Dreamscapes - The SandmanDreamscapes - The Sandman
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 | Added on: May 20, 2013
loved the storyline, good grafics - totally caching!
 | Added on: June 23, 2013
This is one of the best HO that I have ever played. I look forward to the next one.
 | Added on: May 15, 2013
I always like a game with a story, and the story in this game was commendable. I enjoyed the voices used for the characters, as well as the graphics. However, this game was quite a quick game, not quite sure I'd pay full price for it. There were hints, but those didn't really help at all- they gave no description of the actions that you were supposed to be taking, so click and guess became a go to strategy. There were no actual hidden object scenes- you simply navigated between different stages and found items in the area. It wasn't an outright awful game, but it left me feeling lukewarm about it. It had more potential than was realized, I suppose is the best way to put it. Older kids should be all right playing it- scary voices, a guillotine, snakes and spiders are the worst thing there is. If you're a completionist, there are plenty of in-game achievements to be had.
 | Added on: May 18, 2013
Maybe the game seemed a little too short because I couldn't stop playing it. I was hooked until the very end. It was original and very entertaining, and the extra scene made it all come together. I want to play this game again later on down the line.
 | Added on: January 10, 2014
Good game. I wouldn't recommend it for young kids. I would rate this one high on the creep factor, and the nightmare stuff was super scary. Well done on that. I thought most of the puzzles were way too easy. But it kept me going from challenge to challenge. No hidden object scenes in this game, though, and I didn't mind that. Just a quest for one item to another to help solve the game. If game makers are reading these reviews, please try to proofread the text. Maybe I'm just picky, but poorly written text and spelling errors just take the game down a notch.