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 | Added on: April 27, 2010
If you're looking for a match 3 game with a lot of game play well I think this would be one. I must say though IN MY OPINION this started out kinda slow meaning the first couple of hours there wasn't really any "challenge" at all to this game and I almost gave up on it because I completed close to 30 levels within about a two hours as I have fun pass but I noticed after level 30 it does get more challenging as a lot of the pieces are locked and really limit your moves. There are bonus to help you through the game but I used very few cause I wanted to do it on my own. The reason I say this seems like the never ending game is because I've been playing this a for an hour or two here and there over the last couple of days and have reached about level 60 and still no ending in site yet and I'm not sure how many levels there are as I don't see it stated in the game description anywhere. It's a really good match 3 game once it gets going as I mentioned earlier. I give it 4 stars overall as I wouldn't consider it one of my all time favorites but yet a really good match 3 game.
 | Added on: April 28, 2010
well-an ok game. the graphics were cute-seeing the buildings burst thru the ground was shocking at 1st. it was very easy tho. i only played the 1hr trial, and reading the other reviews, i see it gets more challenging as u go. as easy as it was it's still a good replay game, i think. try it...
 | Added on: April 28, 2010
I enjoyed this game thoroughly although I got through the levels all too quickly. The graphics are unique, fun, and a refreshing change from the usual. Don't forget to click on the characters in the town who will react appropriately for their role. I'd love to see more games from this developer.
 | Added on: June 8, 2010
I am no kid but I love this game find it very relaxing and enjoy playing it most every day. keeps my mind active also and thinking all the time.
 | Added on: May 20, 2010
Fun, lasts for a long time. Also fun to build a whole Chinese village.
 | Added on: August 19, 2010
I really liked the game until I got to the point where it stops letting you buy things. It gives no explaination as to why and I found this frustrating. Otherwise the game is very good.

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