DinerTown Detective AgencyDinerTown Detective Agency
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 | Added on: August 18, 2009
What a great game! It was very relaxing to play, but had enough variety to keep it interesting. A variation of HOG with detective work included. I'd recommend it to anyone who would like a few afternoons of diversion.
 | Added on: May 23, 2011
The cases and the culprits' excuses are funny. There are no mention to penalties of the "crimes" since they are considered petty. The ending is a little surprising. HO scenes look nice and objects are well hidden even in plain sight. I played the relaxed mode so there is no click penalty. unsure about the timed mode. Puzzles are simple and a little bit repetitive. The identifying-culprit process is also simple and repetitive as well. Overall, it is a nice and relaxing game. It can be suitable for kids. The logics are sometimes a little bit silly even. I like the chatting between Bernies and Flo, pretty hilarious.
 | Added on: October 26, 2009
It was fun to play, but a bit short. Good kids game.
 | Added on: July 31, 2009
I like this game - the hidden objects are mildly challenging, but you have FOREVER to find them, and hints that reload fast. The puzzles aren't too hard to figure out. My 9 year old loves it!
 | Added on: August 11, 2009
Play for hours
 | Added on: July 31, 2009
This is a great game, 25 levels to complete, very fun and not too challenging. Good for anyone who like hidden object games.
 | Added on: September 2, 2010
This is definitely something different from the Diner Town Collection. I liked that it was a combination of hidden object & puzzle solving. I'm sure I will complete the game in a short amount of time, but it is fun, and relaxing.
 | Added on: August 4, 2010
While it is nice to see something other than a Dash game coming from the DinerTown franchise, this game was quite short and easy to complete. The concept was fun, though, a good mix of detective work and Hidden Object fun. A good starting game for kids, or people new to the Hidden Object genre.
 | Added on: September 13, 2010
This concept is a change from the other Diner games. This one seems to be geared more towards the beginner HO seeker. The screens are beautifully clear and the layout easy to follow. I found though that after I "solved" about 8 of the mysteries I was loosing my enthusiasm.The game started to feel repetitious. Some of the tools were actually aggravating (eye dropper as an example), as I felt as if I was cleaning my monitor screen. I haven't finished it yet (lost interest), so maybe there is more variety further along.
 | Added on: June 28, 2010
Great Game. Could be a little more challenging throughout. Possibly more variety with the mini-games, such as the fingerprint matching.
 | Added on: August 4, 2009
Easy search, not too difficult to solve. The older teens didn't care much for this one. They prefer the real-deal when it comes to Flo. Younger kids enjoyed the search, but sometimes solving the crimes became a little taxing for them when they filled in the wrong info. But they had a good time on a rainy afternoon. None of them would opt to buy it. Played on Fun Pass and then deleted it.
 | Added on: October 24, 2011
This game was so fun I love it. It was very relaxing no rush.
 | Added on: August 11, 2009
Overall, I liked this game. However, there were a few issues with it. First, the game was extremely short - I had it finished in about an hour. Second, the levels were pretty easy because they gave you fifty-five minutes to solve a level yet it only took me around five minutes to solve the level. So, I guess that makes it kid-friendly because a kid should be able to do it. I wish it was longer, but I'm glad I played it.
 | Added on: August 11, 2009
The storyline and characters are humorous but overall, probably more enjoyable for kids.
 | Added on: September 3, 2010
Liked the game. It was relaxing to play. Levels are pretty easy to solove but had enough variety to keep it interesting.

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