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 | Added on: July 23, 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I would love for you to produce more like this and please do a sequel to this one. I found the characters engaging. I found the puzzles challenging and the story fascinating. The graphics were very good and the game interface was easy to use. I haven't tried re-playing it yet. I like them to age a bit before I go back to them.
 | Added on: June 17, 2010
I really liked this game very much. Navigating inside the pyramid was a bit confusing though in spite of the map. But a very good and challenging game.
 | Added on: July 6, 2010
The views hunting for objects weren't clearly defined. Could have been clearer pictures. Too hard to figure out the use of magnify glass. Good thinking game however and worth the price.
 | Added on: June 23, 2010
I really do not like this game. It is way too complicated for me. I am up for a good challenge, but this just did not do it for me. Maybe someone will like it a lot better then I did
 | Added on: June 9, 2010
this game was interesting, but somehow i just didn't love it. finding items in different rooms, putting puzzles together, going from room to room and back again. was a lot like other games. it did have a twist with playing as the different people. that was kinda cool. but, still not addictive for me. maybe you'll like it better...
 | Added on: July 8, 2010
This game would have been a lot better if it had been longer. It was involved enough and you were able to play the Parents, Son, and Daughter separately, until they all merged a little more than halfway through the game. The family get into their predicament all because the daughter brings their cat, Jynx, who escapes into the ruins and they all have to go find him/her. As they enter, part of the building collapses, separating everyone. They all go through different chambers, gathering items and solving puzzles. The Journal helps a little bit on what needs to be done, but the hints are seriously lacking in helpfulness (in other words, useless). The mini-game puzzles were fairly easy, as well as the rest of the game puzzles. The graphics, I felt, were a bit muddled. As slow as I played, I was able to finish the game in less than 2 hours. Way too short in my opinion. If and when the other Escape the Lost Kingdom comes out (it looks like it will continue with finding out about the second "lost" Pharaoh), that the game is longer and the graphics more defined. Not a bad game. Just not great.
 | Added on: December 20, 2011
I really enjoyed this one. You don't come across too many games where you get the opportunity to play more than one character and in this one you get to play four. Gameplay is pretty straight forward. You're tasked with finding your way out of a tomb after becoming trapped trying to find your runaway cat. You chose which character to play (no specific order is required) and complete their tasks & their chapter before moving on to another character. There is a fair amount of moving back and forth between rooms in order to find items needed to complete puzzles in other rooms. There's a map to help you but (a) it isn't interactive & you still need to wear out shoe leather getting back & forth and (b) it appeared to me as if the map was backwards ( i.e.,you're in a room and according to the map you should move right to get to the room you're looking for but you should have moved left instead). I found some of the scenes grainy and dark making it difficult to locate items. The puzzles aren't too difficult and a Skip option is available if you get stuck. This is one where you can really take your time exploring. There are no wrong click penalties, no penalties for skipping a puzzle, no points to acquire which means no points deducted if you use a hint, no hidden "special items" items to find in order to collect trophies, and no time limits to finish it. I think it's really worth taking a look at.
 | Added on: June 9, 2010
This game could be so much more. I was disappointed in the graphics, the story line, pretty much everything. Don't waste your time or money.