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 | Added on: February 18, 2010
I really enjoyed this time-management game. It was fun choosing the shops to place in the mall. This game also showed how to plan a mall so there is a variety of different shops, and how to please all different types of shoppers. It told gamers the type of community the gamer was going to serve, so the gamer could make the mall appeal to the community. If there was a college nearby, the gamer knew to include a bookstore. If there was an Elementary School, the gamer would then know to put an arcade and movie cinema nearby. This game also had an educational value. It taught the gamer about supply and demand, and about deadlines. This was a timed game. All daily tasks needed to be completed by the time the gamers’ boss asked it to be completed. There was no option to un-time this game, so it was NOT very relaxing. It really felt like a real job designing a mall for an income, with goals to meet, and deadlines. If the gamer likes fast paced games with deadlines, and the ability to design a mall, and learn some business management skills, this game is great. It was meant to play for adults, and older children. Younger children may have difficulty understanding this time-management game, though. I gave this game 5 stars because it has just enough content to keep the gamer happy, without getting bored. Hope you enjoy this game as much as I did. I recommend buying it, so there is enough time to play the whole game; this game has an excellent re-play value, too! Try to manage the gamers’ time better for a higher score, and a 5-Star Mall rating! If this review helps, please, rate it helpful. Thanks and happy gaming!
 | Added on: July 25, 2009
This game was a blast! It reminds me of the Build-a-Lot games, but was easier. I liked that there was an added element of "shopping" at the stores you created, so it's not just the building aspect to the game.
 | Added on: July 28, 2010
I really enjoy playing this game. Some of the levels are a bit tricky to figure out just how to position your stores in order to win, but that's what makes it fun. If you like game like Build-A-Lot, you'll like this one.
 | Added on: December 8, 2009
I found this game to be incredibly fun and addictive.
 | Added on: July 22, 2009
This game is more normal life than other games, you get to choose what you like and not rushing with the timer. one thing, if they can let the character Not wearing things that AREN'T player's choice.
 | Added on: July 26, 2010
Played the full demo tonight and although I'm sure in higher levels, this game has more potential and I tend to like it, even though I find it somewhat disappointing, I decided to pass it up. The thing with this one that gets me is that it's very repetitious, you tend to build the same stores over and over, upgrade them to 3, buy resources, buy more labor, upgrade more, more resources, more labor, it's the same old thing. There never really comes a time where you start strategically thinking oh hey, let me decorate or there's a niche for this particular type of store or anything like that. It's just like build, upgrade, hit a monetary goal, rinse and repeat.
 | Added on: October 20, 2009
I probably would have been able to enjoy the game alot more...if the gameplay wasn't so slow and choppy. I have a top of the line computer system, but for some strange reason this game acted so slow and choppy and it took lots of valuable time away from me being able to score high in each level. It can't be my computer, cause I've never had a problem like this before and I've played lots of other kinds of games that take up alot more of my systems to play, so this one should have worked fine...unfortunately it didn't!

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