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 | Added on: July 27, 2010
Awesome, well-made, very cute and challenging game - this is a winner!
 | Added on: June 27, 2011
I am 30, but I would have loved to play this game as a kid. You wait on animals and put them at stations. Some kinds of animals have more patience than others depending on the breed. That is something you have to watch out for. I bought this game well over a year ago and decided to download and play it and beat the game which I did. It really isn't all that hard. A few levels I had to replay to win, but I wouldn't call this game extremely hard. I think it is medium.
 | Added on: August 15, 2011
Since I was 6, I LOVED animals. This game is perfect for animal lovers.
 | Added on: October 18, 2012
That game, which I found in anotther web site, is too funny: cats and dogs of all breeds have to be washed, groomed and accessorized as well as you can. In fact, if they are happy, their owners will pay more for your services and you can upgrade your services. As you wil note into the help pages, if cats and dogs aren't happy, become upset and go away from you. Walter and Scarlett are too much funny in the middle of all breeds canine and feline, but in the game you have to select only one of them, If you begin to play with it, you will not stop too easily.
 | Added on: March 14, 2011
It is really cute and fun, a good game to play. However, the pace is very fast late in the game, and if you're the gold trophy type, it's crazy LOL. I don't think this game is very kid-friendly, at least for young kids, because of the fast pace, but the graphic is really cute. Still, it's a pretty great game.

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