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 | Added on: March 7, 2013
I have three stars on all levels except 27, which for me is definitely the hardest in the game. Many times I had to complete the level once with only one or two stars to figure out my strategy, then go back and replay the level more quickly once I knew what to do to get three stars. As for the fountain on the final level, it's definitely a bug. I found that uninstalling and reinstalling the game one time fixed it for me, and I didn't lose my progress.
 | Added on: March 11, 2013
I love time management games and this one has kept me happy since I bought it. I'm on a second playthrough. The difficulty rises early on, and I've had to use walkthroughs to get three stars on a few levels. One level has me stumped as I can't get those last few seconds shaved off even after watching a playthrough. Great game, challenging without making me give up.
 | Added on: March 2, 2013
This game is different then the standard build game- got harder as it went along
 | Added on: February 18, 2013
This game is almost perfect. It's a combination of Be Richer, Build-a-lot and Royal Envoy. There are different challenges on every level. Some are easy, others aren't. The levels aren't really timed, but you earn stars from three to one, with three being "gold". The graphics are really nice with lots of variety from houses to parks. Like Royal Envoy and the like, parks, buildings, etc. can be upgraded and more workers hired. The movement isn't chained, but unlike some games, the lack of chaining isn't important. The number of levels is about 48, but with the more relaxed playing time, this isn't a game that goes zooming by. I love watching how each little level grows depending on what you do. And what you do is important. You have to figure out how to design your little area to make many of the goals, which might involve reworking the existing buildings. I don't know if future levels (I'm up to 18 or thereabouts) will let you rework the roads and other obstacles. I hope it does, but that's just a preference of mine. One cute thing about the game is how garbage can build up and you've got to destroy it to keep playing and making the folks who live there happy. I've got only one quibble about the game - there doesn't seem to be a sandlot option where you can build your own town. Unless there's a surprise when I get to the end - hope springs eternal. Highly recommended.
 | Added on: February 18, 2013
i liked some aspects of this game-the graphics are great, the premise of keeping the city green is awsome. but having to put certain buildings on certain plots detracted from the game for me. the directions could have been clearer. i had to restart levels many times in order to "fit" the buildings in the right location. i know some will find this challenge enjoyable. but not me...
 | Added on: February 25, 2013
Am enjoying this game, expectation that it would be somewhat similar to most games of its genre was met. Just frustated that the level where you have to build a city fountain, when clicking on the build icon nothing happens even when all other objectives met. Think this may be a bug, am going to give it another go though.
 | Added on: February 18, 2013
The game begins well, and I expect the levels to become more challenging. But by the second area of town, I became unable to find a way to fit all the needed buildings onto the available spaces, despite replaying the level a number of times. Clearly missing something and need to find someone else's solution.
 | Added on: March 7, 2014
when I start playing I am very disappointing...very boring game....every level same as other levels...
 | Added on: February 26, 2013
I have to admit that when I first started playing this game I thought it was a load of rubbish but for some unknown reason I stuck at it and I am so glad I did. Yes, it is very complicated and ideally there should be some more instructions. Having said that working out things for myself actually became enjoyable. I chose to just wade through the levels ignoring the clock. I felt it was quite a feat just to get one star! I have now done it all and to the other reviewer who had trouble with the fountain.....well so did I. The only way I could get it to build was by building it first. I raised the money by building an office and a cafe next to it. I am sure there is a better way but I haven't discovered it yet......but I will. Another thing I have yet to work out is why after building something it will not let you have the rent. The dollar sign is just crossed out......why???? I am now going back to the levels that have not got 3 stars, of which there are a lot , and I am looking forward to it so in my view the replay element is brilliant. This game will keep me going for quite some time so really good value for money. I love how you claim the rents by just passing the mouse over the money instead of clicking. Also, I don't have to watch little men running about. The graphics are brilliant as well. All in all a flippin' good long as you stick with it.

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