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 | Added on: December 4, 2013
This was a great game, I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I would recommend playing with the lights on and keep it away from kids and the faint of heart! It is quite a dark tale and can be macabre in places. The game could well have done with a map and more detail in the diary, as it was easy to forget exactly where an object you collected was needed - particularly if you found the item a while after the spot to use it.
 | Added on: December 10, 2013
This one certainly gets your attention right away. The graphics and acting are good, the music nice, the story different and interesting. It is very dark and macabre so I would not recommend for younger children. The hidden object scenes are interactive and fun, had to think a bit on a few of them, which I like. Mini games unique and fun as well. Will definitely keep an eye out for other games from this publisher.
 | Added on: December 7, 2013
The graphics in the game are great, your taken back to the 14th century. It's taken from a movie titled "The Red Violin" although in the movie the baby died and the violin moved through history which would of made a great game and a longer game. This game was all right it was very short the mini's in it are unique which I love. I don't know about the replay value, but it's worth the time to play it once.
 | Added on: December 4, 2013
...however I found the instructions for some, if not most, of the mini games really difficult to understand. I don't know if they'd been put through a couple of translaters and just ended up with words I knew, but didn't know what to do with, or if I'm really just too simple to undertand. The graphics are good (if a little jarring at times) and the story line is decent, but I was just getting frustrated not knowing what was expected of me.
 | Added on: December 23, 2013
This game was excellent in several ways. The story line was consistent and compelling, and the scenes were well drawn. The HO scenes were not particularly easy, with a lot of items requiring extra steps to find. But the best thing for me were the unque mini games. There were a few here I had not seen before, and I've played a lot of HOGs. Some of the mini games were fairly easy, and some required a bit more work. A lot of fun. The only reason I didn't give this game 5 stars is because an interactive map would have been helpful. In this case, not so much to transport between scenes (although that would have been a plus) as the areas were fairly compact, but to indicate where a task remained to be completed. This would have been a big help. The hint button will show you where you need to go next, but it's a lot more clicking. The game was a bit short, but the story ended well with a firm ending that did not leave you hanging. This game is definitely worth playing. I don't recommend for younger children due to the dark nature of the story.
 | Added on: January 3, 2014
I couldn't even finish the trial, much less buy it. Boring, boring, boring. And just plain weird.
 | Added on: December 6, 2013
This was a fun game, loved the graphics in all the rooms, except for the talking photographs. The HO scenes were clever and well done. The mini-games were kind of quirky, and I skipped quite a few. Was kind of hard to remember where everything was when you found an object and had to go back, so a map would have been great. Overall, a solid HOG.
 | Added on: January 21, 2014
loved the "morphing puzzles", which I have never seen in an HO game. It is a shorter game than most of my favorites, but that doesn't make it less fun. Never got lost and there were no glitches...I recommend it
 | Added on: December 7, 2013
To many odd animated hide and find. Had to work to hard to and still could not find itmes and the hints often were no help
 | Added on: March 7, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game - there are 2 levels of difficulty. The storyline is original and interesting. I don't believe this game is for kids - there are creepy kids and weird characters running around and scary sounds in the background. The setting is very cool and spooky. I thought this game had some very unique puzzles and HO scenes. For example, there were a couple of scenes where you had to find objects that were morphing into different objects. I enjoyed the puzzles and HO scenes because I hadn't really played anything like that before. Lots of fun. Puzzles were challenging but not frustratingly so. A great game that was a little too short!

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