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Medb | Added on: December 12, 2012
This is a fun, holiday version of Finder's Keepers. Like the original, it is amusing and challenging. It requires some quick thinking, as well as good eye/hand coordination. Instead of collecting fish, you collect gifts, cookies and peppermints to get enough points to proceed to the next level. The great feature from the original has carried through--that being, any extra points you collect carry over to the next level. Instead of controlling a boat, you control a snow plow with a hook. There are also three bonus hooks you can use that give special powers. These have to be bought in between levels, and (despite what the games says) are one level use only. The only flaw is that, unlike the original game, it is rather short. This makes the levels go from challenging to hard just over a course of a few levels, with the final being very tricky, without having gradually built up in difficulty. Despite the shortness, this is a fun game and well worth playing.
infinity | Added on: December 15, 2012
Who wants to admit to being bested by a children's game? Not me. This is cute, but not too saccharin for adults to play. Expect, however, to have your eye-hand coordination put to the test. The claw at the end of the rope swings, and you have to time the location of that claw exactly with the location of the item you want to pick up, plus factor in the time it takes for the rope to drop the claw. It's tricky, and can be frustrating. No doubt, more practice would make it easier. I would strongly recommend having a child try this before buying to make sure the child's (or your) skills are up for this kind of activity. Also, there is a short timer which doesn't allow for much time to accomplish the goals of each level. On the plus side, graphics are eye-appealing and colorful, and the holiday theme is fun.