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 | Added on: October 24, 2012
I am glad that I decided to download the 1-hour demo. (I almost didn't give this game a chance because of the previous reviews.) In no way does this game leave you hanging to figure it out on your own. First off, there is a tutorial round where you learn what to expect from the game. It explains very thoroughly what the game is about, how to use the "buttons," etc. From then on, you can purchase "clues" if you get stuck. (During the game you come across coins to click on and you can use them to buy the "clues." You encounter plenty of coins during the game, so you needn't worry about not having enough of them to purchase clues if you become stuck. These clues literally tell you what to do if you cannot figure it out on your own. Lastly, the game lets you try and try again if you wish to figure out any scene on your own. You are not penalized for doing this, which is great. I had to use that button a few times when the rounds became trickier. This game is unique, makes you think and is quite addictive. I hope more people give it a chance.
 | Added on: October 18, 2012
This has got to be the most DUMBEST game on Gamehouse that I have played. Absolutely NO direction whatsoever, no tutorial, very frustrating, clicking everywhere, and nothing is happening. I have no idea how or what to do in this game. I definitely DELETED this one, after about 5 min!! I see someone made it to the 4th level in another review? Wow, your good. and have a ton of patience! I wish I could give this one zero stars.
 | Added on: October 7, 2012
This game looked very cute at first, but as soon as you get into the game there is absolutely no instructions on how to proceed. Most games have tutorials and usually you don't need them, but this game was one of the few that you did need a tutorial to explain what you were suppose to accomplish. I played about 4 levels and I really liked the concept, but I really really disliked how you control the screen. You have to keep on doubling clicking on the screen for it to stay in one place and that just got me super frustrated right from the beginning. I did like how you had to use strategy to get you knight from point A to point B, but that was about it. Sorry but maybe a few tweaks would make this game great!
 | Added on: October 19, 2012
Thought my 5 year old granddaughter might be able to play but NO WAY. To "clicky" and to much dragging the mouse back and forth on the screen. But very challenging and you really have to "think." It's a cute game.
 | Added on: October 8, 2012
The graphics are great and the game is very original but there are a lot of things that don't work like the "go back" button, the full screen and other.
 | Added on: October 5, 2012
I thought this game looked cool from the screenshots. I downloaded the free trial and quit it after about 15 minutes. It looked pretty straightforward at first but alas, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I made it to the second level when I simply had no idea how to proceed. The graphics were cute and the music was pleasant, not annoying. I really wanted to play this but it just lacked the nessecary tutorial information to make it enjoyable.

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