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 | Added on: February 2, 2011
I am such a Chainz 2 fan & usually play every day, so was so looking forward to this new game. Unfortunately its a short game, and not at all challenging. Such a shame that the original format was not expanded upon. The storyline is OK for kids otherwise pathetic for us adult players. It certainly is not good value for money & I would not have bought it if I knew I would finish whole game in less than 2 hours !!
 | Added on: January 27, 2011
I've only played story mode so far, but find the game easy enough to play so you don't get stuck part way through and leave frustrated. It is also challenging enough to keep your interest. Play is as fast paced as you want it to be.
 | Added on: March 22, 2011
Overall Impression: a fun, non-traditional Match 3 game with a cute back story. If you're looking for a different approach to the genre, this one is worth looking at. Pros: --- It's non-traditional approach to the genre. Rather than switching neighboring pictures to make a match of 3 or more you twist chain links around within their squares to make chains of 3 links or more. --- The background story is funny and cute and the cutscenes telling it are pretty short so you never feel like you're stuck in story purgatory waiting for the game to begin again. However, I do believe you can skip them if you want. --- Can't remember exactly which, but the timer is either optional or allows you to continue playing once it runs out. Cons: --- Sometimes the power-ups prove to be a bit too much for the grid you're working on and practically work the level all by themselves. -- You have to play through the story mode before the other modes (arcade, puzzle, strategy) are available.
 | Added on: January 24, 2011
i see a lot of reviewers did not like this game. i was hesitant to try it b/c of the reviews. but, i'm glad i gave it a shot. i love match 3 games, and this is a cool version of that-i've never played the other "chainz" games-maybe if i had i'd agree with the other gamers. i found the colors beautiful. i loved the men pulling parts of their planet together with the chainz i made-the noises they made/the excitement they showed/the way it really seemed to take them effort to throw new powerups to the board. i found this a nice game to play and relax. not rushing/beating the clock. try it.
 | Added on: January 27, 2011
I still play Chainz 2 occasionally and was really glad to see a new one. Lots of fun with new power-ups to make it interesting. Would like to see more space for scores.
 | Added on: January 20, 2011
I have the first two Chainz games and found the second one quite a challenge. I'm stuck on level eight, with no end in sight. So when I saw the third installment had been released, I downloaded it immediately and got right into it. To say I am disappointed with it is an understatement. It has a storyline of the Earth being created with these little guys' meep-meeping after each round. The graphics are poor, the gameboard is too small, and the whole concept is rather bizarre. The only plus I can give it is the game play lets you link as many chains as you can, quickly, rather than just two or three, and you have more scrambles to use. I am sorry to see such a good game go so wrong. I am interested in seeing other players reactions to this game and if I am in the minority here.
 | Added on: January 21, 2011
This Game Is Cool. I like the way it lets me make different shape chains
 | Added on: January 20, 2011
I play this game to unwind. Its methodical and very easy. Thought process is minimal to my standards, and it fits just right when I need to escape reality! lol good game
 | Added on: January 25, 2011
I looked at this game before I downloaded it to try it, and I was worried because in the screenshots the person playing had 37 scrambles. I was afraid the game would be too easy. I was right. I also disliked the look of the graphics. It's supposed to be a cartoony game, but the pieces of chain looking like plastic instead of metal was my second clue that the game probably wouldn't be all that great. If you're looking for classic Chainz, this is not it. The terrible pun of "chain reaction" instead of "cascade" didn't help either. The animations are cute and funny, but that is about the only thing the game has going for it. I also liked how the chains are locked and you have to get a charm to unlock the chains before you can make any more level progress. I had to play some of the levels more than once. I noticed it in level 3, but thought it might be my imagination. Then in level 4, I had to play 4-7 three times, though I have no idea why. I found the gameplay too fast for my liking. You have to think about where you can make your moves for the longest chains, and you have to rotate all the links relatively quickly. For people with visual difficulty or trouble using a mouse, it's not really fun at all. Also, it is not in the least colorblind accessible. I didn't check it to see if it could be magnified. I was disappointed with the need to be fast with the rotating of links, which made me feel that testing to see if it would magnify would just be a waste of time.
 | Added on: January 27, 2011
I had my doubts since Chainz 2 and the wiggling figures gave me a migraine (and the music was very irritating) but I decided to give Chainz Galaxy and I was so very pleased I did!!! The challenging or thinky or relaxing part really depends on if you are playing the story mode, the puzzle mode, the strategy mode or the arcade mode. The story mode is my favorite because the animation/ graphics are fantastic and characters absolutely crack me up! These little guys don't need words to let you know what they are thinking. I love the power ups as well, and these you have to watch for later in the game to get the power up you want since it changes with the length of the chain. The other modes are a blast, too and a bit more challenging and not as relaxing, but still it manages to tell a new story with strategy and puzzle modes, and it's STILL hilarious. I can't wait for a sequel, and the end of the story mode is fantastic (not going to give it away). 100% that Chainz 2 IMHO and fun for the family :)
 | Added on: January 20, 2011
I Like the game play, but all the creation stuff is long and tedious. Wastes a lot of time when you want to be playing the game. Also the cut scenes interupt play for too long a period. All phases of the game should be available from the begining not take hours to earn. Proably will not buy this as it is.
 | Added on: November 3, 2011
I was a little disapointed, I don't think it is as good as the first two Chainz. Saying that I have enjoyed playing it.
 | Added on: January 28, 2013
I loved this game. The story line is a hoot and it is fairly easy to play. The Story Mode must be played first to open all other modes available. I found that I was challenging myself to make the longest chainz possible and in as many shapes as possible. The trick to this game is to try to find all of the parts to a puzzle before the meter fills. It can be quite a challenge. Great mindless fun.
 | Added on: January 27, 2011
Quick, short and addictive. Simply a great game. I like to play it when i have a little time to waste.

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