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 | Added on: January 8, 2014
I could not give the game even one minute of the trial. There is no way other than using the arrows to control Garfield in his kart. It should have some how been usable with a mouse. I deleted the game.
 | Added on: January 9, 2014
I couldn't play this game longer than a couple minutes. I didn't even play the entire tutorial. It is REALLY bad. First of all you have to use the arrow keys to steer, which is slow and takes a second to start moving the way you want it to. It is nearly impossible to steer where you want to. Maybe if you have a joystick it may be easier, but with a keyboard it is nearly impossible to play.
 | Added on: January 12, 2014
The game is great itself. but it's too... i can usually control it with keyboards but this game is so hard to control. and don't even know how to use powerups like explode diamond, lasaganas, perfume, spring...
 | Added on: January 12, 2014
I think the game would be easier to control and play if you could use the mouse to race, Poor design.
 | Added on: January 9, 2014
I think this is a pretty cool racing game. Gameplay based on speed and drift and Garfield is cute, A great substitute to Mario Kart.
 | Added on: January 7, 2014
I decided to go out of my usual time management happy zone and try the Garfield Kart game. It's Garfield, after all. First things first, it looks great. No complaints there. Now for the negatives, at least from my own experience. Others will have no problem with it at all, particularly if they already play games like Mario Kart. I experienced two major problems. One would have required a learning curve, but the other was insurmountable. 1. Using arrow buttons on a keyboard to move around is not ideal. If you have a joystick you will probably find it a lot easier. With me behind Garfield's wheel, he did a lot of crashing and backing back (believe me!). 2. The game literally made me sick. After just five or so minutes, I was experiencing the very worst "travel" sickness. So if you are at all susceptible to motion sickness, DO NOT play this game. For everyone else, enjoy.

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