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 | Added on: February 3, 2014
First time I have encountered a turn based match 3 shooter game, but I have to say it is fantastic! You have to beat your opponent by strategy, for instance, sometimes you need to more defend/counter attack than power up and attack. The game starts out easy, with opponents not being very powerful, however this soon changes. By the time I got to the rat-teddy enemy I was outwit. I have played abut ¾ through, once on normal and once on easy but still can’t get passed the rat-teddy enemy – but I think that is more because of me not killing him before he can up his life, rather than a fault witht the game. The graphics are amazing, lovely story and very addictive – a real winner
 | Added on: February 11, 2014
As other reviewers have pointed out, this game is unique in that it is a match-3 shooter game played against an opponent in a turn-based style. Matching colored balls is only part of the work here, as strategy plays a huge part in the game outcome. Each enemy has different strengths and weaknesses, and you must adjust your play accordingly. As you proceed the game becomes more and more difficult; very good for stretching your brain. A good twist on an older style game.
 | Added on: February 10, 2014
Although at first blush it looks quite similar, this game isn't at all the same frenetically-paced shooting gallery experience that we all loved with Zuma. This is all about strategy (and a little luck). Many of the early levels are very easy, but a few of the later levels require a considerable amount of strategy. It took me at least ten attempts to beat the 'final boss'. It's all about making chains, and about identifying and capitalizing on your foes' weaknesses. This is a well-made game, with a somewhat superfluous but not necessarily annoying storyline, reasonably generous coin payouts (which allow you to build your strengths in various categories - eg life, attack strength, defense, etc.), and clean graphics (with no lag, at least not on my mediocre PC). The whole game takes about 5 hours from start to finish.
 | Added on: January 31, 2014
This is a match three shooter (Zuma style), but it is very different because it is turn based. You are fighting enemies, different color balls do different things (attack, defend, increase life). Since it is turn based, it is a lot more about strategy than about aiming, which is very original in this kind of game, I only encountered this in normal match-3 games, but it works surprisingly well in this game. This game starts out pretty childish and easy at first, but I am about halfway through and did have to replay a few levels already, so it gets a lot more difficult. I'll give it 3,5 stars for fun, but rounded up for originality.
 | Added on: February 20, 2014
I am a big fan of Zuma and Luxor, the only real good Match 3 game series, IMO. I wasn't expecting too much with Ivy, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Not only do you have the fun of busting marbles, but you have to really think things out, in many cases. I thought, too, that playing against a computer, won't be fun, because they will always let you win. Not so with this game. It requires strategy and vision to play levels as they advance and you CAN be beat by the computer. A great new concept and lots of relaxing fun. Two thumbs up!

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