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 | Added on: August 23, 2010
I didn't play this game for very long, b/c I got very frustrated that things got more complicated - i.e. planting THEN watering THEN fertilizing, etc. You can't even water multiple plants at once, and instead have to go back and forth to the watering can each time. I wouldn't mind except that you can't upgrade the girl's speed or have any tools to help harvest or water for you (maybe you do later? I quit before then). Ugh. I would've liked this game if it wasn't all running back and forth and never meeting the "5-heart" goal on the clients' happiness rating. And you have no extra time to plant any surplus of flowers to use later. Overall, too frustrating and not enough variety. Then again, I get frustrated easily, so maybe it's just me.
 | Added on: July 27, 2010
Cute game. Good pace but rather simplistic. I didn't have any problems or glitches when I played. I just think there is an awful lot of hand holding and this would be a great game for someone who is new to time management games or can't handle the usual pace of them. By the way, lmao at the girl during the opening scene. That's me in the morning! You play a girl who needs to get away from busy city life and decides to open up a florist shop. She plants and then arranges bouquets for customers, who come in with special requests.
 | Added on: July 12, 2010
found myself getting frustrated b/c Meg couldn't carry more that one item at a time. it was challenging to try to keep up with the different colors of flowers you need for each bouquet-planting/watering/ferterlizing the flowers. pretty good TM game.
 | Added on: April 19, 2012
This game to me is somewhat addictive. Only wish Meg could carry multiple items and she moved a little faster.
 | Added on: May 6, 2012
I loved this game. I keep wishing another one like it would come out. I have played it all the way through four times under different names. Please write another one.

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