: September 16, 2013
This is just a lovingly designed game. The graphics are cute, the story interesting, and all of the levels and mini-games were very engaging. I really enjoyed this game, and was sad when it ended. I don't give out 5 stars very often, but this game deserves it!
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
This game is perfect! It has a really addictive gameplay with really great minigames, various tasks and a few hidden object elements. Amazing background graphics and animations!
 | Added on: November 5, 2010
It was a really fun game I enjoyed playing it a lot. I think that it had an original story line. I liked the minigames within the game as well. It was an all around good game wouldn't mind playing more like this!
 | Added on: September 16, 2012
Game was fun. Didn't want it to end! Ready for episode 2!
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
All in all a great game....one that I wish was longer. Only things I thought were 'corny' was the dialogue (story line) and I wish you could skip some of that stuff but there is not the option to skip. Hopefully they will add that feature for the next one. Also, I did not like how little of time you got in some of the extra games. I will however, buy the 2nd episode on my fun pass when it becomes available. Oh one other downer is you can't create chains with the different areas, you have to do one then another one then another one which I found annoying.
 | Added on: January 11, 2011
The Delicious games are already good, so when I saw that they came out with Heart's Medicine I was excited since I was looking forward to another addition to Emily's story. This one is just as good of a story line as Delicious, good characters, and the game play is fun. Just as Delicious's first game it was super easy if you're used to this sort of play, so I give it 5 stars for originality, and doing a spin off of the prime time hospital dramas.
 | Added on: November 4, 2010
I've been waiting for this game since I've read the preview on Gamezebo back in summer, and it finally arrived! I finished the game on Normal mode and now replaying on Hard Mode, and I've been thoroughly enjoying the experience. It's as wonderful as Delicious series with interesting characters, storyline, friendship, romance and of course very original gameplay with fun mini-games. What makes the game so interesting is that as a residence doctor, you visit different ward in each level and share different experience with your colleagues and patients. The script is so well written and I never expected to feel emotional while playing TM game! If anything, I wish there are more levels since with Emily's games I always had long hours of joy. Overall I give it five stars because it's the beginning of another amazing series by Gamehouse and I can't wait to meet the characters again!
 | Added on: November 10, 2010
I loved it can't wait for season 2, and more like this
 | Added on: November 15, 2010
I was looking forward to this game. I love TM games but was disappointed by many aspects of the game. The mini-games were okay but unlike the Delicious Series, they were constant. You were never really keeping up with what the patients wanted as much as playing mini-games. Also some of the games were frustrating in the at they really were not clear in the answers. I found that taking blood pressure and the ultra-sound to be vague at times. Also, the interruptions in the game were frustrating. They did remind of Emily's towns folk coming up but I found them more irritating because it happened more frequently not just as a side quest but as part of the game mechanics. Furthermore, I found the checkout procedure to be annoying. You couldn't line more than 4 people up to check out, I think, because it seemed that when I tried to I ended up over there checking them out. Who ever heard of a doctor checking their own patients out? All in all, I only played for the free-trial and won't be using one of my credits on the game although I had definitely planned too. I am glad many enjoyed the game but it just wasn't for me.
 | Added on: November 30, 2011
This is an amazing game. It is simple enough in its game play to not be frustrating, but it is challenging enough in both in mini games and main story to get keep you interested. This is the only game I have ever liked or found intresting enough to play through again and again to get all of the trophies, because I just did not want it to end. The story is very nicely done, nicely detailed and quite fun.
 | Added on: November 4, 2010
Heart's Medicine is a wonderful game. It has the endearing characters and heartfelt storylines we are used to from the makers of the Delicious series. The graphics were very nice (though it did not play widescreen). There are three levels of difficulty to choose from, I chose easy to start with and had no problem getting expert scores, so I recommend experienced players to start on at least the normal mode. The game consisted of 25 levels, made up of 5 shifts in 5 different departments of the Hospital. As well as attending patients, which you allocate to various stations depending on their needs, there are side quests, such as treating an emergency patient, or picking up cookies that spilled from a plate. Every scene also has "Oliver the guinea pig" to look for and find, and he can be a speedy thing, also Easter Eggs to look for about various GameHouse games. You treat patients by playing various mini-games, there was only one of those I disliked (removing obstructions from an orifice, you had to move your mouse along a path, and I was not very good at that) the others were quite fun, and they all were relevant to the patients treatment. After the patient is treated they move to another station or get sent to a checkout desk, where depending on the number of hearts the patient has by then, you are scored. There are upgrades and powerups to use to help add or maintain the hearts, the aim to get all patients with gold hearts for maximum points. As the game and story moved along, the attachment to the characters grew and by the end I was sad the game was over and now look forward to Season 2.
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
I absolutely loved this game. After playing it for about 2 minutes, I realized that it had to made by the same people who do the Emily series, and brought it immediately. I ran right through it in one day, so I do believe that it could have had more levels, but I enjoyed playing it.
 | Added on: November 4, 2010
I loved this game!!! It was a great game! It was fun to play
 | Added on: April 29, 2011
Have started this now and play from time to time. Can be a bit easy but is good fun with the mini-games.
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
I did not like this game at all. It became boring rather quickly. Multiple clicking was not my idea of a fun TM game. Also very repetitive - finding injuries on legs or hands, putting the same bones together. Just not an enjoyable game. The guinea pig was cute but way to easy to find. Like the mice in Emily much better- at least they were a challenge to find. My recommendation; don't waste your money or your time.
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
If you love the Delicious series, this game is for you. The characters are engaging, the story line is good and overall it is a fine TM game. The bad - it does not have enough levels. I was pretty shocked that it ended quickly with no resolution. At times, the dialogue and tasks (answering questionnaires, taking a magazine quiz) was aggravating and interrupted game play without reason. Overall, it's a good game. I hope there is another episode coming soon to resolve some of these issues and hopefully include more levels.
 | Added on: December 6, 2010
I was really excited about this game when I first started playing it, it was really fun right off. But, after a little bit it started getting a little too repetitive and even kind of boring. It didn't get remotely challenging until "The Lab", and even then it wasn't that hard. It is a good game, it's original and it has good value. But, I am not sure if I will ever want to take the time to play the whole thing.
 | Added on: January 12, 2012
I like Heart's medicine, The drama in the game reminds me somewhat of the tv-show Grey's Anatomy, and it's fast paced, eventful and fun to play. What I also like about this game is that it's challening and has funny mini-games to the story. The only bad thing about this game was that it was a bit short. I finished it in a couple of hours and I wanted more. It's really entertaining, has fun twist, a bit of romance and a lot of medicine stuff. I want to have the second season now. My favourite part of the game was working in the Lab. I would have loved if they also could have had a surgeon staff member, so I could do some carving and stitching in the game. That would've been even cooler. :)
 | Added on: November 10, 2010
I like this type of game because the characters are interesting. This game was fun and entertaining. Every scene was different and challenging. I like the min games and the hidden object in certain scenes. I'm ready for the next one.
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
Another great game by the makers of Delicious series!!! Keep them coming, they are great!!!! I love the little stories within the game. The mini-games were very cute and fun!!!
 | Added on: February 3, 2012
I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this game. I loved the drama and the way it appeared to be like a prime time soap opera, similar to Grey's Anatomy. It was very involved and there was so much to do per shift that kept me on my toes. My only issue that is was a short game and I finished it in no time. Please hurry with Season 2.
 | Added on: December 18, 2012
I really loved the setting and the story. The graphics are quite nice too, and the minigames are just a lot of fun. They are inventive, and really add something to the game: you never get bored! This game is quite easy, but it isn't an issue, it's just perfect as it is - I don't need to be constantly challenged to have fun, so when a game is well balanced, that's just perfect.
 | Added on: December 17, 2012
This game is very enjoyable, even though I've beaten it several times and achieved all of the trophies, I cannot help myself from playing it over again a month later. The storyline is very sweet and I really hope that GameHouse makes the sequel soon so we can find out what happens!
 | Added on: April 28, 2011
I'll be honest, I hate soap operas. The over dramatic, over emotional stories just aren't my thing. But show me a good complex story with some great time management playability and I'm hooked. The game itself is actually pretty strait forward. If you've played the Delicious series you'll pick it up quick. The mini-games are what really adds spice to the standard game and a level of challenge I really liked. The multitude of trophies were a great incentive too. The story was a good background to the game. Not too overshadowing of the mechanics but playing an important role. The story was what kept the game moving, there was a reason for each scene so nothing felt too bogged down. If there are any problems I'd say they were a lack of replay ability and the main character. Once you know the story it's not as much of a reward to replay the game. As for Alison Heart herself I found her annoying, judgmental, and flighty. I focused more on the minor characters in the story than the character I'm meant to connect to most. Overall though this is a great game. Good solid time management core, fun background story, challenging, and of good length. I had a lot of fun playing it.
 | Added on: September 8, 2011
I really enjoyed this game, only wish it was longer. All the levels were entertaining and the story had me hooked from the beginning. Would highly recommend! Can't wait for season 2!
 | Added on: April 15, 2011
I am a BIG time management game player...This is one game that I didn't like at all..I thought it would be good since I love the Delicious Emily series. All the stopping to fix bones, remove yukies, place bandaids was much to slow for me....Needless to say, if they come out with the next chapter I wont be playing it....
 | Added on: May 11, 2012
It is basically Diner Dash with drama and a different story line.. however much more fun to play! Absolutely LOVE THIS GAME. Wish it was longer! Maybe season 2?
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
So fun! Within 10 minutes I knew I had to buy this one. So similar to the Delicious games yet completely different. Every round has extra challenges besides just managing the patients. Definately a replay. Too short - hopefully season two is longer. But I will be playing this one again for sure!
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
I really enjoyed playing this game. It was a neat concept for a time management game. It reminded me a lot of the Sally series with the mini-games. The only disappointing part is that I quickly beat all levels on expert and found all of the hidden objects. It doesn't have good replay value so I probably won't play it again now that I beat it. I look forward to the next installment to see what progress is made.
 | Added on: November 11, 2010
This game was EXCELLENT!! The graphics were fantastic, very detailed. Loved the theme and characters. Can not wait for the next one. Keep up the good work! The game however, was way too short. Completed whole game in a few hours
 | Added on: January 18, 2012
This is an awesome game only thing is when will the 2nd season be out?
 | Added on: November 22, 2010
Good storyline. Excellent game play, much like the Delicious games. Interesting concept, and well-researched, as many of the actions you had to execute for each medical specialty were fairly true-to-life. (Except for the waxing in the plastic surgeon's office... as if!) Biggest complaint was it was only 25 levels. I'll definitely play the next season in the series, but I hope in the meantime they develop a season with more "episodes!"
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
Dissapointed. The original Emily's was a real TM challenge, after that they got easier and easier, more story than game play. This game, was just so easy and so short. Even the story line was incomplete. I played without upgrades because they just made it even easier. Maybe good for kids, but I really miss TM games that challenge me. Mini games were a waste of time and boring as well.
 | Added on: November 4, 2010
What a great and original game! This is basically the Emily series but with a new character and in a different setting. The game has all the same charms - you really get to know the characters and there is a constant flux of new scenery, new things to do, and unexpected events plus lots of bonuses you can discover along the way. This game stays fresh the whole way through - you never play the same scene and do the same actions for more than about 5 levels at a time. The mini puzzles are fun to do, are all very fitting with the theme (such as finding "sore spots" on patients legs & hands or applying pressure to wounds, doing xrays and then piecing broken bones back together, taking blood pressure, etc). Such a variety and the storyline of this game is absolutely fantastic. LOVE the little old man who flirts with everyone in the laboratory - adorable or even the snarky cardiologist. The dialogue is true to life and seems quite realistic. Very endearing characters, you actually feel like the work you are doing is important - not your typical time management game at all. This one seems to be a little bit of TM, a little bit of strategy, a little bit of simulation game even. It's very evident all the time and effort that was put into this game. One of the best EVER. Would not be at all surprised to see this one win an award for most innovative game of the year.
 | Added on: November 19, 2010
I have played only one other hospital related Time Management game, but this one is better by leaps and bounds. The mini-games are original and well-developed, and keep the game from simply becoming a nonstop click-fest like a lot of other similar games. I normally don't care for too many minigames, but each part of the hospital has its own unique minigames that keeps it from getting tedious. It has also has a fairly developed storyline, which is fun. It appears to be made by the creators of the Delicious series (which I love), so if you like those games, you'll enjoy this game. I just finished the game on normal and started a new game on expert. :) Now, when can we expect Season Two? ;)
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
I found this to be disappointing since I love the Emily series. This game is kind of gross with the glass, nails, fish hooks, etc stuck in the skin - the festering sores, people dropping with heart attacks, staff infections - yuck - and just the hospital theme itself. Taking people's blood, handing out pills, checking for bad cells - no fun at all. Why not create a fun and light atmosphere? A theme park or something like that. I played for the free hour and was glad it was over. It moved slowly and many interruptions with needless dialogue. I skipped that though. I just felt it was slow and too easy to reach expert so far. Also, the extra duties within the level - wipe up the coffee, pick up the beads - nothing new or original from Emily. Nope, not a winner in my book. I hope they come out with something with more original games and a fun theme - not morbid and sickening.
 | Added on: November 21, 2011
Really liked the game, bought i but was disappointed with how fast I went through the game. Really short compared to most other games. But very original.
 | Added on: May 5, 2013
While quite a simple game and relatively short, Heart's Medicine has a deep story and beautiful graphics. Overall game play is relaxing and never too difficult. Not the game for those looking for a challenge but I still recommend everyone at least try the trial because it's so sweet. I particularly like that in each stage you're doing something completely different in medicine, unlike other time managements where your location is just different (cooking, usually). Love this game.
 | Added on: November 17, 2010
well, I liked the game, and the story line reminded me of a television show...However, the truth is, i was really hoping there would be more levels. I didn't really understand how to do the mini games with the directions given, but figured it out. I think with a bit more imagination, there could be more than one visit to each section, with more difficult or challenging levels. I finished it in a day, and I wanted more. So, it definitely was addictive..
 | Added on: February 23, 2013
if you love time management you will love this. But this is set in a hospital and it has several mini games within the game that will keep you interested.
 | Added on: August 21, 2012
This game was a lot of fun from the storyline to the setting. The mini story didn't feel as intrusive as the Emily series is sometimes when you're in a rhythm and the story interrupts - that is frustrating! I liked the different departments and learned a few things. I was a little squeemish about some of the illnesses! LOL. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to more from the makers.
 | Added on: November 19, 2010
I enjoyed playing the game. It was relaxing and interesting. I enjoyed the variety. When the game was finished I found myself wanting more.
 | Added on: May 2, 2011
I thought it was a super fun game with an interesting story line. I can't wait for the next installment! If you like time management games then you will love this game.
 | Added on: May 9, 2011
Since this game is by the developers of the Emily series, you know it's going to be good. You have the regular tm portion of the game plus mini-games that actually tie into the department you are working in at the moment, for example, doing an ultrasound when you are working in the prenatal department. Would have liked it to be longer, but the ending is left open for more games in the series. This is one of the best games in the time management genre. Highly recommended.
 | Added on: November 10, 2010
Loved the game - tooo short - If you like time management you will enjoy the game - as others have said only took 2 - 21/2 hours to play - am looking forward to season two - it should be great is this is a preview of what is to come!
 | Added on: May 10, 2012
For those of us out there who love time management games this is a real gem. I thought the game developers did an outstanding job. Game play is very solid with innovative game play features, Just wait until you take someones blood pressure, piece together broken bones, or grab the guinea pig. Though this game is quite challenging, the learning curve will not overwhelm you. So if you're a fan of this genre then this is a must have. Looking forward to the sequel.
 | Added on: November 8, 2010
Loved this game. Was disappointed when it was over. Can't wait for part 2.
 | Added on: May 5, 2011
This is definitely one of the better TMG's I've played. However, it is way too short. I got it free from "Today's Free Game', so I'm not too upset. However, I would not want to have paid for a game with such a small amount of play time. A good addition would be the option to get rid of the custom cursor. As with so many other games, the cursor is not responsive enough and this does cause some problems. The cursor is a minor point though. If the play time were doubled on this game it would definitely warrant 5 stars.

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