Doc Clock - The Toasted Sandwich of TimeDoc Clock - The Toasted Sandwich of Time
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 | Added on: December 27, 2010
This game uses keyboard controls (like you had to use years ago with old games if you didn't have a joystick!), the first problem is that there are loads of them and I don't think learning them all in order to play the game smoothly is remotely appealing. The second problem is that I found myself stuck at the very first obstacle, a big step that I apparently had to get up - for some reason, Up and Jump did nothing, and there were no gameplay instructions to explain why, or what I needed to do to get up the step. Not helpful. There's also lots of dialogue which comes up in speech bubbles that actually obscure the screen so you can't see what you're doing. Some of the speech bubbles can be closed (annoying to keep having to, though), but most can't..why not? Who knows? I hardly know what to say about a game I couldn't even play I'm afraid.
 | Added on: January 4, 2011
This is a physics sort of puzzle game. You collect items, then you employ them to move forward - placing them to make steps, ramps, bridges, vehicles, creative collapses, etc. You need only get through the initial tutorial bit in the begining to be done with the excess of pop-ups. Well - your back-pack will continue to insult you, but that's part of the charming funny of the game. Speed is not very important to the game, and it allows you to keep rewinding easily to try again when your construction efforts fail. The keyboard movement isn't complicated and it's because your mouse is used to more precisely place objects in the world. My 8yr old picked this one out, and we both enjoyed solving the building challenges together. It's a thinking sort of game that younger ages and adults can both play and be engaged - not too easy for the adults, yet straightforward enough for a grade-schooler.

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