Haunted Hidden Object Double PackHaunted Hidden Object Double Pack
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 | Added on: December 8, 2011
A bit of a challenge but love the challenge, still playing and love it so far would recommend the game to others and have done so!
 | Added on: November 10, 2011
I really liked Dead Time stories. I felt the game play was involved and original. I enjoyed the way you had to mix things up, and use your memory, not just mindlessly click on hidden objects for this one. Grave Secrets was just okay, after a while it got a bit boring, you keep going back to the same few places over and over again and nothing changes much. Over all, I am glad I purchased this double pack, it was an interesting way to spend a few hours.
 | Added on: October 7, 2011
Deadtime Stories is awesome! Grave secrets is not imo. But 2 for the price of one is worth it if you want to try both because deadtime is worth the buy! Good luck, have fun!
 | Added on: December 29, 2011
I loved the first game, it has puzzles and hidden objects. The second game is not quit so fun, but good. Very difficult hidden object.
 | Added on: December 3, 2012
This double pack consists of two mystery games. The first, "Deadtime Stories," is excellent. The story takes place in the New Orleans area and is about two women; the one is evil and convinces a practitioner of voodoo to do something that she knows she shouldn't, but greed gets in the way of her better judgment. Now you have to make it right. The gameplay moves from swamps to a voodoo shack, to houses, and to New Orleans. Along the way you have to find all the ingredients to make potions to undo spells. The hidden object scenes are somewhat difficult, and there is a lot of game play between these scenes. It isn't always easy to know what to do next, but you do have a hint button to help you, although it is not quick to refill. The graphics in the game are excellent, as is the music to keep you in a spooky mood. This game will engage you on all levels. Due to the nature of the story I would not recommend it for pre-teens. The second game, "Dr. Lynch Grave Secrets," is an archetypal hidden object game, in that you go from one HO scene to the next with nothing in-between. Dr. Lynch is a debunker of myths, so he has come to an archeological dig on an old Druid site because the apparitiion of "a woman in white" has been seen. Along the way there are a couple of murders to keep it interesting, which it is. The graphics are quite good, even though there are a limited number of scenes. The only real problem with this game is that almost everything you need to find runs from small to miniscule. There are some things that just can't be seen, at least not on my 15 inch screen. And this is a timed play game--no choice--so if you can't find everything in the time allowed, you have to replay a whole segment. I played the whole thing because the story line was interesting, and I wanted to know "who done-it." But it gets quite frustrating because it's so hard to see. Overall you have one excellent game and one interesting but frustrating game. Based on my experience, I would judge the double pack a good buy.
 | Added on: October 13, 2011
I really enjoy all of the Hidden Object Games and this one was a pack to boot. Thanks
 | Added on: October 14, 2011
LOVED Dead Time Stories. It was my favorite game of all time on Gamehouse and I've been using GH for years. It was fresh, original, fun, challenging !! Even the acting was top rate!! Great Job!! Please make more like it!!!!!! The other one was ok but anything would be a let down after Dead Time Stories.
 | Added on: October 24, 2011
Gamehouse you outdid your self with deadtime stories. Great job. deadtime stories is well worth buying this game the other game that you get is quite stupid but its 2 for the price of one. so this rating is only for deadtime due to other gmae is stupid. graphics are one of the best i have seen along with the story line. HOS are awesome. you have unlimited hints but it does take a while to charge up . dont want to say to much due to dont want to ruin the game but you will love this one. very orginal i havent seen a hidden object game quite like this one. ending was a bit odd...... enjoy this one
 | Added on: October 24, 2011
I like both games fun entertaining I like games where I can get really into them to where I can forget about mostly everything but the game. It's very entertaining.
 | Added on: December 25, 2011
This was a good buy! Two great games in one! Both were equally enjoyable.

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