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Reviews of Gemsweeper
 | Added on: February 10, 2011
LOVE THIS GAME ---- as the levels progress, so does the need for thinking.
 | Added on: October 13, 2010
This is one of my favorite games: you have to choose which tile turn given indications with numbers... it's not easy to explain,but I swear it's one of the best games! It's similar to world mosaic,but I found this more interesting,more challenging and it gave me a lot of fun hours! It has something like 15 levels and each one has 15 mini-levels inside(each one of 14 minutes for playing). Even if you fall in love with this game -as I did- you'll take a long time to end it and you never get bored...and that's another "thumb up" for this game!!! Are you wondering if buy it or not? Well, my advise is: buy it and you'll see that it worth the price!!! A++++++++++++ game!
 | Added on: May 6, 2012
I tried it as a free game and loved it and bought it. It is unique, sort of an odd twist on the old mine sweeper game. I like the color and creating the mosaics. The only drawback I had was in the upper levels where I had a hard time making out a couple of numbers because they are small (but then again with my eyes that's not difficult, lol). It starts you off easy so that you get to know how to work the puzzles. If there is a second one to this game, I'll be getting it.
 | Added on: September 27, 2010
This is an excellent game but there is a problem with the puzzles that contain 25 or 30 boxes. You just cannot read the numbers. They get too small. I managed to get past this, for the most part, by replaying the games until I knew what the unreadable numbers were. I, however, cannot get past the next to the last puzzle, and therefore cannot finish the game. It reminds me a lot of the 2 World Mosaic games. I like the better graphics in Gemsweeper but the numbers are much easier to read in Mosiacs and also the numbers cross off when they are finished. It creates less confusion when you get into a row or column with 5 or more sets of numbers especially when the print is so small. I also agree that Mosiacs is kept on a more adult level. Too bad there is not a middle road. I am not sorry I got the Gemsweeper even though I cannot finish it. They were not stingy with the puzzles. There are plenty. I would recommend this game with the word of caution about the small numbers on the large puzzles. I also recommend both Mosiacs if you like this type of game..
 | Added on: May 6, 2011
My son and I have fun playing this game together. You get done one puzzle and want to go on to the next. Fun and addictive.
 | Added on: July 29, 2013
This is a minesweeper-type of puzzle (AKA a picross), which have always confounded me because I couldn’t figure out the strategy. This, though, is a heck of a lot of fun, and previous experience with logic puzzles isn’t necessary, thanks to good game design. Be sure to choose the tutorial approach, which explains simple strategies for solving the puzzles, and spaces the instructions out one at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed. (However, the instructions don’t explain the “magic glue,” and there doesn’t seem to be a way to use it yourself. It seems to be a random event during game play.) A surprise in solving the puzzles is that you end up revealing pictures made out of colorful blocks, and the designs are pretty clever, considering they are made of blocks. This game is too mature for preschool, but excellent for everyone else. If you have a brain of a particular era, like mine, consider this game mental exercise, but a lot more fun. There is a timer in this game, but the fact that I don’t grumble about it as I usually do in game reviews, tells you just how much I enjoyed playing. The timer only ran out on me a couple of times in 6+ hours of playing, so I think you’ll be fine, too. TIP: In Options, click on using the right mouse button to destroy tiles. Otherwise, you have to shift between using a hand or a hammer during game play, which will slow you down, and the timer is running.
 | Added on: May 10, 2010
I have had this game for years. I don't play it constantly, I usually take a break now and then after finishing it, but then I get the "itch" and have to start playing again. The more you play the game over, the time to finish it gets less..VERY challenging. I love this game and would recommend it highly
 | Added on: March 14, 2011
This is a game for people who enjoy logical thinking. I am not sure I would play this a second time, but I have enjoyed it a first time. The only problem with this game is the quality of the graphics with the larger puzzles. Extremely hard to see the numbers to the point that trying to figure out whether it is a 13 or 18 can cause you a time penalty if you get it wrong. Other than the frustrating problem with the graphics, this game will provide hours of entertainment. It might be better if you have a 17"+ screen size.
 | Added on: August 13, 2010
I have played this game on and off for a long time, and I keep coming back because it is so fun and interesting! The puzzles get harder as you go on, but you often don't notice, as you improve over time. It is similar to Minesweeper or Picross/nonagram puzzles, and as you get further and further, the pictures get more and more detailed. A fun diversion for sure!
 | Added on: March 3, 2011
I like puzzle type games and thinking. If you don't keep your mind on the game, it is easy to goof, so must keep somewhat focused and not a "let your mind wander" type of game. It isn't a unique game but good one in this category and the pictures it makes are enjoyable.
 | Added on: August 30, 2010
This is not a bad game once you get past the easiest puzzles that resemble 8-bit Nintendo graphics, and the puzzles get more challenging as the levels progress in each stage. The instructions are pretty straight-forward so learning how to play is quick. Children may enjoy the early levels but younger ones may be frustrated by later puzzles. At least there are funny comments and riddles after each puzzle to entertain them. Replay value is good too, unless you've played so much you've memorized the patterns. For more 'sweeper-type fun, check out the "World Mosaics" series.
 | Added on: September 3, 2010
This game is very engaging and addictive. It becomes increasingly difficult as you go along, but is very easy to learn. It provides hours of fun and keeps your interest. "Bejeweled meets the Mosiac game series."
 | Added on: August 30, 2010
I agree with the other posters; this is a very good game and offers lots of replay value. However, there is a much better version available, in my opinion. WORLD MOSAICS 2 does not have all the cutesy graphics and talking cartoon character, which I much prefer. I like my games to be adult oriented. Also, it does not give you all the 'tips' that are shown in Gemsweepers. You have to figure them out for yourself, which makes it a much more interesting game. Gemsweepers is good, but World Mosaics 2 is much better.
 | Added on: February 7, 2011
I almost didn't download this game because I thought it would be like mine sweeper but I decided to try it anyway and was pleasantly surprised to find it is like World Riddles which is a game I love. I like this type of game and so do my grand kids (ages 8 and 10)
 | Added on: May 24, 2010
A nice twist on the old Minesweeper game. I only found one flaw with the game. Once the puzzles reach 25 or more squares, the numbers that tell you how many gems are in a line become so small, they are unreadable, even on a 24" wide screen monitor. It's pure luck to finish those puzzles when you can't tell what the numbers are. Fortunately, there haven't been too many puzzles that size. Most are readable. It's a pretty addictive game.
 | Added on: August 18, 2009
Just as the title suggests, this game is like Minesweeper, except you're looking for gems instead of mines. And instead of the clues being on the gameboard, they are on the outside of the grid, per row and column. This is the perfect game for fans of logic puzzles. It starts a little slow, with many easy levels, so it takes awhile for some real challenge to start. I enjoyed the graphics and found it kept my attention. It's so refreshing to find a game that's not another spin on the same ol' stand-bys. I highly recommend this game, especially if you're bored with the standard puzzle games.
 | Added on: March 16, 2012
This is my all time favorite game. I was upset when my old computer died and I couldn't remember the name of this game so I could reload it. It is relaxing, challenging, and I love the Professor and his corny comments. I much prefer it to the World Mosaic series.
 | Added on: February 3, 2011
I love Gemsweeper. It's a number-based logic puzzle, and it really makes you use your mind. I wish there were more like it.
 | Added on: February 10, 2011
This is like World Riddles (which is a favorite of mine). I actually like this game more. I wonder which came first.
 | Added on: January 25, 2012
I have downloaded EVERY grid puzzle game that's been offered & IMO this is the BEST one thus far. I'm so glad that I found this game(TYVM Grinmajann!) through reading reviews & folks' game recommendations. Excellent graphics & colors! Great tutorial & music(fusion of jazz & Latin beat) that is melodic. The game premise is that you are an archeologist in Central America unearthing Mayan temples. Your goal/quest is to attain the highest ranking collecting gems as you clear away the jungle exposing each Mayan Temple & there are many of them w/14 levels plus bonus level per temple! As the game progresses it becomes challenging to unearth the temples. I use a 17" screen & puzzles can be 30X25 tiles..I have no problem counting the tiles. All puzzles have clear divisional lines & bright colors on a consistent deep azure blue background BUT if you have a small laptop screen you may have problems counting the tiles. If you enjoy grid puzzles, I definitely recommend this game because you will have many hours of solving time & it's a nice way to relax & unwind.
 | Added on: February 15, 2011
I love this type of puzzle game. I like the mix up of the challenging levels. Some are easy and some are difficult. In any case, I play it alot! Love it!
 | Added on: September 26, 2011
I've had this game for years and use it as my "go to" game when I just want to sit and relax. The first couple of levels are easy to get you used to how to play the game and teach you the different tools. The higher levels have bigger, more complicated puzzles. When you get to the last puzzle, you have the option of replaying it with fewer "magic glue" pots and less time to finish the puzzles. I've also noticed that in the highest levels, you don't always get the same exact puzzles. They have a few extra that rotate through. Definitely give this one a shot - two big thumbs up!

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