Haunted Past - Realm of Ghosts Platinum EditionHaunted Past - Realm of Ghosts Platinum Edition
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Reviews of Haunted Past - Realm of Ghosts Platinum Edition
 | Added on: February 27, 2012
Wonderful. I love the graphics and the storyline was very good. Part of the fun was remembering where you had seen something before. Excellent job. I have played 3 times so far. Very addictive.
 | Added on: June 4, 2012
I usually don't like going back and forth a lot, but in this game that was part of the fun! I like that you had to remember what you had seen in various places so that you can go back and get it. I don't remember how long the game was exactly, but I can tell you it is one of the longer play time games. Some of the hidden objects were hidden well, but not so well that you got frustrated looking for them, and they were not so easy that you could go click, click, click and find them all! And you had to be clever in the past to hide objects you will need in the future. And make sure you look at the paintings! Graphics were not all dark and gloomy - there was some color to it. I really enjoyed this game. Played it free with Fun Pass and then actually bought the game.
 | Added on: February 5, 2013
This was my first hidden object game and I liked it enough that I bought more and more of them. It wasn't too involved or challenging, it was just right for an afternoon of leisure. If you are into hidden object games you will love this one.
 | Added on: February 21, 2012
All I can say is that I loved this game. Yes, some of the hidden things are hard to see but that's the whole point of the game. My only glitch was that sometimes the cut scenes would stick and if I did use the hints/strategy guide, it was purely cos I'm too bone idle to look for long to see what I've missed! All in all a great game and the premium edition extra chapter is a great little game on its own. Bring on the next one.
 | Added on: February 16, 2012
very dark, spooky HOG. really enjoyed the music & the background sounds-thunder storm-sounded very authentic and close. the items were hard for me to find sometimes, b/c i had a hard seeing them. not sure if this is b/c of the darkness of the game, or just my eyes gettin older. anyway, being able to use the hint button pretty frenquently if needed helped w/ that. the story is good-the audible dialogue was great-u could hear the fear & the malice in the ghost heroine and ghost villIan. there was not too much dialgoue to detract from the game. u find items in different locations-some items go into ur inventory as they r useful in later scenes. the minigames were definately ones i could play-at least in the 1st hr. u can skip them if ud like-which is always helpful to me. i liked that when u used the hint button u'd hear broken glass and a hole of broken glass would show u what u needed/where to go. all in all a good HOG...
 | Added on: November 19, 2012
I loved going from old and decrepit to shiny new in this HO game. What a great idea! I've always wished that these games would have an option or bonus play where you could make the rundown house/castle, etc. back to it's original pristine condition again. The scenes are beautiful. Love hiding and retrieving objects. Couldn't stop playing until I finished. More please!!
 | Added on: February 17, 2012
not worth the premium price. I never used the strategy guide once. Help system is very good at pointing you to where and what you need. Bonus chapter was incomplete, just leaving you hanging for the next chapter in this game. Only tok me coupolehours to complete the whole game... not worth the premium price. Great story though, good actors, and I probably will get the next installment.
 | Added on: February 20, 2012
My hour trial ran out before I got to the end so no clue how long or short the entire game maybe but I was really into this one right from the start! The story line is fairly intriguing and involved but thankfully doesn't have so much extra story and dialogue going to slow you down. I liked the graphics and music as well as the HO scenes. Most items were not too difficult to find and others needed a closer look. The hint button (in casual mode) is super but game flowed along nicely that I didn't need it but a couple of times. This one has the interesting twist of finding certain items, hiding them again and then retrieving them in the other side....and not quite as simple as it sounds! :-) All in all, this one is a keeper for me!
 | Added on: March 6, 2012
I was going to wait to play the non-platinum version when it was released but the description of the game intrigued me enough that I bought it although I have to agree with some other reviewers that it was probably not worth paying the premium price. The game reeled me in from the very first scene and kept my interest throughout. I was glad that it's untimed because there are lots of locations to visit (some more than once) and I appreciated the fact that you got an "Area Cleared" message when you'd found and did everything in a room. The HO scenes are very well rendered and the objects are hidden well enough to make them challenging enough to find but not so difficult as to be frustrating. The sound effects were great and added to the gameplay experience. Not everything is evident when you enter a room so looking for "hot spots" is required which I like better than having the game spelled out for you. There's not a lot of dialogue to go through and you have the option to skip any you come across. I do see some Replay Value in this one since some of the objects do change in subsequent run-throughs. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that, after finding certain items, a message would appear at the bottom of the screen but it would not stay there long enough to read and there was no way to get it back. Even after I relaized that this was happening I still couldn't catch all of those messages. I would have preferred that it stay there until you click on it to go away and this cost the game a star. All in all it's a good game. I didn't really see anything that would not make it Kid Friendly but parents should take a look at it first to make that determination.
 | Added on: February 21, 2012
Loved the story line in this game switching to & fro from the real world to the spirit world collecting & hiding objects in both realms to complete tasks to solve the murder mystery. Mini games are fun & there is a skip button. Nice quick refresh on the hint button. It is a dark story as you roam throughout the mansion on a stormy eve with the sound of constant thunder that enhances the story line confronting ghosts. This is NOT a kid friendly game. I found it was fairly easy to wander about the mansion which made the game even more fun. Good graphics, music & sound make this a solid game but I gave this a 4 star rating because the game playing time was short.
 | Added on: November 10, 2012
This is one of the best HO games I've played to date and I've played a lot of them. I loved the 2 realms that you have to go between. There was just the right balance of puzzle and hidden object scenes. It had a nice although cliche story. Graphics were great. Once I started the game i couldn't quit until I was done. It wasn't too hard so if you like a challenge I would suggest playing on advanced. Overall, one of the best and would recommend it.
 | Added on: March 6, 2012
What great graphics and story line. Very well done. Mother is wonderful and beautiful and I must help her. Talkie, was not much reading.Good mini games to keep you busy and some back and forth, but that becomes part of the fun on this great game. Takes a bit of thinking to remember and to get the right combination of things you will need. You should give this one a try.
 | Added on: February 24, 2012
Graphics and story line were excellant with this game. Just the right amount of HO and puzzles to maintain my interest, and the imagery was amazing. You do have to back track quite a bit, but I felt that was part of the challenge. All in all a great way to spend a few hours. If you're looking for more of a challenge, opt for the advanced level.